“Spatial Farm program initiating, connecting to network, network connection successful, operating normally, discovering host, inspecting host conditions, host condition normal, binding to host, your present level is one, system reward five hundred gold, six bags of hay seeds, each bag can plant one field, you have currently cleared one piece of land, area ten fields, level zero, you can purchase required seeds in the shop, harvest can be changed for gold in the shop, due to network malfunction, you can freely enter the farm, you can only connect to the server, unable to connect to friends, please excuse the trouble.”, Zhao Hai stood there stupidly. He felt like he was dreaming, everything seemed unreal., But he really heard that voice just now. If it was on Earth, Zhao Hai wouldn’t believe it, at most he’d think it was a prank. But this place was different, and if he could accept transmigration, what couldn’t he believe?, Zhao Hai at once said in his mind: “Enter farm.”, Just as he finished, there was a flash before his eyes. When he saw again, he was no longer in his castle, but in a wide open space. This space was very large, roughly two thirds of a hectare, all the land cleared, with brand new shovels stuck in the ground at the edge. Next to the land was a small spring, next to which was a bucket. There was a small thatched hut, on the left of which was a thatched dog house. Under the window of the thatched hut were two bottles, one marked ‘insecticide’, and the other marked ‘herbicide’. Next to the two bottles was also a basket, on which was written ‘collection’. On the right side of the hut there was an even smaller thatched hut, on which was written ‘barn’. Besides these, there was only a thick fog all around, with nothing visible. All he could see clearly was this thatched hut and that open space., Zhao Hai was only too familiar with this, besides the lack of a background, this place was the game he was most familiar with, Farm Game!, Different from other nerds, Zhao Hai most liked reading books, reading novels, writing novels. Even though he only made some small change, it was still something he never tired of, and he never got into playing games., Later on, some friends introduced Zhao Hai to try playing Farm Game. This game didn’t require you to invest too much time, and playing it was very simple. Consequently Zhao Hai also always kept playing, and by now his farm was already level twenty seven. Even though it wasn’t too high, he had still cleared his land, and was just in the middle of playing with pastures., And what everyone who started playing knew was that the system would freely give you a scene, as well as a thatched hut, and the scene in Zhao Hai was looking at right now was exactly the same as that one. The difference was that Zhao Hai had seen it through his computer then, but now he was looking at it from inside the space., Zhao Hai stared blankly at all this, he really didn’t know what to think. He couldn’t help squatting, scraping at the soil on the ground., But when he grabbed the soul, a voice suddenly echoed in his head: “Spatial soil, level one, already plowed, can be used to plant crops, raising time to maturity, tenfold, can be brought out to use outside of the space, can improve soil outside of the space.”, Zhao Hai stared blankly, then grew happy. He still knew too little about this space, now with the chance, he ran over to the spring and used his hand to touch the spring water, and sure enough, there was a prompt: “Spatial spring water, level one, can be drunk, has an improving effect on the human body, can be used for irrigation, raising crop maturity time, tenfold, can be brought out of the space and used, can improve soil outside of the space.” Zhao Hai was already dizzy from this sudden good fortune. He stretched one hand into the spring water, with dull eyes and laughing and giggling, he even forgot to pull out his hand., After a good while, Zhao Hai stood, laughing loudly: “Wily Heavens, I really didn’t expect you would actually be this generous, hahaha, good, fine, excellent.”, Zhao Hai was extremely clear on the fact that here in the Ark continent, it was completely impossible for him to practice any magic or battle qi, then he would be destined to be mediocre all his life, it would also be impossible to avenge Adam’s hatred. But with this space it was different, even if he couldn’t take revenge, he could still maintain the Buda clan and let it flourish, this could also count as a kind of vengeance for Adam., Zhao Hai calmed down after a good long while. He first ran over to the shovel next to the field, he wanted to see whether this shovel was as miraculous as it was in the game., When his hand touched the shovel, the prompt resounded once again, “Shovel, tool, level one, can automatically turn the soil, operation time, ten fields / day, can be brought out to use outside of the space.”, Zhao Hai instantly laughed, then he went over to the bucket, a prompt resounding once as he touched it: “Bucket, tool, level one, can automatically irrigate the soil, operation time, ten fields / day, can be brought out to use outside of the space.”, “Insecticide, agricultural chemical, toxic, level one, can automatically kill insects, not for consumption, can be brought out of the space, doses / infinite.”, “Herbicide, agricultural chemical, toxic, level one, can automatically kill weeds, not for consumption, can be brought out of the space, doses / infinite.”, “Basket, tool, level one, can automatically collect crops, operation time, ten fields / day, can be brought out to use outside of the space, acquired harvest is automatically stored in barn.”, After investigating all the things outside the hut, Zhao Hai already understood that this place wasn’t much different from the space in the game, but it still wasn’t too similar, but to him it was only even better., Zhao Hai entered the thatched hut with a chest filled with excitement. The thatched hut wasn’t big, but it was completely furnished, one bed spread with hay, one table, four chairs, one cupboard, one stove, a full set of tableware, and most importantly, next to the head of the bed was also something like a computer, but only the monitor., Zhao Hai quickly stepped over to the display, finding that it was lit. On top were only two icons, above one was written “Shop”, and above the other was written “Farm introduction”., Zhao Hai promptly opened the farm introduction, he really wanted to know how he would have such a farm, just what was going on., Zhao Hai’s hand touched the farm introduction icon, which immediately changed into a line of white light, and all of a sudden there was a great deal of information in Zhao Hai’s mind. After a long while, having digested the information, he had also roughly guessed how this farm had come about., Before Zhao Hai came to this world, he had been playing on his computer, playing just his Farm Game. But for some unknown reason, he had suddenly ended up here, and that Farm Game had also followed. It might be that the farm had changed in the transmigration, and conserved all its original functionality, and grown even more powerful. This farm had already become his system, and this system had also been bound to Zhao Hai., In other words, even though Zhao Hai couldn’t connect to the host server on earth through this farm, he could use any functionality in this farm as he wished, including that shop. He could use gold for shopping, and could sell his harvest to the shop, he could bring the things in the farm outside, and bring things from the outside in, everything followed his wishes., Only currently the farm was just level one, and a lot of functionality was unavailable. If he could raise the level, he could even open pastures, and could even expand his land. There was basically no limit to how far he could expand, and as the farm rose in level, turning soil, watering, or pesticides and such could gain experience, slowly leveling up, and he could also bring related things outside in here to evolve the space, thereby leveling up. In other words, Zhao Hai could bring in some specialities from the Ark continent, increasing the goods or crops inside the space, to make the space level up. Put simply, Zhao Hai had obtained a Heaven defying cheat. Zhao Hai only wanted to laugh. With such a Heaven defying space, flourishing wasn’t anything difficult for him, and even taking revenge for Adam and the Buda clan wasn’t impossible. A brazen plan began to form in his mind., He could use the soil and water in the space to improve the land in the Black Waste, that would be equivalent to having a gigantic farm of his own. As long as he developed this place, he could he could hire even more men, becoming a regional despot, and when the time came he could avenge the Buda clan……, Zhao Hai returned to his senses after a long time, softly shaking his head, snickering at himself for getting too far ahead. Right now he didn’t even have the first stroke of the character for revenge, he’d better first understand this place more clearly., While thinking, Zhao Hai casually flicked open the shop icon, and a prompt at once echoed: “Welcome to the Spatial Shop, may I ask what you wish to purchase?”, Zhao Hai looked at the screen, on which was arranged images of some crops from earth, below them was written their price and level. Zhao Hai knew that this definitely was the same as in the game and didn’t give it more than a few looks, then closed the store page and looked over his surroundings., He finally walked over to that cupboard. He believed that this cupboard definitely wasn’t any decoration, but was disappointed to find there was no prompt when he touched it. Zhao Hai stared blankly, pulling open the cupboard, and discovered three things inside. One cloth bag, one short cane with the head carved into a bug, and one short cane with the head carved in the shape of grass. Zhao Hai knew what these things were with practically one glance., He first picked up that cloth bag, and a prompt sure enough came: “Purse, can hold gold, limitless quantity, current gold, five hundred, due to your level being too low, the gold cannot be brought outside the space.”, Zhao Hai stared blankly a moment, then grew happy. Even though the prompt was very short, he still understood a lot of things from hearing it. This purse was actually something like a spatial bag, it just seemed it could only hold money. But that wasn’t what caught Zhao Hai’s attention, his attention was on what came after, due to his level being low, the gold couldn’t be brought outside, then didn’t that mean that once his level rose, he could bring the gold from the space outside and use them? Heavens, if it’s really like that, then that’s too good.,

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