A Journey That Changed The World

Chapter 5: Ms. Miyazakis Hobby

The pain throughout Hexi’s body was caused by old flogging injuries inflicted by servants from the courtyard, as well as general knocks and bumps. Combined with yearly malnutrition, it all piled up together., But now, Hexi refused to give in to this pain., She tightly closed the door and windows, confirmed that no one was around, then she quickly laid down on the bed., Her consciousness became vague, her soul seeming like it was pulled from her body. After opening her eyes again, her consciousness had entered her space., This space had accompanied Hexi for more than ten years. The furnishings inside this space, just by closing her eyes, she can remember it all. It couldn’t be more familiar to her., But the scene that was reflected into her eyes surprised her., This….this is still the space in her memory right?, In her previous life, this space was a wasteland, even the air permeated a deathly smell., It’s different from the descriptions used in the popular web novels in her previous life. The land inside the space, all was sand and gravel, it couldn’t be used to cultivate. No living thing could be brought into the space, including Hexi herself. She could only use her consciousness to enter, leaving her physical body to sleep on the outside., In the middle of the land there was a palace called “Xumi Palace”. Hexi had been bored on several occasions and had explored, finding that there were 81 rooms altogether in the palace., However in Hexi’s previous life, these damn rooms, even after she had used countless methods, not even one room could be opened., The only thing in the space that could maybe be considered a treasure, was the expanse of spring water in front of the palace., It possessed a healing effect, helping to heal all sorts of injuries and even improving eyesight. Another example is that it can help people to heal bone deep cuts and muscle injuries, speeding up the healing process with a better result than if healed normally., Therefore, in her previous life, Hexi had regarded this space as a moving warehouse and made use of it as her medicine deploy room., However, the space before her eyes and the space in her memory were completely different, making Hexi doubt whether or not she had entered the wrong place., The land that had originally been filled with sand and stones had been replaced by peculiar black land., The air was no longer permeated with a deathly smell, rather, it had a clean air. The pure spirit in the air could make a person’s body and heart entirely intoxicated., The cells in her body felt energised, greedily absorbing the air in here. Originally, her entire body that had been filled with pain and weakness, was now unconsciously replaced with a relaxed feeling., Hexi took a deep breath, squatting down, she gently grabbed a handful of black soil and brought it to her nose to smell., Although not an expert in planting and growing medicinal herbs, even she can tell that this black soil obviously contains strong nutrients and spiritual energy. It couldn’t even be compared to the previous sand and stones., How can the space change so much? Hexi released the black soil in her hand, a burst of indescribable excitement forming. Could it be that because of the explosion in her previous life, her space upgraded?, Another time she would have to bring some seeds to test this black soil. How fertile the black soil was and how well a spiritual plant would grow, it would be very interesting to see the results., Hexi walked forward happily, heading to the place she had previously used as a storage room., Sure enough, as per her expectation, all the stored medicine from her previous life was destroyed. All those bottles and jars had disappeared from the explosion, including the bottle of cursed poison, which needed only one drop to be able to destroy an entire city—-“Allure”., But some things still remained, such as the Invisible Needles, also some properties used for her disguises in her previous life., Hexi bent down, scooping some water with her hand from the spirit spring to drink., But once the water from the spirit spring was swallowed, she suddenly felt an overwhelming sensation rising from her stomach. Clearly visible to the naked eye, a stinky black grease spilled forth from her entire body., Hexi was greatly shocked. Previously when she would drink this spring water, it would relieve her fatigue and nourish her internal organs. How can it be possible for the result to be so different this time?

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