, Father Lin rambled on about a lot of stuff. When his mouth got dry, he lifted a cup of tea and took a drink. He saw that Ning Shu had her head lowered silently and couldn’t tell if she had been listening to him or not. Then he thought about how things hadn’t been looking well for the company. It seemed like the company was about to be driven to bankruptcy by this daughter who only brought bad luck., Inspectors would come to the company every day. For a while it would be about taxes, then about formalities. In any case, they kept coming for all sorts of reasons and Father Lin was practically about to be driven crazy., Lifting the teacup, he threw it towards Ning Shu. After being hit for no reason earlier, Ning Shu had kept an eye on Father Lin’s movements. The moment she saw him move, she dodged. The teacup instantly hit the floor and shattered., Father Lin pointed at Ning Shu with one hand while covering his chest with his other hand. He looked as if he was about to have a heart attack. In the end, he revealed a helpless and pained expression as if he was suffering but couldn’t do anything about it., Ning Shu: What was going on now?, “Jiajia, you should leave the Lin family. This is just a temporary measure. After some time and these events pass, Father will bring you back into the family.”, “Jiajia, Father loves you, but Father really doesn’t have any other way. Jiajia, don’t blame Father, alright?”, Ning Shu stammered, “F… Father, what do you mean?”, A bad feeling was emerging in Ning Shu’s heart. She hoped it wasn’t what she was thinking., Her moral integrity wasn’t that bad right? Wasn’t 20 points of luck a little too low?, >In gaming, if you encounter bad rng (bad luck), people would joke that your moral integrity is lacking or poor, because good people have good karma., “From now on, you aren’t the Lin family’s daughter anymore.” Father Lin looked at Ning Shu with a pained expression. “Don’t worry, Father will welcome you back.”, If it weren’t for the slaps earlier, Ning Shu would have believed this man. Right now, what he was doing was sweeping her out the door and breaking all ties?, Ning Shu felt that she had complicated things. She was clearly here to counterattack for the original host, yet she had ended up being chased out of the family. Was she a little too weak?, Ning Shu said without hesitation, “Father, I believe you.” Rather than believe you, it would be better to believe that a female pig could climb a tree., Father Lin loosened a breath in relief when he saw that Ning Shu didn’t cause a big fuss. He felt that she was still a rather clever and lovable daughter, she was just a bit dumb. Who in Ace Academy didn’t have a high status? Any random student was a person with great influence and hidden power, yet she actually went and disturbed Leng Ao. Did she know who Leng Ao was?, It wasn’t wrong to have ambition, but if you tried to reach for things that were set too high, you’ll fall to your death., Father Lin had ambition as well, but he still went step by step. However, due to this daughter, his company now struggled to make progress. If things kept going on like this, he would really end up bankrupt., Ning Shu went to Lin Jiajia’s room to pack. She packed all the clothes in the original host’s closet, regardless of what season it was for, not leaving a single garment behind., Ning Shu didn’t believe a single word that old fox said. As for what he promised about welcoming her back to the family, Ning Shu just treated it as fart., Ning Shu, who had stayed in the hospital for so many years, understood things like this too well. She had seen too many people act for the sake of their own benefit. Key moments in human lifetimes – their birth, their process of getting old, when they got sick, and when they died – occurred in the hospital., Although Ning Shu had never stepped into society, she had seen all the attitudes of the world in the hospital., For the sake of benefit, the Lin family had abandoned their daughter., Ning Shu felt bad for the original host. Gauze was wrapped around her head in such an obvious manner, yet Father Lin, despite all he said about how ‘Father loves you,’ didn’t even notice this big wound. He even added injury to injury, and kicked her out without asking a thing., Ning Shu swept all the cosmetics and jewelry boxes on the dressing table into the suitcase, then packed all the name-brand bags as well. She could exchange them for a bit of cash if times ever got difficult.

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