A Journey That Changed The World

Chapter 50 Filthy Demi-Human!

As Archer stepped into the garden, a wave of tranquility washed over him. , He spotted Raymond, whom he had met the day before, tending to a bed of ocean-blue flowers in a corner of the garden. , Archer approached him, intending to exchange greetings, but before he could speak, Raymond asked without turning around. , “You’re leaving?” , Archer nodded in confirmation, explaining that he was on his way to Sarar City to visit some friends. , Raymond turned to face him, a smile spreading across his face. , “Be careful, boy.” , Raymond warned, his expression grave. , “This kingdom is preparing for war. My cousin sent a letter a few weeks back informing me that the king is recruiting youngsters into the army.” , Archer got excited at the news of an impending war. , He thanked Raymond for the warning and promised to be careful on his journey. , As Raymond looked on in confusion, Archer quickly excused himself and stepped through a white portal that had opened up before him. 𝘪𝑎., Archer closed his eyes and focused his mana, using it to create small metal tokens adorned with the image of a dragon’s head. , These tokens could be infused with mana and used to transport the bearer into his domain, a safe haven where anyone who chose could find refuge. , To ensure their effectiveness, Archer infused each token with a powerful one-time use of his own mana. , When he opened his eyes, he saw that the tokens had taken on a beautiful white color. , He created a thousand tokens, intending to distribute them to anyone in need or who could be useful to his domain. , Raymond was still staring at the spot where the portal had appeared, Archer suddenly reappeared, causing him to jump back with a yelp. , Laughing at Raymond’s reaction, which only made him more frustrated. Raymond asked. , “Where did you go?” , He pulled out five white tokens and handed them to Raymond, explaining that they were one-time-use tokens that would bring the holder to a safe place. , Archer departed, he instructed Raymond to distribute one token to each family member and to imbue them with mana when the time was right. , Raymond was left staring at the tokens in his hand, realizing their potential usefulness in the days to come. , Making a mental note to distribute them as soon as possible and eagerly anticipating what other surprises Archer had in store. , Suddenly, Archer whispered. , “Draconis.” And summoned all his draconic features, with his wings unfurled and ready for takeoff. , It was a dramatic exit, leaving Raymond and his family wondering what else Archer was capable of. , With a mighty leap, he propelled himself into the air, his powerful wings beating with a steady rhythm as he soared higher and higher. , The wind rushed past him as he flew towards the north, his eyes scanning the horizon for any signs of danger or obstacles on his journey to the great city of Sarar. , Filled with a deep sense of confidence in his abilities, Archer knew that nothing could stand in his way of reaching his destination. , With each powerful flap of his dragon wings, he increased his speed and determination to reach Sarar City as quickly as possible. , Archer soared above the vast expanse of desert and grasslands, he couldn’t help but feel awestruck by the stunning scenery below him. , The shimmering rivers and untamed wildlife added to the sense of adventure that filled his heart. , With each passing moment, Archer gained incredible speed, hurtling towards the city of Sarar with fierce determination. , He knew that nothing could stand in his way, and he was ready to face any challenges that lay ahead. , As he flew over the endless landscape, he suddenly spotted a herd of majestic Hippogriffs grazing on the riverbank. , The sight filled him with joy and wonder, and he couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of the world around him. , Finally, after hours of flying over the barren terrain, Archer caught sight of a magnificent Kagian city in the distance. , Its towering monuments and gleaming domes sparkled in the sunlight, and he knew that he was getting closer to his destination with each passing moment. , Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through Archer’s wing, and he looked over to it, to see an arrow lodged in his wing membrane. , He cried out in agony as he lost control of his flight, spiraling toward the ground and crashing into the earth with a thud. , The impact was so forceful that it created a small crater, leaving Archer dazed and injured. , As the figures approached him with weapons drawn, Archer knew he was in danger. , Despite his weakened state, he refused to give up and summoned all his strength to defend himself, ready to fight for his life if necessary. , Rising to his feet, he inspected his injured wing and observed the slow healing process, noting the progress with each passing moment. , Archer examined his wing, he suddenly heard the sound of crossbows being drawn. , He quickly looked up and saw a group of men dressed in loose robes, some with kufiyyas covering their faces, pointing their weapons at him. , Despite feeling vulnerable in his current attire, Archer stood up and brushed the sand off his body. , One of the bandits charged at him, he summoned his claws and deftly dodged the sword. , With a swift swipe of his snow-white claws, Archer took down the bandit, causing him to fall to the ground in agony. , The deed was done, Archer’s slender and muscular dragon tail swayed behind him. , As another bandit lunged forward with his sword aimed straight at his heart, a white wing suddenly appeared, blocking the attack. , The bandit felt a sharp pain in his chest and looked down but was blinded by glittering white scales, as beautiful as a field of pure snow. , Archer used his wing to block the bandit’s attack while stabbing the man’s chest with his tail. , All the bandits were stunned at the turn of events, when they spotted the flying thing they thought they could capture him to sell him to the slavers, but never expected this. , Archer stood there smiling with two dead bodies laying beside him. , Looking at the bandits, then at the blood splatters he smiled even more, his bloodlust finally took over. , Taking out some chocolate he started eating, after one mouthful he offered some to the bandits, to their extreme confusion. , He was in a good mood, he finished the chocolate and started a rhyme before the fun arrived. , ”Lies a land of dying beasts. , Their bones lay scattered in the sand.” , Archer Thunder stepped into the middle of a group of bandits, they all jumped back in shock but quickly regained their focus and charged the boy. , He continued with his rhyme as he lashed out with his claws and tail. , ”A haunting sight across the land. , The vultures circle overhead.” , Feeling his tail pierce something then quickly swiped at another. , While he dodged a bandit’s rusty sword swing, he cut the bandit’s hand off, he tried to scream but a tail impaled him before he could. , ”Waiting for the creature’s final bed. , Their eyes gleam with hungry glee. , As they wait for death’s decree.” , Archer looked around and saw blood, body parts, and lumps of flesh all around him, his tail and claws covered in crimson red blood. , Three men remained, and they began to panic before attempting to flee. , Archer quickly fired two void blasts, leaving only one of the bandits alive. , He swiftly rushed towards the last bandit, who believed he had escaped from the demon but was surprised by a swooping noise. , Archer effortlessly lifted the bandit and soared into the sky, ascending to a height that made the bandit faint halfway up. , When he stopped, he noticed the bandit hadn’t regained consciousness and was sleeping. , He woke the bandit up with two heavy slaps to the face, the bandit awoke in a panic and stuttered out. , “W-w-where am I?” , “You’re in the heavens, my bandit friend.” , The bandit finally realized where he was and started struggling, but Archer had his claws dug into his neck, making it impossible for him to escape. , “Please, let me go.” , The bandit pleaded. , But Archer just stared at the squirming bandit and bluntly answered. , “No, now tell me where your hideout is.” , He descended to the ground as the bandit stopped moving. , The bandit realized he was back on the ground and tried to run, but Archer’s tail grabbed him by the leg. , Archer, who had a long and powerful tail, wrapped it around the bandit’s waist and tried to lift him. , However, the bandit was much heavier than the boy had anticipated, and he struggled to keep his grip. , The man, sensing an opportunity to escape, started to wriggle and kick, making it even harder for Archer to hold on. , In a moment of frustration, he let out a loud grunt and used all his strength to lift the bandit. , But instead of lifting him, the boy lost his balance and stumbled backward, slamming the bandit to the floor with a loud thud. , Groaning in pain as Archer quickly got up, his tail still wrapped tightly around the bandit’s waist. , Archer looked down at the bandit, who was now lying motionless on the ground. 𝘪𝘦.𝘤𝑜, Taking out a health potion he poured it all over the bandit’s face, the bandit woke up for a second time. , He started face-slapping him again, frustrated that he couldn’t pick the bandit up, so he took it out on his face. , “Where’s your base?” , Archer demanded. , The bandit spat at him. , “I ain’t telling you nothing, you filthy Demi-human!” , Archer sighed. , He had expected this kind of resistance. , But he wasn’t about to give up. , “Listen, I don’t want to hurt you,” , “But I need to know where your base is. If you tell us, you’ll be free.” , The bandit looked at him skeptically. , “You expect me to believe that?” , Archer nodded. , The bandit hesitated for a moment, before speaking. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, Updated from .𝘤𝘰

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