A Journey That Changed The World

Chapter 29: Possessiveness

, "Little girl, if you don't mind, I can diagnose and treat your brother." Shopkeeper Qin had barely finished speaking, when from amongst the crowd a man’s gentle and low voice was heard., "That is Sheng De hall's shopkeeper Zhou!" Someone exclaimed as the crowd stepped aside, showing expressions of awe and admiration as they made way for the man that slowly walked over., He appeared to be a middle aged man of about thirty years old, his face was without a beard, and he had a slender figure with gentle facial features. The feeling he gave off was of a refined and amiable person, this is Sheng De hall's shopkeeper Zhou, Zhou Yan'an., Once the little girl heard that shopkeeper Zhou would treat her brother, she immediately stopped crying, and ignoring the pain in her body caused by the kick, she quickly kneeled on the ground and kowtowed towards shopkeeper Zhou., But, when shopkeeper Zhou used his spiritual power to examine the youth’s body, his brows tightened and creased, his expression turning grave, "Little girl, how was your brother injured?", The little girl wiped her tears and replied with a grief filled voice, "My brother went hunting in the mountains five days ago, and when he returned he was seriously injured. He went to lay down on the bed to rest for awhile, but then he couldn’t get up. I carried my brother to Ji Sheng hall for treatment, spending all the money we have, but my brother's injury keeps getting worse, I don't know what I should do…I don't want my brother to die…", Shopkeeper Zhou's sigh was filled with regret and pity, "I’m so sorry, I can't cure your brother’s illness. He has had the muscles and tendons throughout his body cut off from shock. Later, even if he lives, he can only become a crippled person, he won’t ever be able to get up from his bed again in this lifetime.", "How…how can this be!!" The little girl was shocked, her eyes showing incredible grief and despair, "No…my brother can’t die! Doctor, I beg you to save my brother, I beg you…", On the side, shopkeeper Qin’s ugly complexion immediately beamed with joy upon hearing this, his expression was full of happiness at their misfortunes, "Still believe that Sheng De hall's doctors are that great huh? Acting like such an immortal who’s able to save other people, as it turns out he’s only an insignificant secondary doctor, no wonder he ran out to show off his abilities, unable to even save a single person’s life, he can only be a disgrace. Ha ha ha…really overestimating one's capabilities!", Shopkeeper Zhou wasn’t angry when he heard this, he only lifted his gaze and coldly glanced at shopkeeper Qin, slowly saying, "Since doctor Qin is so capable, wouldn't it be better if you give it a try?", At this time, the crowd that had heard the youth couldn’t be cured came to their senses, immediately agreeing when they heard shopkeeper Zhou's words., "How can shopkeeper Zhou's diagnosis be wrong? Since you refuse to accept his diagnosis, then you should try it!", "Now this youth's illness is so serious, maybe it was Ji Sheng Hall's quack that harmed him. You must have no medical skills, or why else would you question shopkeeper Zhou's medical skills?", The crowds' angry accusations made shopkeeper Qin's complexion turn green and white, he suddenly raised his voice, almost screaming, "I’m not capable, but our Ji Sheng hall's doctor Xie is! He’s a dignified third rank doctor, how can Zhou Yan'an, an insignificant second rank doctor, compare to him?", When the title of third rank doctor was mentioned, it suddenly made everyone's voices quiet down., The reason was because in Jin Lin kingdom, third rank doctors were extremely precious and uncommon. Which was why, in the entire city of Yan Jing, there was only one fourth rank doctor, Nalan Zhengze. It can clearly be seen that a doctor with a high ranking position is very important., However, after being startled for a while, everyone's expressions started showing doubt, "You said a third rank doctor, but then where is this third rank doctor? How do we even know that you, Ji Sheng hall, have a third rank doctor?", "That's right, your mouth speaks without proof, if you have the ability, ask him to come out! If you’re not able to, then it’s just swelling your face up by slapping it to look imposing1, right?", ,

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