, Sadness appeared on An Rong’s face as she watched the two people on the dance floor. She spoke in a downhearted tone, “Only someone as perfect as Ling Xue is good enough to be a match for Prince Leng, haa…”, >Can’t think of any good onomatopoeia for a sigh so I’ll be using haa., “Pfff… cough cough cough…” Ning Shu pounded her chest. The fruit almost choked her to death. Then she looked at An Rong. What an admirable mentality ah., The women by the female lead’s side, if they weren’t fighting over men and spare tires with the female lead like the original host, then they were like An Rong, subdued by the female lead to the point they would even yield the man they liked to the female lead., >Spare tire is the term for a person you don’t like, but maintain good relationships with as backup. So Leng Ao is Ling Xue’s spare tire., However, their ends were all the same. They were all cannon fodder. The former died in body, the latter died in heart., After dancing with the girl he liked, Leng Ao looked practically about to ascend to heaven and become a celestial. His innocent appearance was as dumb as physically possible., Not even Ling Xue’s breathing was affected by the dance. She took a glass of red wine from the tray in the waiter’s hand and took a sip. The wine of this world really couldn’t compete with that of the cultivation world. Not only did it not have a trace of spiritual energy, drinking more of it actually contaminated the body., Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed with shock that An Rong was sitting with Ning Shu. She felt a bit displeased. In her opinion, An Rong was one of her people, yet she was actually sitting with Lin Jiajia., She felt as if she was being betrayed and there was no way she would tolerate traitors., Walking over gracefully, she asked An Rong, “Are you feeling better?”, An Rong hastily stood up and said, “Much better.” In reality, An Rong also felt pretty unhappy. If Ling Xue really cared about her, why didn’t she ever visit her? Moreover, her injury seemed to have been caused by Ling Xue., Ling Xue sized up Ning Shu who was sitting at the side. When she saw what Ning Shu was wearing, her expression became one of disapproval. “Although clothes don’t represent anything, it’s still the most basic etiquette.”, Ning Shu was almost convinced by the female lead, but she said, “You know that I’m an orphan. I don’t have money to buy clothes. The clothes you’re wearing are really pretty ah.” As Ning Shu spoke, she even reach over to touch it., Ling Xue’s body immediately moved to dodge Ning Shu’s wolf claw. She knitted her brows in disgust. How could a woman have no self-respect like this? So wretched., Ning Shu expressed that, in face of death, insignificant things like integrity could all be abandoned., Even An Rong couldn’t bear to watch Ning Shu’s vulgar manner anymore. She tugged Ling Xue and said, “Ling Xue, Prince Leng is looking at you. He probably wants to talk to you.”, Ling Xue’s facial color immediately changed when she saw that An Rong was defending Lin Jiajia. She asked coldly, “An Rong, are you planning to stay with this type of person?”, An Rong never expected that Ling Xue would be this blunt. In addition, her tone of voice seemed to contain objections against her, so she hastily said, “Ling Xue, what are you saying? How could I possibly hang out with a lower-class person like this?”, Lower-class person. It was lower-class person again. She already heard this term earlier from Leng Ao. From the looks of it, in Ace she was just a lower-class person., Ling Xue nodded in an arrogant manner, then turned and left. An Rong’s gaze was gloomy as she looked at Ling Xue’s back., Ning Shu lifted her brows as she looked at An Rong. She had never expected that An Rong would actually speak up for her. Could it be that An Rong was taken over as well?, She probably hadn’t been taken over. She probably just had suspicions since Ling Xue had injured her before., The female lead was the type of person that was like ‘I have the privilege to bully and betray all the people in the world, and I will kill all the people in the world that dare to bully and betray me.’ An Rong, you had better be careful!, However, An Rong was also someone the original host wanted to take revenge on. It would be better if she got sorted out by the female lead. The scenario of dog biting dog and each getting a mouthful of fur was good., However, An Rong had spoken up for her earlier…, #comment: It’s so strange to think about it. Given a setting like this world, in which the original host goes through the world once, wants revenge, and applies for a task-taker to make chances to her fate, due to the task-taker’s different choices, some bullying actions never occur. So the task-taker is kinda taking revenge on people for things they have yet to do (and probably will never do in this version of the world). This is the case in a lot of rebirth novels. That’s probably why the authors make the antagonistic characters have extra horrible personalities so that it seems the MC’s actions are justified. For this novel tho… hm… haha, the revenges are pretty savage too. For some reason I like it more than that of other novels because… it takes a still questionable but quite different take I guess.

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