, Ning Shu started the shooting practice life. Under Instructor Headshot’s attentive watch, Ning Shu fired the gun and missed. The bullet flew somewhere unknown., Instructor Headshot rubbed the gun at his waist as he looked at Ning Shu’s head eagerly. Ning Shu instantly felt a chill and said, “Let me try again. I definitely won’t miss this time.”, Instructor Headshot: Ha. Ha., Ning Shu practiced like her life depended on it. At the start, the bullets would fly everywhere. Everyone in the shooting range avoided Ning Shu. It would truly be an injustice if the rookie’s stray bullets hit them., Ning Shu held the gun level with both hands. If her posture wasn’t right, Instructor Headshot would immediately pull out his gun and point it towards her head. Ning Shu was so terrified each time that she came close to wetting her pants, so she improved rapidly., From the starting point of always missing, she improved to the point of being able to hit the target now., These days, Ning Shu spend all her time at the shooting range. Eating, drinking, peeing, sh*tting, she did it all here. She practiced nonstop. Later, it got to the point that she couldn’t even lift her arms anymore. She felt like she was about to become an otaku with muscly arms., However, she didn’t felt any complaints about how tiring it was. This was a skill that could save her life. The more skills she had when facing the dangerous female lead, the more chances she had to survive., Instructor Headshot gave Ning Shu a bottle of medicinal oil. Forcing a contorted smile, he asked, “What relationship do you have with Psycho?”, No relationship at all. Of course, Ning Shu didn’t dare to say this. If she really said this, this uncle who seemed to like headshots would probably shoot her on the spot., Ning Shu laughed ‘haha’ and revealed a profound and mysterious expression. Instructor Headshot rubbed his gun again. From the looks of it, he really wanted to just shoot Ning Shu through the head., Every time Ning Shu saw this fiendish uncle rub his gun, her heart would frantically race from fear. She was truly grateful to the school doctor uncle for being so fearsome, so that she as a fox could exploit the tiger’s might., Ning Shu now practically lived at the shooting range. She practiced everyday and could now hit within the five rings., It was awesome!, This particular day, Ning Shu suddenly got a notice from the school. It said that if she didn’t come to class, she would be expelled., Fine, she definitely couldn’t allow herself to be expelled., After staying in the shooting range for a long time, Ning Shu felt a little bit unused to being in a place with such a peaceful atmosphere., When Ling Xue saw Ning Shu, she sensed her change. This woman has become even more reserved, and even gave off a dangerous air now. However, this air of danger only seemed like that of a stronger ant that got strengthened pincers., Ling Xue was very displeased with this and met Ning Shu’s gaze. Upon sensing Ling Xue’s gaze, Ning Shu gave a big eyeroll., Ling Xue’s gaze immediately became filled with a dangerous aura. She subconsciously started releasing spiritual pressure., Ning Shu felt like she was quite good at courting death. Being this unbridled in front of the female lead, if it wasn’t courting death, what else could it be?, In the past, Ling Xue had disregarded Ning Shu and simply watched her with the attitude of watching a clown make a fool of herself. However, the presence of the current Ning Shu made her feel as if she had a fish bone stuck in her throat. She suddenly had a feeling that if she didn’t destroy this clown, her life would change., Ling Xue trusted her feeling a lot., Ning Shu only found out later why the school had notified her to come to class. It was because Prince Leng’s birthday was tomorrow. The reason they told Ning Shu to come to class was to remind her not to forget to go to Leng Ao’s party since he had invited her., When Ning Shu found out, she was practically about to fall apart. She had actually thought that she had been important enough for the school to care about. The reality showed that she had seriously expected too much., #comment: 哈哈(ha1ha1) is the Chinese words for ‘haha,’ representing laughter. At the same time, another term 嗬嗬(he1he1) represents polite laughter. The common definition for that term is ‘gentle chuckle,’ but it’s actually used when you don’t find something funny like ‘hahaha, no.’ This is what an international student from China told me when I accidentally sent the wrong combo… (He was like, you sure know what you just wrote?) And in this novel I’m using ha. ha. to emphasize/represent the sarcasm.

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