, Hexi restored her elegant and handsome youth appearance, and soon sold Zhang Dezhong in the pig market for a good price., She was wearing white brocade robes, with a face resembling the majesty of a jade crown, she had red lips and white teeth. Her entire body emitted a frosty cold, with an aura like unyielding snow softly falling on clear water, making her appear incompatible with this noisy and filthy pig market., However, how could Hexi care about the strange and greedy gazes of these people., In her past life she had acted out all kinds of roles for her missions, and many of them had attracted attention too, so she had already turned a blind eye to other people’s gazes. Of course, the premise is that these people didn’t attempt to provoke her., Hexi observed the entire pig market, finding that compared to the fine and luxurious Gluttonous House, here it was like a chaotic vegetable market., Only, the stall holder’s weren’t selling food, rather, it's selling living people and demonic beasts., All kinds of slaves were locked in the rusted cages, there were males and females, ordinary people and martial artists, and even at some of the high grade stalls there were grotesque human beasts., They curled up in the small cages, most of their bodies were covered with bruises and scars. Some looked numb, some were filled with despair, and some were weeping in a small voice. There were also those, that because they had shouted and rebelled, got beaten until they were near death., It can be said that here is Yan Jing city’s most bustling place, it was like human purgatory, the entire country’s deepest and darkest secrets condensed into one place., Hexi’s gaze swept across those pitiful slaves, her heart barely flinching., The weak are prey to the strong, in every society this is an irrefutable truth, no one is an exception. If she didn’t have enough strength to defend herself, her ending would be more miserable than these slaves., However, although she is unable to cultivate now, she is able to draw on her external power to protect herself., To raise a group of slaves with extraordinary strength, this was a good method!, The pig market's slaves mostly had the ability to draw energy into their bodies, even martial artists of the Qi Refining stage can't do that, but this is also a disadvantage., Hexi quickly choose ten slaves with the least amount of injuries and with diverse spiritual roots, spending the money she fairly got from selling off Zhang Dezhong., She didn’t let the seller extract the ten people's soul to place the Slave Imprint, rather, using her own method and medicine, carved the Spirit Restriction into their bodies., Compared with the Slave Soul Seal, this method doesn’t restrict the growth of the slave's strength. In addition, the slaves won’t be muddleheaded and have a reduced IQ because of the lack of a soul, of course, it also has a weak point., Because Hexi's current strength was still weak, this restriction was only effective to slaves of the Foundation Establishment stage and below., Hexi looked at the ten people kowtowing to her and lightly said, "I will not investigate what you’ve all previously experienced and what sort of grievances you might carry, but from now on, you must respect me as your master. If you betray me, you will be punished and left to suffer in pain, do you hear me clearly?", The ten people nodded quickly in response, their eyes filled with respect and fear as they looked at Hexi., It was simply too big of a surprise that their Master, who bought all ten of them, didn’t extract their souls’, making them able to live like ordinary people. It made all of them completely unable to even dare show contempt towards this master that looked like an immature youth., "Now remember, when outside my surname is Xi, I will be called Xi Yue. You’re my servants, henceforth you will follow my surname, so according to the names of the ten Heavenly Stems, from left to right you are Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, and Gui. Do you all understand clearly?", Without objection, the ten people quickly kowtowed, "Thanking the Master for bestowing us names!", Hexi gave them an address to head to, and slowly said, "About my affairs, it's better that less is heard and less is asked, after you go to my courtyard, if Wet Nurse Chen asks you to do something, then just do it. As for the injuries on your bodies, I will try to cure them, and as long as you perform well, I will certainly make sure your strength improves.",

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