What Archer saw was an ashen-colored hand grabbing onto his left leg, it had yellow-looking claws. , His eyes followed the arm up and saw a humanoid-looking creature with a bald head and sharp yellow teeth, it looked like the thing ate its own lips. , It was skin and bones with really long arms and boney legs. , The stare the thing was giving him sent shivers up his spine, the creature licked its lips and dragged Archer out of the tree. , As he got dragged he could hear shouts and explosions at the camp. , The beast jumped off the tree with a shocked-looking Archer in its claws and sprinted deep into the woods. , Archer was getting flung around like a rag doll, his horns hitting passing tree’s leaving deep scratch marks. , He came out of his shock and summoned his sword and started to hack at the beast, but its skin started to slice but the beast sped up. , It ran for a while before tossing him into a clearing and standing still with more of the beasts. , Archer’s aura detection started going crazy as more and more of these creepy-looking beasts stepped out. , He stood there dumbfounded as he knew what they were, and couldn’t believe they are real. , ”Wendigos.” , The creatures hissed and cackled as more of the things came back with the corpses of the caravan guards and some adventurers. , Throwing them into another corner and then all the things turned to stare at Archer. , He looked around the clearing and noticed all kinds of different bones, humanoids, beasts, and even bigger beasts, he thought these creatures love to eat. , Archer heard a woman screaming and even more creatures appeared with Tiefel who Sarah introduced to him and another man. , They threw the two of them closer to Archer. , As Tiefel landed on the floor she noticed the boy who joined them earlier today standing there with a bored look on his face. , Archer was staring at her as he sighed, he had no choice but to test out his new spells. , He waited for the wendigos to charge at them. , A few minutes later a howl was heard and they all rushed in. He stood in front of the two and cast Thunder Wave. , A thunderous purple force swept out of Archer striking all the beasts, sending them flying but not killing them. , As the horde once again closed in on the group, Archer lifted his hand high into the air, calling upon the powers of the storm. , ‘Lightning Call.’ , Dark clouds gathered, crackling with the power of thunder and lightning, and the wind whipped around them with a furious intensity. , With a sudden thrust of his hand, a bolt of lightning erupted from the clouds, piercing the monsters with a deafening boom. , One by one, the creatures fell as the lightning pierced through their bodies, smoldering them into nothingness. , Tiefel was completely shocked as she witnessed this attack, she couldn’t utter a single word. , He continued to call down the power of the storm, driving bolts of lightning into the remaining wendigos as the sky rumbled in response to his command. , With each strike, the enemies writhed in agony, the smell of burnt flesh filling the air. , The battlefield shimmered in a chorus of purple and white, as the remaining beasts fled in terror, unable to withstand the power of Archer’s draconic magic. , The air settled, and he stood proud, his eyes alive with the power of the storm. , Archer lowered his hand with a frown as he looked around. , ‘The damn hearts, **!’ , He wanted the hearts but accepted the loss as he got a lot of experience from the kills, he quickly checked it. , ‘Status.’ 𝘳.𝑐𝘰, Experience: 850/3000 , Level Up: 44>47 , SP: 19>25 , Archer was happy when he saw that he leveled up three times, he decided to save up the points until he had more. , Turning around to face the shocked Tiefel he smiled at her. , ”What’s wrong?” , She stared at this strange boy, with a pair of horns and beautiful violet eyes. , Who just showed her a spell that she has never seen or heard of and is acting like nothing happened. , ”What was that spell?” , He tilted his head with a confused look. , ”I got it from a spell book, it’s called call lightning.” , She didn’t know what to say, the boy called upon a storm and wiped out the wendigos. , Archer looked around but couldn’t find anything, so he decided to head back to the caravan, but before he did he walked over to the other man and kicked him. , ”Wake up.” , The man groaned, so Archer kicked him even more. , ”Why are you kicking me!” , ”Wake up, we need to get back to the caravan, get up!” , Tiefel giggled when she saw the boy kicking Cirris from the wind walker’s adventurer group. , The man got up and started scratching his head. , Looking around the man’s eyes opened in shock as he saw all the charred bodies, he looked at Tiefel but she shook her head and pointed at Archer. , ”The boy saved us.” , The man looked at him like he was a monster. , He ignored him and started to walk in the direction of the caravan. , The two adventurers quickly followed after him. , It was pitch black so the other two were blind until Tiefel used a light spell that allowed them to see where they were walking. , But Archer was fine because of his eyes. All they could see were trees and bushes, the beasts must have run far with the three. , After a couple of hours of walking, they arrived back at the temporary camp as it was being tidied up, there were bodies of wendigos piled up high. , A few bodies of the caravan guards were placed off to one side. , But there was a new group here. 10 men who looked like adventures, the leader was talking to Sarah as the three of them approached the camp. , The elf woman’s husband Barador saw her and started to run towards her. , ”Tiefel!” , He arrived in front of her and hugged her with happiness on his face. He wondered how she escaped those vile creatures. , ”How did you get away from those things darling?” , She smiled as she pointed at the white-haired boy. , ”He helped me.” , The man turned his head to stare at Archer before walking over to him and holding his hand out to shake Archer’s hand. , ”Thank you for saving my wife Archer, I’ll always be in your debt.” , Archer looked at the man’s extended hand, he didn’t want to shake it but did in the end. , ”That’s okay.” , He let go of the man’s hand and walked off to go find somewhere to sleep again, finding another tree he quickly jumped up the tree. , After he was higher up he settled back down and went to sleep. , Waking up in an unknown bed. Archer looked around panicked, wondering where he was as the scene in front of him seemed familiar. , That’s when he noticed a young woman in her late teens lying next to him. He recognized the smooth white skin, the beautiful blonde hair cut to her shoulders. , It was Ella. He went to hug her but was stopped by an invisible barrier. , After that, she sat up and stared directly at him. He noticed blood dripping down her lips. Suddenly, the scene changed. , Recognizing the place he was in, it was the castle where he woke up that day. , But there was one difference it was burning, that’s when he saw Ella’s lifeless body laying in front of it. , Archer sprinted forward but the castle then crumbled as he woke up panicking. , Checking the necklace he saw nothing was wrong, so he calmed down, he looked around and noticed morning was close. , He was covered in sweat so he cast cleanse on his body as he got up and jumped off the branch. , When he hit the floor he started to look around the camp and saw the pile of Wendigo corpses sitting to one side. , Approaching the pile as he pulled out his knife and started looting the hearts. , He got 20 hearts in total, throwing all but one in his item box and starting to eat, he was still rattled by the dream so didn’t reply when some guards started questioning him. , After an hour he ate all 20 and decided he wanted to upgrade his stats. ‘Status.’ , Experience: 300/3000 , Level Up: 47>48 , SP: 25>47 , He got 2000 experience from the hearts and 22 status points, so he put 11 points on HP and mana, and 5 on every other stat. , HP: 1200>1310 , Mana: 4100>4430 , Strength: 590>640 , Constitution: 620>670 , Stamina: 620>670 , Charisma: 700>750 , Intelligence: 570>620 , Archer felt his body become stronger as he upgraded his stats, that’s when he noticed Sarah rushing toward him. , He cast cleanse to get rid of the blood that was all over him before she got to him. , ”Archer are you okay!” , Sarah spoke with a relieved tone in her voice as she checked the boy all over to see if he was okay, she saw him being dragged away when they were ambushed. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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