, This was the school doctor, right? He was wearing a black windbreaker and holding a pistol. Upon hearing Ning Shu’s voice, he turned around and reached up to adjust his glasses, only to discover that he wasn’t wearing glasses right now., He squinted at Ning Shu, then, the corners of his mouth hooking up, said, “Come here, help me bandage my wounds.”, “I… I don’t know how.” Ning Shu looked at the school doctor whose temperament was completely different from how it was during the day. If it weren’t for the fact that he looked identical to the school doctor, there was no way anyone would think that they were the same person. It couldn’t be a twin, right?, “You’re the school doctor, right?” Ning Shu pointed her steel rod at the school doctor. The school doctor was speechless for a moment. Then he pointed his gun at her and said, “Come over here.”, Ning Shu, who had yet to see much of the world, was terribly frightened to have a pitch-black gun muzzle pointed at her. She hastily said, “Let’s talk things out, talk things out.” Her legs trembled as she walked towards the school doctor., The school doctor’s face was deathly pale, probably due to the abrupt beating Ning Shu had inflicted. As of now, even his lips were colorless. However, his expression was cool and indifferent as he took off his clothes., “Treat my injury.” The school doctor pointed towards his back. There was a concealed weapon – yes, let’s tentatively call it a concealed weapon – embedded in his back near his shoulder blade. It was practically completely inside his body., There was no way for the school doctor to deal with this injury himself. When he saw that Ning Shu was staring blankly, he shouted, “Fuck, hurry up! All the blood in me’s about to run out.”, Was this coarse person really that refined school doctor? Ning Shu quivered and hastily went to grab the first aid kit., She looked at the barely visible weapon and asked, a bit awkwardly, “How am I supposed to get it out?”, “Get it out with tweezers, hurry up.” The school doctor’s voice was filled with suppressed pain. He was covered with cold sweat., “I’m taking it out now~” said Ning Shu. Holding the tweezers, she moved them towards the wound., “‘Now~’ your damned sister ah! Hurry up!” roared the school doctor. Ning Shu was startled by him and accidentally jabbed his wound with the tweezers., The school doctor was in so much pain that his entire body shuddered and he curled up into a ball on the sofa. Ning Shu saw that the wound was gushing blood like a fountain and hastily grabbed some gauze to wipe the blood. She was starting to freak out at the sight of so much blood. The school doctor’s facial color was starting to turn gray as well., Gathering up her courage, she stepped on him with a leg in order to prevent him from moving around, then quickly pinched the weapon with the tweezers. She abruptly pulled back. Eh? It didn’t come out. One more time., When the weapon was pulled out, blood spurted out all over Ning Shu’s face. The school doctor who was lying on the sofa had passed out., Ning Shu pressed gauze on the injury. She was completely flustered when she saw the blood slowly dye all of the gauze red. She glanced at the deep injury, then looked through the first aid kit for a hemostatic. When she found it, she crushed it and sprinkled it over the wound., It was clearly meant for oral consumption, yet she directly spilled it onto the wound because she thought it would take to long for it to work if he took it orally. He was bleeding so much. How much blood must be required to sustain this flow?, By the time Ning Shu finished binding up the school doctor’s wound, she was covered with sweat. She reached out and waved her hand below the school doctor’s nose. Good. He was still breathing., She fell to the ground. Seeing that the ground was covered with stained gauze, she cleaned it up. Then she saw the gun on the side table that was glowing with a dark light. Her heart chilled. She glanced at the unconscious school doctor, then sneakily took the gun and hid it., Seriously. Why didn’t he go to the hospital instead of coming to her house if he was injured? Also, how did he get in?, Who was this school doctor? He wasn’t an ordinary person at all. Why did he decide to become Ace’s school doctor?

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