Chapter 20 - Test, Zhao's heart couldn't help but sigh after watching two acres of land being planted with corn seeds., If corn really was as useful as he thought it was, he would not have to worry about the development of his territory. But this result would take more than a dozen hours to see., The planting of two acres of land would soon be finished, but Zhao didn't leave his spatial farm. Instead, he carefully watched over the radishes. He didn't know when they would ripen. But then he smacked his head when he thought of something. "Yes, ah, I can just ask the space. Ah, I remember from playing farm games, there should be a reminder function. Space! How much time until the radishes mature?", The voice echoed: There are three minutes until the radishes mature., Zhao nodded and murmured. "Three minutes. Three minutes. Well, three minutes until I can harvest the radishes. While I'm waiting, I might as well buy a bag of radish seeds.", He immediately spent one hundred and fifty gold coins to buy a radish seed bag. Looking into his purse, he now only had three hundred and fifty gold coins left. But Zhao didn't care. He had to make adjustments as he went along. In the Black Waste, if he didn't develop the land fast enough, their conditions would stay the same, but if he developed the land too fast, someone might notice. So now he was focusing on developing his spatial farm instead. As long as his level went up, there won't be any problems. , This also reminded him that he shouldn't sell too many radishes. If he over sold the radishes, then they wouldn't be worth much, and he would suffer as a result. Unfortunately, he did not have a phone, so he couldn't tell this to Green. Hopefully, Green wouldn't come back with too big of an order of radishes., Originally, Zhao didn't want to rely too much on the spatial farm because it was too unreal. He didn't know whether or not the space would disappear. But if the space was gone, then his clan would be finished. Right now he had no choice but to rely on the spatial farm. And leveling it up would allow him to get more out of it, which would better help develop his territory. He also couldn't relax about the transformation of the Black Waste. If he didn't transform the land outside, then he would have nothing if the space were to disappear one day., Every step had to be calculated to develop the spatial farm and the outside living environment., Leveling up the spatial farm requires money, and every level up would require more and more money. Zhao was very clear on that. In his past life, he had two accounts with the farm game that he played. The first account was what he used to play with more than four hundred online friends, where they could do things like steal food from each other. But he slowly lost interest., His newer second account was where he played by himself. He wanted to try to master the farm game because he wanted to see what would happen and how far he could go., He knew the consequences were very serious. In the beginning, it was okay. That was until his farm rose to level 20 and he tried to open a ranch, only to find out that he simply did not have enough gold coins. Now he had no money to level up his pastures and no money to level up his farm. But these setbacks taught Zhao how to be more calculating, especially about his farm and ranch incomes. He had to calculate which crops and animals would get him the most money. This was what he learned by playing that stand-alone game., This was similar to his current situation as he tried to level up his farm. But even though he had some experience, he couldn't forget that he had to also take things from his spatial farm and use them to transform the outside territory. That would mean he had to even more closely watch over his funds, which made him nervous. So he had to carefully calculate every step. Suddenly the voice echoed, interrupting his thoughts: Radishes have matured. Please harvest as soon as possible, Hearing that, Zhao didn't immediately harvest the radishes and instead looked at them thoughtfully., The last time he harvested radishes, the radish leaves had disappear. He theorized that this space treated the radish leaves as disposable waste. And of course right now he couldn't be so wasteful. He had to try to keep the leaves so he could use them to feed the blue-eyed rabbits., Now that the radishes have matured, if he were to allow the space to harvest the radishes the original way, he wouldn't get any radish leaves. Zhao could only hope that the space would obey his commands in the way he imagined, otherwise feeding the blue-eyed rabbits would be a problem., In this space, he would automatically get food once the crops matured. But that wasn't enough. It would be a problem if he couldn't also get things like radish leaves and corn stalks when the space just threw them away like garbage. In the past, when he played the game, that wasn't really a problem. But now Zhao needed those things to change their lives, so this was very important., Zhao frowned. He was afraid that the space wouldn't accept his new way to harvest the radishes. Taking a few breaths to calm himself, he said, "Harvest the radishes! Radishes and radish leaves are to be separately harvested.", Finishing the sentence, Zhao's heart involuntarily jumped. He was afraid that it would fail. If he couldn't get the radish leaves, then he had to think of other ways to harvest them. The only answer he could come up with was to get the slaves to manually harvest the radishes, but that would cause a huge delay and would increase the chances of this spatial farm being exposed., The space responded to his words. The radishes flew out of the ground and landed in a basket. After the radishes were harvested, Zhao took a deep breath and went to the barn. He touched the barn doors., Soon the barn displayed what it had in storage in front of Zhao. The radishes and radish leaves were classified separately., Zhao raised his fist with a cry of joy. Success! He really did not expect this space to give him such a surprise. Not only would this space help him harvest the crops, he now understood that this space would totally listen to him. He could command the space to do anything., Ever since the spatial farm appeared, Zhao had always felt that it was like the game he originally played in his past life. He thought that he could only operate this space in accordance to the game rules. But with this time's success, he realized that this wasn't necessarily true. In this space, he had a deeper level of control, like he was a god or some kind of supreme existence., After the burst of emotions, Zhao calmed down for a moment. Looking around the spatial farm, he saw that there was nothing left to do, and so he left., Once he entered his room, Zhao could not help but laugh. With the spatial farm, the Black Waste could become the greatest granary in the entire continent. But he must help it along with his spatial ability as soon as possible. Only then would his heart have a sense of security., Although he was focusing on leveling up the spatial farm, in the end his goal was to use the space to help him develop his territory faster. Zhao was a practical guy. He thought that the spatial farm would one day disappear because he did not believe in transient things. He only believed in things that he could grasp with his own two hands. After all, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush., For Zhao, the space was like the friends he made on the internet back on Earth. Even though he was an otaku, he knew that they weren't real friendships. It was because of this mentality that he desperately wanted to change the Black Waste, which would give him a little peace of mind., He did not believe in luck. In his past life, he never bought lottery tickets. Every penny he had was earned through his own efforts. He never believed that someone would give him money for no reason. He believed that people could only get everything they want through effort., After he left the space, Zhao didn't go outside. He needed to think about the future development of the Black Waste. He was anxious about the transformation. There was no guarantee that no one would come to this wasteland. If one day someone were to suddenly come here and find a large area of fertile land in front of the castle, it would definitely arouse suspicion., With that thought, Zhao couldn't help but mutter, "It seems like it'll be a good idea to look over the Black Waste tomorrow.", Then he fell asleep.,

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