The room around him grew quiet as everyone watched in anticipation. , As if from nowhere, a pair of huge, white wings emerged from his back, their scales shimmering in the light. , They were magnificent, and the room was filled with gasps and whispers of excitement. , At the same time, Archer’s fingers began to elongate, stretching out into long, sharp claws. , They were beautiful, like ivory, and looked strong enough to cut through steel. , As his transformation continued, a long, powerful tail sprang forth from his back, swishing slowly back and forth as if it too was coming to life for the first time. , It was long and slender, covered in white scales, and looked capable of delivering a crushing blow. , He’s body felt more powerful since he evolved and loved having his draconic features on show. , Archer opened his eyes and looked around the room, to see the families eye’s wide open in shock. , Alima mumbled. , ”He’s a white dragon Raymond.” , Archer picked up on the tone of her voice and he know she knew something. He turned to her and asked. , ”Alima, what do you know about white dragons?” , She saw his shining violet eyes staring at her. she stepped forward before speaking. , ”I read a tome when I was attending the academy, that stated white dragon’s can manipulate weather, can turn barren land fertile and can do many things with mana.” , She shrugged before she was finished speaking. , ”I’m not sure how true that is, I just read about it in my free time when I finished my studies.” , Archer was interested, maybe he will unlock more special abilities when he evolves again. , ”Well thank you for the information.” , He took out five bottles of the Rune Shine drinks he had in his Item Box and gave one to each family member as a thank you for Raymonds information. , The children looked happy but the older boy looked indifferent. , Raymond walked over to him with a smile on his face. , ”Archer let me introduce you.” , He pointed at them. , ”This little beauty is Aiza, the little rascal is Fahad and the angry looking munchkin is Riyad.” , Aiza and Fahad were smiling, but Riyad got angry when he heard his father call him that. , He walked out the dinning room and everyone heard a door slam. , Alima looked at him. , ”I apologize about that, he can be moody at times.” , He waved her away without thinking about it and went back to eating, as he was eating Aize asked him a question. , ”Archer do you have any family?, and why are you here?” , He looked at this curious Loli before answering her. , ”Well I was fighting and fell into a river, and I floated all the way here.” , As Archer spoke he remembered a movie he and Alexa watched years ago and a phrase came to mind. , ‘They all float down here. You’ll float, too.’ , Thinking about that damn clown made him shiver, he hated them. , Shaking his head as he finished off the food on his plate. , Aize didn’t let him get away with avoiding the question and so she repeated herself. , ”So, do you have a family?” , Memories flashed through his mind as he looked down. , ”No, I don’t, I only have one person in my life but she’s not here, unfortunately.” , The little girl went silent before an awkward atmosphere descended over the five people. , Until Raymond spoke up. , ”Enough of this sour atmosphere, now where were you headed, Archer?” , He stared at the farmer for a minute before he spoke. , ”I was heading for the closest town or city, do you know the way?” , Before Raymond could reply Alima spoke up. , ”The Great City Sarar is 10 miles to the north of here, it’s a trading city that produces food and is home to many gem mines that the kingdom needs.” , Archer nodded his head before asking her a question as he pulled out his last meat wrap. , ”Alima can you make these meat wrap’s if I give you the meat?, I’ll pay you.” , She looked at the simple food in his hand before nodding. , ”Yes I can, what meat do you have?” , ”Orc.” , The five people’s eyes widened when they heard his quick reply. , She replied when she heard what he said. , ”How did you get it?” , Raymond got the look first then followed by Alima, both talking at the same time. , ””You’re a dragon.”” , Nodding his head with a smirk, before pulling out two orc bodies and telling her she can keep one. ., Alima quickly rushed off to fetch something and Raymond stared at him. , Archer dismissed his draconic features, leaving the tail out, it was swaying left to right in a smooth rhythm. , So he stared back with a crazy psychotic smile. , ”You’re one crazy child, you know that Archer.” , He nodded at the man’s words before giving is own opinion. , ”Tell me about it.” , Raymond stared at the broken boy. , ”Whatever happened to you really affected you huh.” , He remained silent until Alima returned with some knives and a magic pouch. , She looked at Archer before getting to the dirty work. , ”Your food will be done by tomorrow midday, and thank you for the food, it will help out a lot.” , Archer spoke for a little while longer he dismissed himself to go get some rest, flying around still made him tired. , After saying goodbye to everyone he left the house then entered his Domain and made his way to the cottage. , He heard Alima say just as he left. , ”Off He Goes.” , Archer hoped he would get used to it soon, he has been meaning to work out but kept forgetting. , As he was walking he pictured the cottage having a large training room below it, having a staircase leading all the way down to it. , He felt a small shake as he created the training room. , Archer also increased the Domain space, also added more environments, such as desert grasslands, mountains, lakes, and even more forests, at the cost of 6000 mana. , ‘Mana’ , Mana: 200/7000 , Archer felt really tired after expanding the Domain, he decided not to do it again until he had a lot more mana. , Pulling out a mana potion he drank it. , Mana: 700/7000 , He pictured the Domain having the same night and day cycle as the outside world. , After he was done with that he made his way to bed, he entered the cottage and stripped off before walking into one of the bedrooms and falling asleep. , Archer came to as he was standing in a church on earth, he was getting married to the two loves of his life Alexa and Ella, and everything was perfect. , The sun was shining, the colors were vivid, and everything felt alive and vibrant. , The ceremony was beautiful, and the guests were all smiling and happy. , Archer couldn’t believe how lucky he was to be marrying two wonderful girls that were perfect for him. , But then, something changed. , The sky began to darken, and the colors started to fade. , The guests began to disappear, and Archer was left alone. , Suddenly, his brides-to-be transformed into two beasts, with sharp teeth and claws. , They began to chase him, and he ran as fast as he could, trying to escape but he couldn’t. , Everywhere he turned, they were there, and he was trapped. , The dream that had started so beautifully had turned into a terrible nightmare. , He woke up in a panic and saw it was still night, Archer drank Moon Juice. , Archer then drifted back to sleep, hoping for a better dream to replace the nightmare that just happened, but thanks to fate it was not to be. , He found himself standing in a dark and eerie place, and Ella approached him, tears streaming down her face. , “Why did you leave me?” She asked, her voice cracking with emotion. , “I didn’t leave you, I was knocked into the river and ended up here!” Archer replied, confused because he was certain Sarah would have told her somehow. , “No, you were gone for so long, and I felt so alone. That’s why I had to leave you,” , Ella explained, and he realized that he had been gone for a long time, and hadn’t even realized it. , Archer felt his heart break as he watched her walk away, and he knew that it was all his fault. , He felt alone, lost, and completely devastated. The nightmare had taken him to his lowest point, and he didn’t know how to fix it. , As he started to get angry the scene changed to one that he was very familiar with. , He saw a young man and woman walking down the riverside on a cold September night. , Not long after that, he spotted Noah approaching the two from behind. , Archer tried to intervene but couldn’t he could only watch what was about to happen. , But to his horror, Noah started stabbing Alexa, as the other Archer stood by and watch. , As he woke up again, tears streaming down his face, realizing he was in the cottage. , The constant dreams were taking their toll on his fragile mind, maybe because he was a dragon it was holding the mental dam back. , Getting off the bed, he put his clothes back on and cast Cleanse on himself. , Archer leaves the cottage and saw it’s still dark out. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. 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