, After a while, the sound of a flowing electric current appeared and caused her head to feel numb. “It can be exchanged with points, but Host currently does not have any points so Host cannot trade for a manual.”, A bucket of cold water was poured on Ning Shu’s head. As expected, there was nothing in this world that was free., However, she refused to give up and said, “I only ended up in this world due to your mistake. The difficulty of the task is so high, shouldn’t you give a compensation?”, The system replied monotonously, “The reason why Host ended up in this world was due to a problem with the system program, not due to me.”, Ning Shu vomited blood. The system was just a system, yet she had actually tried to haggle with it. Her brain must have shorted out., The only visible path had just been crossed off. Ning Shu couldn’t help but feel a little depressed., On the other hand, Ling Xue who was sitting in front of Ning Shu became flustered the instant the system appeared. She felt as if something powerful had set its sight on her., Ling Xue panicked. How could this world have such a dangerous existence? It wasn’t possible! Ling Xue shuddered uncontrollably, cold sweat running down her back., Cultivators had very keen senses. Moreover, Ling Xue had especially good luck in this world and all misfortunes had always seemed to become blessings. Everything had been smooth sailing for her ever since she came to this world. She hadn’t encountered a single existence that caused her hair to stand up on end until now., What exactly was it? What the hell was it!? Ling Xue gritted her teeth and looked around but didn’t see anything abnormal. It seemed to just be her misperception., However, this feeling was undeniably real. Ling Xue felt like she was about to be driven crazy., The instant the system left, Ning Shu and Ling Xue plopped down over their desks, feeling weak. For Ning Shu, it was because she had received a psychological blow. Meanwhile, Ling Xue had simply been too nervous coming into contact with such a threat. Now that it was gone, her whole body relaxed, but her face was still pale., A shadow now existed in Ling Xue’s heart. Her limbs were completely out of strength. To put it frankly, she had been scared stiff., Of course, Ning Shu had no idea that her little conversation with the system had scared Ling Xue so much., She was currently worrying about her tasks again., The bell signalling the end of class rang. The moment the blue-eyed, blond teacher left the classroom, An Rong ran over and kicked Ning Shu’s desk, and the desk just happened to hit Ling Xue who was sitting in front., It smashed right onto Ling Xue’s back. Ning Shu’s eyes widened. This had nothing to do with her! As for An Rong, her face immediately paled., Ling Xue abruptly stood up and slapped her own desk. The desk instantly became trash. Ling Xue said coldly, “Do you want to die!?”, The intensely oppressive aura she emitted caused An Rong to fall to the ground. Ning Shu had cleverly dropped to the ground immediately after the incident so the oppressive aura didn’t cause her any harm., Under the force of Ling Xue’s murderous oppressive aura, An Rong’s body trembled uncontrollably. Her nose started bleeding and her teeth chattered, then her eyes rolled back and she fainted., This occurrence immediately caused an uproar in the classroom. Only then did Ling Xue return to her senses and hastily retrieve her oppressive aura. She was very vexed. The incomparable feeling of danger earlier had caused her to become very agitated., Then in a moment of inattentiveness something had hit her back and her anger immediately exploded. Cultivators tend to pay particular attention to following their hearts, and repressing her anger wasn’t her style., Nothing in this world had been significant enough to anger her, that was why she had always kept an aloof attitude as she looked down on these ordinary people., However, the sensation earlier caused an uncontrollable emotion to emerge in her heart., When Ling Xue saw the alarmed expressions of the people in the classroom as they looked at her, she became even more vexed. She pressed her lips together and put on an expression of aloof indifference. She didn’t intend to explain at all, nor did she bother to show concern for the unconscious An Rong., She swept a glance towards Ning Shu who was laying on the floor without a trace of dignity, then murderous intent flashed in her eyes., Ning Shu was bewildered. It wasn’t like she had kicked the table, why was Ling Xue looking at her with such a menacing gaze? The female lead sure was willful, always deciding on things however she liked.

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