A Journey That Changed The World

Chapter 22 Off On An Adventure

After Ella was gone, he was left alone on the balcony staring out across the city as a cold breeze hit his face. , Archer left the castle the same way he came. , Once he got back onto the street he started to look for an inn to spend the night in. , After looking for a little while, he found one called The Fading Ghost, From the outside it looks welcoming, snug, and humble. , Stone and Darkwood beams made up most of the building’s outer structure. , As he entered the inn through the thick, wooden door, Archer was welcomed by amazing, but unknown scents and laughing voices. , The bartender is swamped with work but still manages to welcome him with a short wave. , It’s as charming inside as it is on the outside. , Marble pillars support the upper floor and the rows of small candles attached to them. , The walls are packed with rows of painted portraits. , Archer recognized the bartender in one of the paintings, so the others must be either friends, family, or previous owners. , He approached the desk to wait for someone to appear when a tall burly woman walked out and glanced at him before speaking to the bartender. , ”Darling I’ll deal with the boy don’t worry yourself. ” , Archer looked towards the man who was heading this way. , The woman now turned to him with a smile. , ”What do you want with The Fading Ghost Boy?” , He had to crane his neck to look at this giant woman, she must have been over six feet tall. , She had short pitch black hair and a pair of big brown lazy eyes. , Archer replied. , ”I want a room for the night.” , The woman nodded as she pulled out a ledger from below the desk. , She thumbed through it and stopped at a page. , Spending a few seconds looking at the page before looking back to Archer. , ”We have a free room, it’s 10 silver per night.” , He handed over the money and took the key she handed over. , ”Room 31 on the 2nd floor, thanks for the patronage young man.” , Archer nodded at the woman and then departed for his room. , Walking up the stairs while thinking about how he needs to level up his spells and skills. , He decided to work on it on his next quest. , That also reminded him to use his sword more so he gets the short sword skill. , Archer quickly found his room, opened the door, and walked in. , He studied the room and found it plain looking, it had a comfortable bed sitting by a window across the room. , After studying the room he sat down on the bed. , He got thirsty so he took out his water skin and had a drink, after doing that he took off his shirt and jumped into bed, falling into a deep sleep. , Waking up in an unknown bed. , Archer looked around panicked, wondering where he was. , That’s when he noticed a woman in her 20s lying next to him. , He recognized the smooth short blonde hair. , It was a girl he knew all too well lying in front of him. , But she’s grown up into a beautiful young woman. , He crawled up behind her and started hugging her. , But he felt something wet on his hand. , After that, he sat up to look at what was causing this wet sensation. , But before he could she sat up staring directly at him with a strange look on her face. , Her sky-blue eyes were lifeless and void of any emotions. , That’s when he saw blood drip down from her eyes and nose as she mumbled something. , ”Archer help m-m-me..” , Archer woke up in a panic, sweat dripping down his face. , He got up from the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed as he puts his head in his hand. , The nightmares were driving him mad. , ‘Now I’m dreaming about Ella, this is getting worse. , He got ready, once he was finished he cast cleanse on himself. , Taking out some Dwarven flatbread and troll thigh meat. , Archer started eating, as he sat down on the edge of the bed, once he finished he left the inn after saying goodbye to the bartender he saw last night. , He made his way to the guild to take more quests. , 10 minutes later Archer was standing in front of the guild. , After entering, he walked up to the counter and spoke to the blonde-haired girl standing behind it. , ”Hello, is Sarah working today?” , The girl looked up with her blue eyes and saw a handsome little demi-human standing in front of her. , She inwardly thought while smiling at the boy. , ‘A shame he’s young.’ , ”Yes young man, she is working today, do you want me to go get her for you?” , Archer nodded his head and the girl went off to go get her. , A few minutes later, she came walking back with Sarah in tow. , When Sarah saw Archer she smiled as she stepped towards him. 𝘪𝑎.𝘤𝑜𝘮, ”Hello Archer, we have just finished the paperwork and for all the bodies you sold to us, you earned 10 gold coins for the swamp drakes, 3 gold for the wild dogs, and 30 gold for the forest wolf corpses, most of the bodies were in perfect condition.” , She handed him a pouch of 43 gold coins, he flung it into his item box and thanked Sarah before going to check out the quest boards. , He walked over to the large boards and started looking. , Find me some moon grass, it’s needed for my potion making , 50 silver for every 1 kilogram , Hunt the goblins that are terrorizing Glimmershade village in the south , 3 gold for completion , Clear slimes destroying my farm at Oxchill farming village just south of Vassia City , 1 gold for completion , Gibberlings have been attacking people on the road to Stonethorn in the south , 5 gold for completion , Archer decided to take all 4 quests and walked back over to the girls. , Putting the quests on the desk as he spoke. , ”Sarah I want to take these 4 quests, and once I finish them I’ll only have to complete 4 more quests to rank up?” , She nodded at his question. , ”Give me your guild card Archer, so I can register the quests for you” , He took out his card and handed it to her. , She stamps it 4 times and hands it back to him before saying with a worried look on her face. , ”Archer the gibberlings are tricky beasts to deal with, and they are always in groups, I have no doubt you can deal with them, so just be careful please.” , Before he was able to leave she handed him a pouch and told him it was something that he needed for the moon grass quest. , The person who placed the quest left it for the adventurer who takes it up. , Smiling when he heard the tone of her voice, Archer said goodbye and left the guild to start the slime quest. , Storing the quest bag in his item box Archer walked towards the southern gate. , After an hour of walking he arrived at the Horn family farm, Archer approached the door and knocked. , While waiting for someone to answer he looked into the distance and saw slimes wobbling around. , He saw loads of them loitering around like a bunch of homeless people. , The door opened and a young woman answered it and introduced herself. , ”Hello I’m Victoria, how can I help you?” , The girl had bright red hair and a pair of green eyes, Archer thought she must be the prettiest girl in this farming village. , ”Hey, I’m Archer I’ve taken the quest to rid your farm of the slimes, I was just letting the owner know I was about to start.” , The girl smiled. , ”Okay, I’ll tell Father you’re here.” , She said goodbye as she closed the door and Archer went off to complete the quest. , He approached the first slime he saw and cast Cosmic Sword. , Archer plunged the blade into the slime popping it. , The slime popped like a water balloon, leaving nothing behind apart from the core. , He went from slime to slime popping them like a kid’s party on Earth, after an hour he popped close to 100 slimes while storing their cores in his item box. , Archer gained a lot of experience from all the kills, he checked his status. , Experience: 1200/2000 , Level Up: 23>25 , SP: 0>4 , Mana: 3120/3120 , He was happy when he realized he gained 2 levels, after killing all the slimes he went to the farmhouse to tell the farmer the slimes are gone. , He dismissed the cosmic sword and took a little walk, he arrived back at the farmhouse and knocked again. , But this time an older man answered with the same color hair and eyes as Victoria, he looked at the boy. , ”Oh so you the boy my Victoria told me about, are the slimes gone now?” , Archer nodded his head and pulled out a few cores from his storage. , ”Look.” , The man looked into the boy’s hands and he had 3 slime cores in-between his fingers, the man nodded with a happy smile. , ”Thank you, young man, I tried to do it myself but they kept returning.” , Archer nodded and left the farming village and made his way to the forest to collect some moon grass. , He remembers seeing the grass in a book he read, it’s longer than normal grass and has a shine to it. , Two hours later he was standing in a clearing, he spotted the grass on the other side of it. , Archer observed the clearing, seeing it was empty and quiet he made his way to the grass. , As he was halfway to the grass, his senses went mad and he thunder stepped away quickly, only to see a wolf standing where he once was. , A/N – Leave 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