, Humans have always been frightened of unknown things. Ning Shu also wasn’t an exception. Even if she was now a soul, she still felt her hair stand on end facing this kind of situation., However, for better or for worse she was still alive right now, although it was a different type of ‘living.’ Since she couldn’t figure it out, she decided to stop thinking about it and simply accept what came., If it was said that the illness brought Ning Shu endless pain and suffering, it also had to be acknowledged that it gave Ning Shu a tenacious mentality. Without a strong mentality, upon facing endless pain and suffering, a person would commit suicide in order to escape the torment., Ning Shu tried stomping on the thing below her feet. It felt very strange. She bent down and touched it with her hand. She had never seen this kind of thing before., Ning Shu observed her surroundings and found that she was the only one here. Hence, she gave up on the thought of finding a companion and sat down on the ground. Sitting as if she was about to meditate, she closed her eyes., In truth, Ning Shu loved life more than anyone else. There was definitely a reason why she was here so she could only wait to see what exactly fate had in store for her., Ning Shu didn’t know if she was just imagining it, but she felt very comfortable sitting this way. That’s not right, it should be said that her soul felt very comfortable. Some warm things flowed into her body and made Ning Shu feel a bit airy., Endless waiting inevitably caused fear. Ning Shu discovered a game to pass the time, and that was mediating and absorbing that unknown thing into her body. Ning Shu didn’t know how she was supposed to absorb these things so she could only rely on mediating., Ning Shu opened her eyes. Her eyes contained surprise and joy as she felt her own body. The reason for the joy was because she had felt her body change a little. Before her body had felt soft like cotton with a very thin texture, but now her body felt slightly more condensed. Of course it was just a little bit but Ning Shu still felt it., What exactly was this place? It actually had the effect of strengthening souls., It was way too magical., “Test results meet the requirement, starting task.”, A cold mechanical voice spoke. In this deathly still space, it was abnormally abrupt and strange., Upon hearing this voice, she felt a chill as if she had heard this voice before. She had heard it right before she fainted., Ning Shu was cautious in regards to the things she didn’t understand. She didn’t open her mouth to demand who the person was or to ask what goal they had., What could other people possibly want her for with her like this?, “Your current number is 2333. Number 2333, do you want to start the task right now?, Ning Shu, for some reason, felt that she was being ridiculed with 2333, this kind of number. Then she heard that some sort of task was about to start. Although she didn’t know what exactly that meant, she replied immediately, “Start the task.”, Ning Shu had just finished speaking when a projected screen appeared in front of her. On it, her information was displayed., Number: 2333, Name: Ning Shu, Age: 27, Experience: 0 (0/10000), Soul: 60, Life: 50, Charm: (?????), Luck: 20, Mental Strength: 120, Abilities: None, Acquired Titles: None, Upon seeing these stats, Ning Shu had a feeling as if she was playing a game. But… why were there only questions marks for her charm? However, charm was not very important so Ning Shu didn’t mind it and asked about other things instead., “My number is 2333, so does that mean there are people with numbers before that?”, “Player does not have the authority to know.” It was the ice-cold voice., “Then what happens after the experience points reach ten thousand?”, “Player does not have the authority to know.”, “Since I’m a player, are there other players?”, “Player does not have the authority to know.”, “Why are my charm points unknown?” She probably had the right to know this, right?, The machine voice paused for a moment, before it said, “While Host was alive, no man expressed a favorable opinion or love towards Host. That’s why, Host’s charm cannot be determined.”

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