Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Chapter 5 - Heaven Defying Cheat

Zhao Hai drew a few deep breaths, calming himself before picking up the bug cane, the prompt explaining: “Pest release tool, level one, can produce harmful insects that eat crops, usage frequency, fifty times per day, can be brought out and used outside the space.”, “Weed release tool, level one, can produce weeds, fights farm crops for nutrition, usage frequency, fifty times per day, can be brought out and used outside the space.”, Zhao Hai grinned, releasing the two canes. These two things were good things, for shady people especially., There was nothing else in the house, and Zhao Hai stepped out from the thatched hut, going over to the barn. He knew there would definitely be more good things in the barn, at least he hadn’t found the promised sacks of seeds out here., Zhao Hai very soon reached the barn, it looked extremely common, a small thatched hut, with a small wooden door, and nothing special otherwise., Zhao Hai touched the wooden door with his hand, hearing the sound of the prompt: “Barn, level one, can store goods, unlimited type and quantity, goods stored inside are identical when taken out, can be used outside the space, current items, hay seeds, six bags.”, Zhao Hai couldn’t help thinking, hay seeds. Just as the thought past, in front of him appeared six small bags, marked ‘Hay seed’., Zhao Hai looked distracted, then exulted. He had still been wondering how to use the barn, he didn’t expect it to only need a thought. This really was too good., Zhao Hai pushed on the barn door, but discovered it wouldn’t open. The barn seemed to be like a prop, basically without any use., Zhao Hai smiled slightly, then turned and walked back to the thatched hut, sitting down on the bed of hay, calmly arranging his findings. Right now he had a space like this, first of all was that the land could be farmed, then water to drink, and he could even enormously improve the crop maturation time, tenfold, and with the water, that was another tenfold. Heavens, with this place, he didn’t need to worry about going hungry., That basket could be used, the shovel as well, the bucket, pesticides, pest releasing tool, weed releasing tool, these were all good things, and they could be brought outside. The main thing was that barn, having the barn was tantamount to having an enormous interspatial storage, that was what he was happiest about., From Adam’s memories, this world had a lot of storage tools. A space type mage could produce one, but space type mages were rare, se even though there were a lot of storage tools on the continent, they were all in the hands of those nobles, very rarely would commoners have them., Those storage tools couldn’t compare to the barn, those tools were all very small, even the largest no more than a few hundred cubic meters, and those were already considered divine tools. Something as large as his barn was basically nonexistent., Most important was still that the storage tools on the Ark continent didn’t have any way to store living things, but the spatial barn could, and he could stockpile unlimited types., Besides these fixtures, he also had six bags of hay seeds, and five hundred gold coins. Even though gold currently couldn’t be brought outside, but they could be used to shop in the spatial shop, that was enough., After reading the space introduction, Zhao Hao already knew that this place followed the game he played before, and the basic settings were more or less the same. After his level rose, he could open pastures, and do a lot more things., Most important right now was that he had ten fields, and one unending spring. With these two things he could think of ways to improve the black soil of his territory, but first of all he had to plant these ten fields., Thinking of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help smiling wryly. He was a nerd before, but he had been born in the city, and had basically never farmed, to the extent that he might not see the difference between millet, soybeans, sesame, barley, and rice. Having him suddenly farm now, he really didn’t know how to start., Zhao Hai returned the hay seed bags to the barn. He clearly understood that pasture seed wasn’t any use to him right now, but would be if he opened pastures later. What he needed now was food, or cash crop seeds., Opening the shop interface, there were images of some crops up top, below which were written level and how much money required to buy them, just like the game interface., Zhao Hai looked over the interface, finding it really was like the game, the settings all the same. Right now he was only level one, and the seeds he could cultivate were only hay, radish, carrot, and bok choy, the rest he couldn’t plant., Zhao Hai tried poking a second level crop seed, and the interface immediately gave an ‘insufficient level’ message. Zhou Hai also understood, this place really was the same as the game., Only these four kinds of crops could be planted, and Zhao Hai heroically didn’t hesitate to choose radish seeds. Each bag of radish seed was one hundred fifty gold, and each bag of seed sowed ten fields, ten fields could produce close to eighty thousand catty of radishes, which would be five hundred gold if sold to the shop., In light of the purchasing power in this world, five hundred gold coins was roughly fifty thousand yuan on Earth. In other words, one gold coin was equal to 100RMB, one silver coin was 10RMB, and one copper coin was equal to 0.1RMB., Calculating it like this, growing radish was quite profitable, but still lacking a bit compared to bok choy and carrots. But the reason Zhao Hai picked radish wasn’t because of how much money it could make, but because of experience., When playing Farm Game before, Zhao Hai had once very conscientiously calculated all things related to farming, from turning the soil, to planting, to harvesting, and what gave the most experience was unexpectedly this most unremarkable radish. Most important right now was to first raise his level, like that he could farm even more land, and generally speaking, planting radishes would also give a lot of gold, so under the present circumstances, growing radish was most suitable., Zhao Hai was a nerd, and nerds didn’t like going out, that’s why, when he unavoidably had to go out, he would first calculate what he would go do today, and how to do it in the shortest time possible, or what he had to do several days later and if he could do that at the same time, so he didn’t have to go out again for a few days., As this went on, it naturally fostered a kind of calculating nature. When doing anything, he would calculate it properly, then find the implementation method that most suited him., This time was the same. He had calculated for a long time, and finally chose radishes, because radish gave the best experience, compared to this, the loss of some gold basically counted for nothing., Zhao hai immediately bought a bag of radish seed. The seeds didn’t appear in front of him, and were rather placed in the barn. But with a thought, a small bag at once appeared in front of him. This bag wasn’t large, and also seemed quite flat, as if nothing was inside. But as soon as Zhao Hai’s hand touched the bag, there was immediately a prompt: “Radish seed, one bag, can be planted, can be brought outside, plants ten fields.”, Zhao Hai heaved a sigh. Fortunately, this bag of seed could plant these ten fields, otherwise he wouldn’t have the money to buy seed. But this system really could scheme, only giving six fields’ worth, but forcing you to by ten fields’ worth, truly insidious., Closing the shop interface, Zhao Hai took the seed bag and left the thatched hut. But on seeing those ten fields he was stupefied. He had bought the seed, but how did he plant them? A nerd like him farming, he didn’t even know how to plant radishes, this really was terrible., Thinking of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help thinking about returning the seed bag to the barn, when he suddenly looked at the seed bag in his hand, a brazen way of thinking germinating in his mind., Everything in this space seemed like it revolved around him. Even though he needed money to buy seed, the starting funds were provided, as if he was really playing a game. If that’s how it was, then should there really be a need for him to do things himself?, Thinking of this, Zhao Hai at once thought about planting the radishes. He had just finished the thought, when the seed bag in his hand flew out, immediately followed by the shovel in the ground also moving. The shovel made small holes in the ground, and the seed bag tossed out a seed to fall inside, after which the bucket immediately flew up and poured water in the hole, followed by the shovel covering up the small hole, then digging a new hole, spilling seed, watering, burying, as if several people were working with a clear division of labor and a tacit cooperation, dealing with all the work together without any need for Zhao Hai to lift a hand., Zhao Hai watched this scene, and couldn’t help laughing out loud. This space really was very good, he felt like he was the god of this place, and as long as he thought it, the things in the space would at once move according to his wishes. This really was too good., Seeing that it would still take some time to sow the field, Zhao Hai also feared that Green would discover he was missing and worry, and thought about leaving the space. With a thought, he returned to his room in the iron mountain castle. Looking at the sky outside the window, it unexpectedly hadn’t changed much. Moreover, it didn’t seem like anyone had entered the room. This made Zhao Hai even more convinced that the time he had lingered in the space definitely hadn’t been long, and even if he had stayed there longer, time in that space would definitely flow differently than outside., Zhao Hai was so happy he wanted to shout. With such a Heaven defying cheat, he could at least take up a post as a free and unrestrained little landlord in this world. WHether he could help Adam with revenge and such things, first making sure he had a comfortable life was reasonable., Zhao Hai had to admit that he wasn’t a very ambitious person, he had the heart of a minor peasant. As long as he was well, reviving the Buda clan, avenging the Buda clan, avenging Adam and whatnot, these were all things he’d thought about in excitement. Thinking about the power of those grand nobles, Zhao Hai felt a burst of fright. The majestic Buda family’s survival hinged on a word, and extinguishing something like a tiny little Zhao Hai was just a matter of waving a hand for them.,

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