Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 18: Obtained the Heart of the Beauty

, After a full detour, the storyline still returned to its original development. In the story, it had been Leng Ao who invited the original host. The original host, Lin Jiajia, had been so happy to get Prince Leng’s personal invitation that she practically went a little insane. However, after that even more girls started bullying her., The original host had silently endured all of this. She stayed up late every night to hand-knit a scarf for Leng Ao. It was an ordinary scarf, but she believed that the meaning in something she had personally made was different., In the end, of course she was ridiculed. Leng Ao went so far as to wrap the scarf around his golden retriever in front of the original host and remark, “Even the dog find this kind of thing distasteful.”, The original host couldn’t understand. He was clearly the one who invited her to this party, why was he treating her this way?, Ever since that incident, Lin Jiajia was laughed at wherever she went in the school., From the looks of it now, Ling Xue had probably instigated the entire event. She was probably the reason the original host had been able to attend the party., Every time Leng Ao saw Ning Shu’s dazed appearance, he would feel vexed. In the past she always tailed him everyday like a pervert, but though she wasn’t tailing him anymore, now she always looked at him with disdain., Disdain. What right did this woman have to look down on him? She was nothing but an abandoned orphan., “No need to bring a present, just come to the party,” said Leng Ao disdainfully. “It’s not like you can afford anything expensive anyways.”, There was no way Ning Shu was going to buy a present. Right now she needed to save every possible penny, why would she buy a present for him? She was still considering whether to go to the party or not., So, why did she have to save this damned prince? This task really made her feel nauseous. Who cared if a person like this died or not?, The original host insisted on pulling him out from the influence of the female lead halo and changing him back to a normal person. Ning Shu expressed that she couldn’t do it., After this farce, she, for some reason, became a laughingstock. Ning Shu’s balls hurt. She hadn’t done anything? She was just standing here, yet the female lead and male supporting lead insisted on coming around and mocking her., Leng Ao spoke to Ling Xue in a tsundere manner. “If anything happens, come look for me. From now on, you’re my woman.”, Leng Ao’s ears were a bit red when he said this. His eyes were filled with anticipation. This sentence was equivalent to a confession., “I’ll look for you if there’s anything.” Ling Xue’s attitude was ambiguous. It seemed like she had agreed, but also seemed like she hadn’t., However, a smile immediately bloomed on Leng Ao’s face when he heard this. At the same time, he insisted on acting like it didn’t matter much to him so his face was as distorted as humanly possible., As Ning Shu took in Ling Xue’s attitude, she felt that it was no wonder the original host insisted on saving this idiot prince. The person clearly hadn’t agreed to anything, yet he was acting like he had just obtained the heart of the beauty.

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