A Journey That Changed The World

Chapter 24 Finger Digits

The man with the axe was sent flying backwards, not expecting the little boy to be a mage. , Archer continued the rhyme as he slaughtered the bandits, he spotted a bandit archer aiming his bow at one of the caravan guards. , ”When she sleeps, she cant be woken. , She loves when you leave the window open. , She hides like a spider, but bites like a mouse.” , He thunder stepped behind the bandit, thrusting his blade into his spine, looking around he spotted another bandit and ran over to slice his calves. , The bandit dropped to the floor and Archer plunged his black sword into the mans throat. , ”She’s already been inside your house. , And when she’s alone, to lift her spirits. , She finger paints with children’s digits.” , Finishing the rhyme as he shot a eldritch blast into a bandits back, searing right through his body. , He stopped to collect his thoughts for a second and examine the situation but fates a cruel bitch. , It was at that moment Archer got hit with a wind blast and was sent flying through the air, waving his arms around like he was a baby bird taking it’s first flight. , He smashed into a tree and fell to the floor with a thud, he looked up and saw the attacker. , There was a tall muscular man holding his hand up with a smile. , ‘A mage!’ , It hurt him but his regeneration kicked in and already started to heal him. , He slowly got up as the mage was walking towards him with a grin. , But that’s when a giant flame slammed into the man burning him to ashes. , The fighting died down quickly after the mage was taken out, that’s when the caravan guards started looting the bandits. , Archer got up and went to loot the three bandits he killed, approaching the first body he started to search through their pockets. , He found 13 silver coins and some random papers which he tried to read but didn’t understand the language, he threw them into his item box. , In total he found 3 gold coins, 100 silver, and 23 copper coins, he stored them all and started to look around the blood-stained road. , He looted the 3 hearts and stored them before anyone could notice. , Rowana walked over with a panicked look on her face, she started to check all over his body like a worried mother. , She asked in a worried voice. , ”Are you okay Archer? you took that wind blast directly and only have a few wounds.” , He stared at the woman who was fussing over him and didn’t dislike it, he only experienced this type of care on earth. , ”Yeah I’m fine, it hurts a little but I’ll be back to normal in an hour or two.” , She sighed after hearing his response and started talking. , ”I told you it was getting dangerous, bandits have infested the empire, and the merchant companies have started hiring loads of adventurers to guard their cargo, but the attacks are increasing either way.” , Archer stored the information he just got away for a later date, the more bandits the more gold for him, as he was thinking about all the gold and hearts he will get, it excited him to no end. , ”Archer are you okay?” , He shook his head and nodded before casting cleanse on himself, Archer changed his ripped shirt and started eating some elvish cake. , Rowana was looking at this child and thought to herself. , ‘How can a child eat at this time, especially after he brutally killed those men.’ , Archer offered her some of the cake, but she shook her head. , ”Your loss, these are really tasty.” , He wandered off and sat on a log just off the road and watched everyone go about their business. , Ella P.O.V , Just after she ran back into her room. , After she kissed Archer she ran back into her room and jumped into bed with bright red cheeks, she saw herself in the mirror across from the bed and noticed her ears are red as well. , She couldn’t believe she kissed him, the thing that shocked her the most was that he reciprocated her kiss. , She was sitting on her bed playing with the gem that was hanging from the necklace, she loved it. , That’s when the door opened and her mother Shiera walked into the room and looked toward her daughter. , Shiera noticed the girl’s ears were red, and she was playing with something in her hands. , ”What have you got there Ella?” , Ella jumped as she was not expecting her mother to come into the room, she calmed down and looked at her mother. 𝘦.𝘤𝘰𝑚, ”A gift Mama.” , Sheira’s head tilted to the side and wondered where her daughter got it from, that’s when she remembered the white-haired boy her daughter served. , ”You’ve met him?” , She nodded her head and answered. , ”He came here to visit me, and gifted me this necklace.” , She held it up and her mother saw it, and her eyes went wide. , ”A sea stone, how did he get it?” , That’s when she remembered the story he told her, so she told her mum. , ”He bought two of them for two gold each!” , ”Where did he get the coins for that, he got kicked out nearly a month ago and now he has gold coins.” , Ella informed her that he has become an adventurer now. , ”Mother he is an adventurer now, and has completed two quests so far.” , She was just about to tell her mother about the kiss but didn’t have the time as her face and ears went bright red and her brain fried as she thought about it again. , Her mother noticed this and now knew something went on between the two kids, she approached the girl and sat down on her bed before speaking. , ”What’s happened, Ella?” , Ella got even more nervous now, she didn’t know what to say and kept quiet so her mother asked. , ”Did he kiss you?” , She quickly shook her head which made Sheira get worried. , ”Did he touch you?” , Nodding her head made Sheira’s stomach drop. , Her temper took over and she raised her voice. , ”What did the boy do Ella!!” , The girl was startled at the tone in her mother’s voice, but she quickly realized what she said to her mother. , She remained quiet because she didn’t want to tell her that she kissed the boy. , Her mother took her silence as Ella’s answer and quickly stood up and barked out. , ”I’m going to see the duke to see if he can punish that disgusting brat for touching my daughter!” , When Ella heard what she said she panicked and jumped out of her bed before telling her what actually happened. , ”No Mama don’t do that, you got it wrong!” , She approached with her head down and told her. , ”He only returned the hug when I hugged him first.” , Her mother let out a deep full of relieved breath before speaking. , ”Why not say that young lady, I was going to go complain to the Duke!” , Looking down in shame before whispering what happened. , ”Sorry, I was embarrassed.” , Sheira brought Ella over to the bed and hugged her. ., ”You have nothing to be embarrassed about darling.” , She thought about it for a second and decided to tell her mother about what happened. , ”I kissed him.” , Her mother’s eyes widened then a warm smile appeared on her face. , ”You two have always been adorable together, I’m glad it happened now.” , Ella heard her mother speak and looked up to see her with a happy smile on her face. , ”Did you think I’d be angry with you, you’ve liked the boy for years now, and by the way he looks at you, he also likes you.” , When Ella heard her mother say that her whole face, neck, and ears turned as red as a tomato. , Sheira smiled when she saw her daughter act like this and was really happy. , ”Just take things slow between the two of you, and leave this place when the times up and go join him my darling.” , Ella smiled and nodded before her mother wished her goodnight before going to her room. , Back to Archer , The caravan guards didn’t take that long to loot everything, Rowana joined him on the log. , An old portly man with 2 children came walking up to the two and thanked both of them. , ”Miss Rowana and your little friend there, thanks for your help.” , Archer nodded his head while Rowana spoke. , ”That’s okay Mr. West, it’s why you hired us after all, and this little guy’s name is Archer.” , Mr. West smiled and nodded his head, he then bid farewell and walked away as the little girl was staring at Archer. , That’s when he noticed her looking at him and he waved at her, when he did the girl turned her head back around. , Archer started laughing when he saw her look away after greeting her, but the boy next to her was giving him the stinky eyes. , So he just stuck his tongue out to the boy and pulled out a meat wrap and started eating again. , Rowana saw all this and shook her head when she saw Archer pull out some meat wrapped in a leaf and wondered where he got it from. , ”Archer where did you get that food from?” , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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