, Ning Shu held onto the desk with one hand to prevent it from falling. Her eyes were mosquito coils as she watched the blue-eyed, blond teacher give the lesson., >confused emoticon, From start to finish, the entire course was in English. Ning Shu couldn’t understand a word of it. As someone that had been in the hospital since middle school, she expressed that she only knew a few simple words., Ning Shu looked around and found that she was the only one that looked lost. She then shifted her line of sight to the main lead-sama’s back. It was just her back, yet it still seemed so peerlessly magnificent., >Using the Japanese suffix -sama to indicate the similar Chinese honorific that shows respect to a superior or powerful person., Ling Xue’s keen senses told her that someone was watching her. She turned around and met Ning Shu’s gaze., Ning Shu was alarmed, but since she had already been caught, she decided to just keep staring confidently., Ling Xue was irked by the way Ning Shu dared to look straight at her. She felt as if she was being provoked by an ant. In the cultivation world, cultivators could start fighting due to a single glance. Ling Xue currently felt offended by Ning Shu., Her gaze chilled as she recalled how this woman, Lin Jiajia, had gone around talking about her and bad-mouthing her. She had even tried to make Leng Ao stay away from her., Ling Xue smiled coldly. It had always been the case that she would throw things away, never the other way around. Ever since coming to this world, Ling Xue has become even more arrogant. Even when she was simply sitting in the classroom, she emitted an unyielding aura., Perhaps other people took this to be strong self-confidence. That was why Ling Xue had been able to push all the ladies with impressive family backgrounds out of the way to become the unshakeable goddess of the school., Ning Shu was angered by Ling Xue’s gaze that seemed as if she was looking at an ant. However, she simply lowered her head and avoided that murderous gaze. Right now, she couldn’t afford to get into a direct confrontation with Ling Xue., Ning Shu thought about the task. She had to make the aloof Ling Xue fall down into the dirt. Didn’t that mean she had to start with changing the students’ impression of Ling Xue?, That she had to make the goddess, who everyone pursued, become spurned like her and become someone everyone hated?, That was easier said than done though. Ning Shu had no idea where to start. As of now, the female lead has probably encountered the male lead and was going through the mutual love and murder stage. A while later the ‘people of talent appreciate one another’ development will occur. At that time, Ling Xue’s influence would have increased even more and the task would become even more difficult., Ning Shu massaged her head. This task was pretty much like striking a stone with an egg, it seemed impossible no matter how she looked at it. If she was capable of cultivating as well then she could just beat the crap out of her. It’d be direct and efficient., This would directly destroy the thing that Ling Xue was relying on. What Ling Xue was relying on was the fact that no one else in this world could cultivate., Cultivation… That’s right, she could ask the system if she could get a cultivation item. There weren’t a lot of spiritual energy in this world, so it was likely that Ling Xue wasn’t very strong. If she could cultivate, maybe she’d have a chance., “System, can I get a cultivation manual?” Ning Shu called out to the system in her heart.

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