, In reality, An Rong didn’t know what happened back then. All she knew was that she had kicked the desk and it rammed into Ling Xue’s back. Afterwards, she felt as if a thousand boulders were pressing on her, that her body was being crushed. She didn’t know anything after that., When she woke up, several days had already passed., When An Rong heard Lin Jiajia say that Ling Xue had special powers – superpowers – the first thing she thought of was the crushing pressure from back then., “Hey, Lin Jiajia, is everything you said true?” demanded An Rong in an arrogant manner., Ning Shu rolled her eyes and said, “Up to you to believe.”, After saying that, she walked into the club. The club was a dazzling sight. The main hall was filled with the graceful sound of violins. The high champagne tower emitted a sweet and intoxicating fragrance., These people gathered in groups of two and three and chatted with wine glasses in hand. Their movements were elegant and beautiful. They didn’t seem like high school students, but like the elites of society., The moment Ning Shu walked in, the people that saw her clothes revealed disdainful expressions. They probably all thought that Ning Shu was a rabble-rouser., Ning Shu didn’t pay attention to these people’s gazes and sat down on the sofa in the corner. She looked at the fruit platter on the coffee table. The fruits were colorful and appetizing. Ning Shu picked a piece up and started eating. Aiyah, the taste was superb!, “Hey. Do you see anyone else eating here? Country bumpkin.” An Rong walked over and sat with Ning Shu., Ning Shu glanced at her, then ignored her and continued eating. An Rong pushed Ning Shu. Ning Shu turned her head and said, “What are you doing? Quit touching, it’s not like we’re close.”, “Say, does Ling Xue really have superpowers?” An Rong looked at Ling Xue who was not very far away. She was wearing a black evening gown that was incomparably dazzling. Her splendor single-handedly suppressed the splendor of all the others in this place., Ning Shu followed An Rong’s line of sight. What she saw was a figure glowing with health and vigor. All the people in the ballroom were looking at her. Their eyes contained things like envy, jealousy, and adoration., Other than the svelte female lead, who else could it be? A woman like this with strong self-confidence and incomparably beauty was bound to have a lot of pursuers. The problem was that there would also be a lot of cannon fodder struggling beneath the female lead’s foot., >svelte is an adjective for a person that means slender and elegant, It was to the point that they wouldn’t hesitate to offer up their souls to ask for a counterattack., “Ling Xue doesn’t seem like someone with superpowers,” said An Rong. However, she felt like it was true due to her injury., Ning Shu rolled her eyes. “Who knows that Superman is Superman before he transforms? Is a superpower something one can just see?”, An Rong was angry but couldn’t refute, so she said, “Can’t you talk nicely?”, Ning Shu rolled her eyes, not bothering to be polite at all., At this time, the entire ballroom quieted down. There was only the elegant sound of the violin. The god of longevity, the idiot prince, walked out in a very cool manner., >The god of longevity is the god of longevity, but it’s also used to talk about an elderly person whose birthday is being celebrated., Ning Shu disliked Leng Ao for all sorts of reasons, the biggest one being this body’s reaction. Whenever she saw Leng Ao, this body would make her feel like throwing herself into his arms. It was seriously annoying., When An Rong saw Leng Ao, an expression of adoration and yearning appeared on her face. A blush even added color to her pale face., Leng Ao walked to Ling Xue in a very gentlemanly manner. Bowing, he extended his hand to ask the female lead-sama to dance. Ling Xue, in a rather haughty manner, placed her hand in his, then they slipped into a light and graceful dance., Afterwards, afterwards everyone just watched these two dance.

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