Archer flew towards the blood smell, he could see black smoke coming from beyond a small hill. , Flapping his wings even harder to fly faster towards the smoke, when he got closer, his Aura-Detector went off. , Warning him there were enemies everywhere, when he arrived he was hovering over a small village. , He saw people running about trying to put out fires, others were fighting off cannibals. , ”Fucking hell, give me a break already.” , ”Draconis.” , All his Draconic features appeared razor-sharp claws, sharp teeth, and even more scales grew over his body. , Three-fourths of his body was now covered in glittering white scales, he felt the power flow through him as he smiled as the cannibals were running wild below him. , Seeing a group of 10 running towards a family of four, mother and father with two little girls. , When Archer spotted them he thunder stepped to them, blocking their path to the family. , He used his claws and tail to attack the group, quickly impaling one with his tail while cutting down two. , As he threw the bodies to the side, Archer looked at the remaining seven cannibals and smiled. , He stood in the center of the battlefield. , Suddenly, a dozen black bolts appeared after he cast Element Bolts using the Darkness element, they started to swirl around him. , The eerie sight of these black bolts floating around him sent chills down the spines of everyone who witnessed it. , Archer’s eyes glimmered as he raised his hand, and the black bolts shot off in all directions, hitting his adversaries with deadly accuracy. , Bolts filled with sinister energy crackled with power, pulsing with an ominous glow, causing the ground to shake as they hit their targets, leaving behind a trail of destruction. , The creepiness of these floating, black bolts was only intensified by the terror they unleashed. , It was as though they were directed by some malevolent force that sought to annihilate anything in their path. , As they continued to strike, Archer knew that his enemies were no match for these creepy blasts. , After killing the surrounding cannibals, he looked around noticing the fires getting worse. , ”Something needs to be done.” , He stood in the middle of the burning village, watching in horror as the conflagration threatened to devour everything in its path. , The panicked villagers were running around frantically, trying to stamp out the flames with buckets of water and whatever materials they could find. , Without a second thought, Archer sprang into action. , With one powerful beat of his wings, he lifted himself high into the air, under the eyes of every villager. , Archer was hovering above the village. , He closed his eyes, feeling the heat on his skin, and opened them again, concentrating on what had to be done. , With another beat of his wings, he summoned a powerful gust of wind that blew the flames back from one of the houses that were particularly hard-hit. , The flames subsided for a moment, allowing the villagers to pour water onto the building, quelling the fire. , With the villager’s help, he flew from house to house, using his wings to put out the flames as the villagers tackled the smaller fires. , After an hour of flying around, he was tired. , He dismissed his Draconic Form and collapse on the grass outside the village, the people were running around fixing and cleaning things. , Archer lay there he heard a bunch of footsteps, looking up to see the family he saved approaching him. , The family stepped forward as the father spoke. , ”Thank you for saving my family, if not for you we’d be gone.” , He looked down at the man. , ”Glad I could help.” , When the man heard his reply he smiled as he introduced himself. , ”I’m Ralf, this is my wife Brie, and my two beautiful daughters Harena and Marena.” , Ralf introduced his family, he was an average-looking man with black hair and blue eyes, kinder short, and stocky. , His wife was a red-headed woman, who had brown eyes and was really pretty, but his two daughters were the spitting image of their mother but with their father’s blue eyes. , ”I’m Archer.” , The whole family smiled while the two little girls stepped forward and looked at him, they looked a little bit younger than him. , They came up to him, with eyes full of wonder. , They looked at him with wide eyes, taking in the sight of his four horns, and his beautiful violet eyes, and then the two girls looked around at the smoldering ruins. , “Why did you save our village?” , One of the girls asked in a small voice, her eyes full of confusion. , It was Herena who asked the first question. , Archer looked at the girls, his face softening at the sight of them. , “Because it was the right thing to do,” , The other girl Merena tugged on the his sleeve, her eyes sparkling as she spoke. , “But why did you save us?” , He smiled at the girl, as he looked at both girls. , “Because you’re not any less important than anyone else,” , he said. , “Everyone deserves a chance to live in peace and safety.” , The two little girls looked up at him in awe, their eyes shining. , Herena spoke before her sister. , ”So you’re a hero?” , When he heard that he coughed as he looked at the red-haired girl. , ”No I’m not a hero, I did it because I wanted to.” , The girls were still happy, their parents joined the three but just as they arrived another villager came running up to them. , ”They have taken a few families when they left, we cannot find them.” , Archer heard this and jumped up as he asked the man. ”Take me to their homes.” , The man looked at the boy skeptically but Ralf spoke up before he could say anything. , ”Take him Derald.” , Both of them spent the next hour going house to house, in all five families were taken. , Derald left once they left the last house. , Archer started smelling the items after he smelt the air and instantly got a hit heading north, towards The Howling Jungle , ”Draconis.” , His dragon features instantly appeared as he took off, heading towards the north. , Flying northwards, Archer kept an eye out for the cannibals, after hours of searching he started getting tired. , Descending to the ground to get some rest, as he did the scent he was after hit his nose, so he decided to follow it for a while. , After another couple more hours of walking, he came across a massive run-down village hidden deep in the jungle. , ”Must be the cannibals home.” , Archer jumped up into the trees and made his way closer like a white-haired ninja. , He stopped not far from the edge of the village and started watching. , Noticing an old wooden shack that had human scents emanating from it. , Deciding that he needed to get closer as he Thunder Stepped his way to the shack, Archer landed outside and looked around. , He could tell there were over a dozen humans locked inside. , He wouldn’t free them until every cannibal was dead. , Activating his Aura-Detector as he scanned the rundown village. , He was flooded with pings, alerting him to numerous enemies around him. , There were three cannibals that were really close, so Archer Thunder Stepped towards them and took their heads off before they could even react. , The cannibal’s headless bodies dropped to the ground. , More and more cannibals appeared and attacked. , He started casting spells, Plasma Shots, Void Blasts, Fireballs, and Eldritch Blasts, taking out many but they still tried swarming him. , Archer finally had enough and cast Call Lightning. , Standing in the center of the village, his wings unfurled behind him as lightning crackled in the clouds above. , Archer had a fierce determination in his eyes, he raised his arms, channeling the power of the storm through his body. , With a sudden flash of light, Archer cast forth a violet-colored bolt of lightning, streaking towards the village. , The ground shook as the lightning struck, setting the surrounding area ablaze with bursts of violet and white light. , His hair whipped around his face as he continued to call down lightning. , Thunder rumbled in the distance, shaking the very earth beneath his feet. , As the storm raged on, he remained focused on his task, his strength unwavering. , With each bolt of lightning, he felt a small sense of satisfaction, knowing that he had the power to destroy anything he wanted to. , Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the lightning began to abate, and Archer saw the burnt-dead bodies of the cannibals. , He jumped up and started flying around the village searching for more targets, soon he found over a dozen cannibals running into the jungle trying to escape. , Archer sped after them with a big smile on his face as he laughed manically, and as his bloodlust kicked in. , ”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” , ‘Draconis.’ 𝘪𝘳.𝒸𝘰𝑚., Summoning his claws and teeth. , The cannibals heard the crazy laughter of the boy flying after them. , Archer landed in front of them to cut off their escape route, he went to work and started slashing, stabbing, and even bit a cannibal that jumped towards him and caught him off guard. , He danced through the cannibals, slaying them left and right under the afternoon sun. , Dropping the remaining cannibals to the floor, blood spurting everywhere, covering him as he stood there relishing in the kills. , Before long he came out of his stupor and cast Cleanse on himself to get rid of the blood, Archer went around collecting the 12 hearts and storing them in his Item Box. , He decided to loot the village before releasing the captured villagers, he unsummoned his claws and teeth as he descended to the ground. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, This content is taken from 𝘪𝘦.𝘤𝑜

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