, The next day, Ning Shu rented an apartment near the school. The apartment was very small, but it was enough for her to live in. She moved her things into the apartment, then carefully cleaned all the nooks and corners., Ning Shu was only satisfied when the house was practically sparkling. She stood with her hands on her waist, sweaty all over. Sweating like this felt really good. Last lifetime, her illness had ruined her body so much that she couldn’t even walk and could only lie on the bed every day. She couldn’t even compare to a disabled person., Ning Shu bounced around a little. What a healthy body!, Having found a place to stay, she headed to school the next day. All the task objectives were at Ace Academy, if she didn’t go to school, how would she complete the tasks?, However, the moment Ning Shu walked into the school, she discovered that everyone was looking at her weirdly and kept pointing at her. When she approached them, the students would scramble away as if she carried the plague., Some people were actually exaggeratedly covering their noses. Ning Shu lifted her hand and sniffed. There didn’t seem to be any smell on her ah?, When Ning Shu walked into the classroom, the entire class immediately burst out laughing at her, causing Ning Shu to be completely baffled., An Rong walked to Ning Shu and towered over her. Her expression full of disdain, she said, “Lin Jiajia, you actually still dare to come to class? Your skin must be made of iron.”, As An Rong spoke, she reached out to tug Ning Shu’s face. Ning Shu dodged and said coldly, “Keep your hands to yourself.”, This girl didn’t have any education at all. Fortunately etiquette was a required course for all Ace Academy students., An Rong didn’t expect that this wretch who she had always been able to hit as she pleased would actually dare to dodge. Her face twitched and she swung the newspaper in her hand towards Ning Shu. Ning Shu dodged, then picked up the newspaper from the floor to read it., Printed as earth-shattering news on the newspaper was the information Father Lin had announced. He had severed all relationships with his daughter. Lin Jiajia was no longer the Lin family daughter and had nothing to do with the Lin family. In brief, it was as final as humanly possible., “You’re now just an orphan, yet you still have the face to come to school? Ace Academy isn’t a welfare agency,” sneered An Rong., The class burst out laughing again. As Ning Shu listened to the ear-piercing laughter, she felt as if her worldview was about to shatter. She had read that junior high schoolers were confused about emotions, but the emotions in high school were the most pure. In high school, no thoughts of benefits were mixed into relationships and it was completely different from the careful relationships in college in which people had to take into consideration which connections were useful., However, right now she was seeing a group of high school students using venomous words and malicious actions towards a weaker person., Ning Shu had forgotten that Ace Academy was a mini-society and was even crueler than society. All the students here were people that stood at the very top of the pyramid, people that the ordinary masses could never hope to reach., Ning Shu’s greatest mistake was that she was weak. As an abandoned chess piece that had even been discarded by family, she truly didn’t have the qualifications to stay among them., Ning Shu folded up the newspaper and placed it in her bag. Then, ignoring all the disdaining gazes, she sat down at her seat., When An Rong saw that Ning Shu didn’t react, she felt like she had punched cotton and felt very dissatisfied. She glared at Ning Shu, sending the message, ‘you just wait!’, Speaking of which, it really was an ill-fated relationship. The original host’s seat was actually right behind Ling Xue’s. However- Ning Shu looked at her desk. It was full of crisscrossing scars and beyond recognition, the result of someone using a knife to slash at it. The desk was even missing a leg., These little devils.

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