, Ning Shu finished packing, ending up with two large suitcases. Pulling the suitcases, she opened the door and encountered a woman leading a boy that looked about seven years old., Ning Shu checked her memories. They were the original host’s mother and younger brother. This little brother was younger than the original host by almost ten years and was the precious jewel of the entire family. Even the original host, Lin Jiajia, had always given this younger brother everything he wanted and loved him dearly. This was due to the fact that her parents would often tell her that siblings must love each other, and that even after she got married she would still have to rely on her family’s influence., Though it stemmed partially from selfish motives and also from the fact that they were related by blood, Lin Jiajia truly did treat this younger brother sincerely well., However, Ning Shu was just a stranger. As a spectator, she saw that this family only treated this little kid well. Towards their daughter, they viewed her as a commodity that costed money and only treated her as a tool., When she was being kicked out, the original host’s mother had stayed inside her room. She not only did not come out and stop the father from kicking their daughter out, even now she didn’t bother to urge Ning Shu to stay., Mother Lin took out a thick envelope and said, “This is the money Mother prepared for you. In the future, you’ll have to live on your own and fend for yourself. This money will probably be enough for you to use for a while.”, Ning Shu silently took the envelope and watched as the mother and son pair went into their room. She felt very unsatisfied ah. They didn’t even bother to fake some tears as a gesture., It couldn’t be that the original host wasn’t of the Lin family and wasn’t this couple’s biological daughter, right?, “Ding. Hidden storyline has been triggered. The riddle of the original host’s identity. Storyline: The Little Tadpole Seeking Her Mother. Do you accept?”, The cold mechanical voice abruptly appeared in Ning Shu’s head and the task was actually to help find the original host’s biological parents! The original task was already difficult enough, what the hell was popping up now?, “Do you accept the task of discovering true identity?”, “No.” Ning Shu rejected it without even considering it. Things were already very messy, and now the system wanted her to find the original host’s biological parents? She only had five years to complete her task. The longer she stayed in this world, the more of the life points would be used up. If all the points ended up being used up, she’d really vanish like smoke in the air., The sea of people in this world was boundless, how could it possibly be easy to find a person?, “Are you certain that you wish to accept the task of discovering true identity?”, “Yes.”, “Task Storyline: The Little Tadpole Seeking Its Mother, start.”, “What!!?” shrieked Ning Shu. When did she agree to start the task? She didn’t even accept the task!, The system was too dirty, to force people like this. How could it force people to buy things like this!?, As a pitiful child that only had twenty points of luck, even the system became mean and was bullying her., With a dejected expression, Ning Shu shoved the envelope into the suitcase and went downstairs carrying the two large suitcases., Downstairs, Father Lin saw Ning Shu’s dejected, blank, and helpless expression and made an expression full of affection as he said, “This is just a temporary measure. Father will definitely welcome you back soon.”, Ning Shu didn’t feel anything seeing his phony act. The original host wasn’t his daughter, but he had raised the original host and allowed her to live a well-off life. Although it was with the motive of using her, Ning Shu couldn’t really feel hatred towards him., This body as well. When it realized that it wasn’t the biological daughter, it had actually relaxed. The people who get used have their own value. Inevitably, something had to be sacrificed in order to live a wealthy life, spend money like water, and enjoy the things that others wouldn’t ever have the chance to their entire lives., Though this body harbored some complaints, it didn’t feel hatred., Ning Shu sighed in relief. Luckily no strange task like getting revenge on Father Lin and Mother Lin showed up., She didn’t feel like faking affection with Father Lin so she lifted the suitcases and walked out the door. She called a rental car, then found a hotel to spend the night in.

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