, Ling Xue glanced at the woman that kept chasing her. The heavy feeling in her heart and the pain from her chest infuriated Ling Xue. It felt like she had returned to the cultivation world; this was the feeling of being hunted., She felt completely helpless. Ling Xue vowed that in the future, she would definitely kill all of the jumping clowns that appeared in front of her without mercy., Today, she had gotten bitten by an ant., Ning Shu could only thank the Lord that she had learned Taekwondo and improved her constitution. Otherwise, running a marathon with the female lead like this would be a crazy challenge., Suddenly, a car blocked Ling Xue’s way. Ling Xue became on edge. She didn’t know if this was an enemy or a friend. Ning Shu, who was behind her, immediately stopped and turn to run back instinctively., Generally, when the female lead encountered difficulty, a person of high rank would appear to save her. The female lead’s savior was here, so she was about to be out of luck. There was no way her skill at shooting within the five rings would be enough for her to challenge someone to a gunfight., As Ning Shu expected, when she turned back, she saw a man get off the car and shoot at her. Without any regard for her image, Ning Shu immediately dropped down so hard her chin knocked against the ground. Then she hastily scrambled to her feet and ran off., Ling Xue looked warily at this man. Meanwhile, the man looked towards Ling Xue with a gaze that seemed to contain oppressive pressure. He touched his nose, then asked, “Did you get injured?”, “You already saw, yet you’re still asking?” said Ling Xue a little angrily. “You couldn’t be taking advantage of the fire to loot, are you? Planning to get rid of me so that it would be easier to take over my faction?”, The man laughed, then lifted Ling Xue in a princess hold and threw her into the car. He started the car as he teased Ling Xue. “The queen of the night actually got injured by such a little girl.”, Ling Xue pressed on her wound. She was in severe pain, so when she heard him mock her, she said fiercely, “Shut up.”, Ning Shu watched from her hiding place as the car drove off, then gave a long sigh. From now on, she would have to watch out for her life at every moment. After suffering such a loss, Ling Xue was probably going to rip her from limb to limb., “Beep beep…” The sound of sudden rapid honks startled Ning Shu. She looked towards the car next to her. The car window was open. The person driving was the school doctor uncle., “Get in,” said the school doctor and Ning Shu immediately got into the car. The school doctor then started the car and it sped off like it was trying to fly., “Can’t you go a little slower?” Ning Shu almost shrieked. When she turned around, she saw that the school doctor was wearing a black windbreaker again. She practically didn’t know how to even comment anymore., “Is this the car?” The school doctor asked, looking at the car in front., Ning Shu was a bit surprised and asked, “What?”, “The car Ling Xue got on?” The school doctor looked at Ning Shu with a very cold-hearted gaze as if he was about to deal with a useless piece of trash., “Y-yes, that’s the car,” said Ning Shu., Ning Shu was a bit puzzled. Why did the school doctor need to catch up to them? Could it be that he wanted to save the female lead? Uncle, don’t be like this, she had worked so hard to finally get Ling Xue to bleed a little., “Uncle, it couldn’t be that you’re going there to save her, right?” asked Ning Shu carefully., “I need her,” replied the school doctor., Fuck. Oh my **! Ning Shu’s face immediately became a bit twisted. Feeling rather discouraged, she asked, “Since that’s the case, why did Uncle give me a gun?”, The school doctor looked at Ning Shu strangely and said, “There’s a conflict between me giving you a gun and me needing Ling Xue?”, Ning Shu: …, Why did the school doctor give people the feeling that he was a twisted pervert? He said he needed Ling Xue, yet he gave her a gun to shoot the female lead with., It couldn’t be that he wanted to put on an act of love entangled with hatred, captivity, and things of heavy taste like that?, Ning Shu shook her head. How twisted exactly was this storyline? This guy didn’t even appear in the storyline, or could it be that this guy was the hidden big boss?

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