, Ning Shu watched as Ling Xue’s gaze flickered. From time to time she would emit an intense murderous aura, then an aloof aura. Ning Shu didn’t know what Ling Xue was thinking about that was causing so many aura changes., She shranked back a little and said, “I can’t afford a present so I don’t want to go.”, Ning Shu was telling the truth. The presents that Leng Ao, this type of person who had countless eyes upon him, received during his birthdays were so expensive that most people couldn’t afford one even if their entire lifetime’s earnings was totaled up., A trace of contempt flashed through Ling Xue’s eyes as she said, “Didn’t Leng Ao say that you didn’t need to buy a present?”, A quick thought flew through Ning Shu’s brain: When a person was particularly attentive for no reason, if that person wasn’t a traitor then he was a thief. The aloof female lead-sama actually wanted to hang out with her? This was way too fishy., Under the attack of Ling Xue’s strong pressure, Ning Shu discovered that she had no leeway to make a choice at all. She was just about to agree but abruptly switched to saying, “Why do I have to go with you? If I’m going, I’m going by myself. Tch.”, Her tone was filled with disgust. Ning Shu was imitating the way the original host treated Ling Xue. She had been about to agree earlier, but based on how much the original host detested Ling Xue, there was no way she would go to the party together with her., This meant that Ling Xue had been probing her, she was suspicious of her! Ning Shu felt a chill in her heart. How could cultivators be in such defiance of the natural order, to be capable of sensing even a change in souls?, The female lead’s golden finger was seriously too big. Ning Shu expressed that she felt a lot of pressure., Ling Xue saw Ning Shu’s disgusted expression and searched her face with narrowed eyes. The stare stabbed Ning Shu like needles. Her face involuntarily contorted., Ning Shu glared at Ling Xue and yelled, “What are you looking at!?”, Before Ling Xue could say anything, her deskmate spoke first, “Lin Jiajia, Ling Xue has allowed you to participate in Prince Leng’s birthday party out of the goodness of her heart. If it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t have been able to go at all. You can’t even recognize others’ good intentions?”, Ning Shu looked at the girl that spoke up for Ling Xue and said directly, “What the fart does it have to do with you? I’m talking to Ling Xue, what are you poking your beak in for? What benefit has Ling Xue given you to make you kneel like this and lick her toes? The person herself hasn’t even said anything, what are you barking for?”, It was seriously refreshing ah. In any case, these people didn’t like her so why not just shed all pretense of cordiality? Acting completely without fear was much more refreshing., When the student heard the vulgar things that came out of Ning Shu’s mouth, she was so angry her face flushed. She shouted, “You wretch!”, “You’re the wretch. You’re the most wretched. You’re a wretch, wretch, …”, When had Ling Xue’s deskmate ever seen someone cursing like a fishwife like this? In their social class, even if a person hated someone to death they would still act amiably on the surface before sticking a knife in the person’s back., In Ning Shu’s past lifetime, she had see quite a lot of people cause trouble in the hospital. Making an unreasonable scene like this was the most effective way to overpower people. When a scholar encountered a soldier, even if his position was logical he wouldn’t be able to convey it clearly., As expected, that female student was infuriated and itched to rip off Ning Shu’s jabbering mouth., Ling Xue pulled her deskmate to a stop and swept a cool gaze at Ning Shu. “Enough already.”, Ning Shu’s heart skipped a beat upon sensing that murderous-intent-filled gaze. She pouted in a reluctant manner and shot Ling Xue’s deskmate a glare., “What need is there to mind an ignoramus? It’s lowering your own dignity,” said Ling Xue to her deskmate., That girl also shot an arrogant look at Ning Shu as if Ning Shu was some lowly thing., Ning Shu’s lips twitched. That girl had clearly ended up as a shield for Ling Xue so that Ling Xue could continue acting cool and elegant. Ning Shu really didn’t understand what that girl was so proud about. What an idiot!, She would like to ask if the female lead would ever trade insults with someone without regard for her image?, It appeared that she had also successfully confirmed the female lead’s impression of her. However, that didn’t matter. What mattered was that it was refreshing to curse at people ah.

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