A Journey That Changed The World

Chapter 30: Shimizu Akane(1) *

Chapter 47 – There Is No Possibility Of Curing, The crowd burst into laughter, causing shopkeeper Qin's face to turn purple, his eyes full of anger., In time he recovered his composure, but he still didn’t have the courage to disturb doctor Xie. After all, doctor Xie's status had surpassed his Master, so now he was only temporarily living in Ji Sheng hall. How could an insignificant shopkeeper be able to order him about?, At this time, a deep voice echoed from inside Ji Sheng hall, "Qin Fu, you’re behaving more and more immature as you age, you can’t even handle this trivial matter well!", Shopkeeper Qin’s body jolted, and turning around suddenly, he saw doctor Xie exiting, his expression immediately transforming into one of pleasant surprise, "Doctor Xie, why did you come out?", Doctor Xie glanced at everyone, then coldly said, "If I didn’t come out, you would cause Ji Sheng hall's face to be tarnished to the greatest extent. Hurry and step aside, quickly now!", Doctor Xie, dressed in a grey robe and wearing a severe expression, walked forward with vigour. His hale and hearty steps made the surrounding crowd involuntary part on either side., A jade pendant, imprinted with a beast design, hung from just below the left side of his waist, identifying him as a third rank doctor., Doctor Xie stood in front of the dirt covered youth and the little girl, loathing flashing in his eyes, before he then squatted down and extended his hand, using his spiritual power to examine the youth's body., After passing the time it took for an incense stick to burn, with doctor Xie's complexion turning uglier the longer he examined the boy, he finally shook his head, "This youth’s muscles and tendons have been severed, there is already no possibility of being cured!", Once these words were out, everyone on the scene was suddenly in an uproar., "Heavens! His muscles and tendons really were damaged, certainly not even an immortal has the cure for that!", "That's right! You saw that Young Master from the Ouyang family. They're rich and powerful, they even invited the genius doctor Nalan to examine him, but it was all for nought as even now he’s paralysed in bed!", "Alas, it’s really pitiful, who would be this vicious and use such a heavy hand towards a child.", Doctor Xie's diagnosis and everyone's comments shattered the hope that the little girl held. Her body staggered back two steps, her knees becoming soft, and with a thump, she dropped to the ground., Looking at the unconscious youth before her eyes, his breathing already faint, she felt the last of her hope turn to dust, pain bubbling up in her heart., The little girl's pus and blood covered hands unconsciously reached out to grasp something beside her, desperately murmuring, "Who can save my brother…I beg you, save my brother…", Suddenly, a clear voice broke through the noisy crowd, penetrating everyone’s ears in a flash, "If his meridians are broken, is there really no one here who can save him?", Doctor Xie raised his head in displeasure and saw an eye catching youth with an elegant face, he couldn't help but coldly snort, "What? Did you question my medical skills? I can tell you, in this entire Jin Ling kingdom and even in the entire Mi Luo continent, no one can heal an illness like a meridian fracture!", Doctor Xie's words caused everyone to nod. If meridian fractures could be healed, Young Master Ouyang would have long ago been cured, and maybe he wouldn’t now be joked about by everyone as a useless person., However, the little girl reacted like she had been thrown a lifesaver as she lifted her head, unconsciously she clutched at the lower corner of the youth’s clothes, crying and begging, "You…did you say you can save my brother? I beg you to save my brother!", The person who had spoken was actually Hexi dressed as a man!, She originally had no interest in caring about other people's business, but the scene of the little girl dragging her brother to implore for people to help save him, touched an old and deep memory of her’s., Before, there was also someone who carried her like this, kneeling on the ground while begging people, "Please save my sister". In this entire world, only that person was willing to give up everything for her to continue her life.,

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