, What was with this self-satisfaction? Although the original host liked him, she didn’t like him. His narcissistic manner really felt like a pain in the ass., You act so unbelievably awesome, does your family know?, “Do you have a problem here?” asked Ning Shu, pointing at her head., “The only reason I invited you to the birthday party was because I was giving Ling Xue face. Ling Xue was generous enough not to bicker with you about the past, but I won’t let you hurt her. Remember your status, lower-class person.” Leng Ao lifted his chin and looked down on her like a god looking at a mortal., What exactly was with this person’s brain? He was completely living inside his own world. Even talking to yourself and deciding everything on your own had to have a limit. She had only said one sentence this entire time., You’re so unbelievably awesome that the world can’t contain you anymore., “You’d best remember my words. Otherwise I’ll make you pay.” After Leng Ao finished speaking, he turned and left., Ning Shu took a deep breath. The world was so beautiful, it was best to just hurry and ignore inharmonious things., “Since you have a freakin’ mental illness you should take medicine, why abandon treatment?” Ning Shu yelled at him, then turned and ran., The next day, Ning Shu put on her usual clothing, tucked the pistol into her waist, and went to the stupid Prince Leng’s birthday party., It was being held at a private club. Ning Shu walked to the entrance of the club and saw that the entrance was filled with parked cars. One after another, handsome men and beautiful women wearing expensive clothing got out from the cars., Ning Shu was conspicuously out of place in this scene. Everyone looked at Ning Shu with disdain. Some girls wearing hanfu were even covering their mouths and giggling., Ning Shu was instantly hit by the harshness of the world., An Rong also got out from a car. When she saw Ning Shu, she gave her a fierce glare. Lifting the hem of her evening gown, she walked over and said with a cold laugh, “You actually came. It couldn’t be that you’re here to guard the doors?”, Ning Shu looked at An Rong. She hadn’t come to class ever since she got injured by Ling Xue. Even now her facial color was still pale. She looked more like she was here to offer condolences for a deceased rather than to attend a birthday party., Ning Shu was speechless upon seeing that someone was actually forcing herself to come to a birthday party when she was ill., An Rong clearly knew that her facial color wasn’t nice right now. When she saw Ning Shu staring at her face, she immediately exploded and said, “What are you looking at? I won’t forget how you insulted and humiliated me.”, Ning Shu had no intention of carrying this black pot and said, “Get it right. I didn’t do anything at all, it was clearly Ling Xue’s fault that you got injured. Why are you blaming it on me?”, >Black pot is the blame for something you didn’t do., An Rong was stunned for a moment, then she said, “Ling Xue didn’t do it on purpose. Moreover, she didn’t do anything to me at all.”, “I didn’t do anything to you at all either. Right now I’m standing right in front of you. If I had Ling Xue’s powers, you’d already be back on the hospital bed.”, “In any case, Ling Xue wouldn’t do that to me. Give up on trying to sow dissension. I’m telling you, I won’t believe you,” said An Rong resolutely., Ning Shu: …, For the sake of giving prominence to the main character’s charm power, this world actually made the supporting cannon fodder have such an unbelievably low IQ. What happened was clear as day, yet An Rong refused to look at it for the life of her., The female lead was always right. If the female lead was wrong, then it was the world that was wrong., “Whatever. Up to you whether to believe or not.” Ning Shu wound around An Rong to get in., An Rong reached out and pulled Ning Shu to a stop. Ning Shu turned around and said, “What? You want to fight?”, An Rong looked at her and said, “There’s no way I’d create a disturbance during Prince Leng’s birthday. Also, are you sure that I was injured because of Ling Xue?”, “Of course. If I had powers like Ling Xue, I would have already made you disabled and gotten revenge,” said Ning Shu disdainfully., An Rong also liked Prince Leng. Ning Shu couldn’t understand it. Didn’t she envy Ling Xue for being liked by Prince Leng? Yet she actually became Ling Xue’s henchman. It must been known that the original host, Lin Jiajia, had been crazily jealous.

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