, The school doctor lifted his brows at Ning Shu, then smiled coldly. Dusting off his white coat, he said, “Why should I lend it to you? And even if I let you borrow it, do you know how to use it?”, “I can learn,” said Ning Shu excitedly. “This is a matter of life and death! Uncle, if it weren’t for the fact that I had no other options, I wouldn’t come to look for you.”, Ning Shu was staking it all. For the sake of borrowing something that could help preserve her life, she was giving up all integrity., The school doctor narrowed his eyes as he asked, “Who did you say you offended?”, “Who? Oh, the goddess Ling Xue.” Ning Shu blinked as she looked at the school doctor. From up close, it could be seen that the school doctor’s skin was really great. It was like white jade, flawless and poreless., “You actually need a gun to defend against a female student?” Snow-white light flashed over the school doctor’s glasses. “Isn’t she just a student?”, “How can you say ‘she’s just a student’…” Ning Shu glanced around, then moved close to the doctor and said, “Ling Xue isn’t an ordinary person.”, “If you’re going to talk, just talk. What are you getting so close for?” said the school doctor as he leaned away from her., Ning Shu retreated backwards a little and said, “Ling Xue isn’t an ordinary person.”, “I know, didn’t you just say that?” The school doctor knitted his brows. “You sure like repeating the same sentence twice.”, Big Bro ah, could you please catch the main point? Ning Shu felt like this guy was messing with her, but she couldn’t do anything about it even if it was true. Who asked him to be the only person she knew with good things?, The school doctor took in Ning Shu’s collapsing expression and said, “What do you mean by ‘Ling Xue isn’t an ordinary person?’ It couldn’t be that she’s Superman, Spiderman, or Iron Man, right?”, Ning Shu: @#¥%&*, “No, Ling Xue is a Daoist immortal. Do you believe if I say she can kill with telekinesis?” Ning Shu’s expression was completely serious., She thought he would laugh when he heard this. Unexpectedly, the school doctor actually said with a serious expression, “Maybe she’s a demon?”, >Chinese demons are more like spirits and are born from things like rocks, bamboo, and things embedded with meaning once they absorb spiritual energy for thousands of years. They can cultivate and are not inherently evil, but they often have antagonistic relationships with humans., Ning Shu: Hahahaha…, She was certain that this bastard was teasing her. She was clearly talking about a very serious matter, a matter in which human life was beyond value in comparison! Ning Shu felt a loneliness as if she was the only one sober in a world full of drunk people., Ning Shu was so agitated her mouth was about to froth. If he didn’t want to help then whatever. Was it fun to tease people?, “I’ll look for you tonight,” said the school doctor., Ning Shu hastily covered her chest. “Why would you look for me? I’m a good lady.”, The school doctor sneered. “You don’t want the thing anymore?”, She wants, of course she wants. Ning Shu hastily said, “I’ll sweep the couch tonight in preparation to welcome you.”, The school doctor: …, Having obtained a definite reply from the school doctor uncle, Ning Shu no longer felt weak when facing Ling Xue’s murderous glare. She even glowered back., Ning Shu expressed that she would feel very pleased every time she saw Ling Xue’s annoyed expression., Meanwhile, Ling Xue was done with tolerating Ning Shu. In the past she had misgivings about doing anything to Lin Jiajia because Lin Jiajia was an Ace student. If an Ace student was to go missing, it’d attract a lot of unnecessary problems., However, right now she was already all alone and no longer had a family background to support her. It was about time to make her disappear. Ling Xue loathed the way this girl always looked at her with that strange gaze., It caused her to have the misperception that she was seen through., Ning Shu didn’t know that the female lead-sama had already decided to kick her out of the school. Currently, she was eagerly anticipating the school doctor’s arrival., If she had a life-preserving object on hand, she would feel a bit more confident in completing this sh*tty task.

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