, Although everyone looked down on Ning Shu and felt that she didn’t have the right to be in Ace Academy, Ning Shu thickened the skin on her face and insisted on staying in Ace. Ning Shu was determined to take root in this school until the school sent down the documents telling her to scram., How was she supposed to save that idiot prince if she left the school? Not to mention, the female lead was currently an Ace student so she would at least restrain herself a little within the school. Outside of the school gates, the female lead would return to the absolutely unbridled behavior of a cultivator., The nickname queen of the night wasn’t just for show., Ning Shu felt a headache. She had no idea how to carry out her tasks. Her confidence was already completely destroyed from facing such a difficult first task., Ning Shu recalled Ling Xue’s murderous gaze, and after deliberating a while, signed up for a Taekwondo course in hopes of strengthening this body. Although it wouldn’t be much use, having greater agility would definitely help in fleeing for her life., It was seriously sad. She felt like a mouse that Ling Xue had cornered, going through her deathbed struggle., Ning Shu guessed that Ling Xue was probably toying with her and the original host like a mouse in her palm. Ling Xue used the original host to improve her own reputation, so the original host ended up becoming like a trash can. Bucket after bucket of sh*t was thrown on her until her reputation became unbearably foul., The Taekwondo course wasn’t as easy as Ning Shu thought it would be. The cool movements she saw on tv were extremely difficult to practice., When she was doing the splits, the instructor even pressed a brick on her head. It was extremely painful. Luckily the original host had a foundation in dance so her body was still pretty flexible., Every day after school, Ning Shu would go to the Taekwondo class and use all her free time to practice., Every day, she would drag her exhausted body to class. Ning Shu couldn’t understand what the teachers talked about. Ace Academy was different from normal schools, their courses were on things like economics, etiquette, and how to interact with others., The students produced by this school were the absolute elites of society. Of course, these students had illustrious family backgrounds from the start and were already suitable to become people standing at the top of the societal pyramid., Since Ning Shu couldn’t understand the courses, she gave up on listening and spent most of her time mulling over Taekwondo. Though these academic courses were beneficial, her life was currently in danger so she gave up paying attention to these trifling matters., As for Ling Xue, she had clearly realized that Lin Jiajia who was sitting behind her was now different. However, she couldn’t quite tell what part of her was different., She turned around and narrowed her eyes as she said, “Let’s go to Leng Ao’s birthday party together.”, “What?” Ning Shu looked at Ling Xue in shock. She seriously couldn’t tell what the female lead was thinking, to actually suggest going to the party together., This was something that hadn’t occurred in the original storyline. After all, how could Ling Xue, aloof as she was, possibly lower herself to walk beside an ant-like existence like Lin Jiajia?, Ning Shu had a bad premonition. The female lead couldn’t be targeting her now, right?, Ling Xue was indeed starting to target Ning Shu. Her keen senses told her that in the past, Lin Jiajia was filled with malicious intent towards her. However, since Lin Jiajia was weak and powerless, Ling Xue had simply messed with her occasionally when she got bored., However, now this ant seemed to have become more low-key and her resentment wasn’t as obvious anymore. This irked Ling Xue and also caused her to suspect that the current Lin Jiajia might not be the original., Since she had been able to get the chance at a rebirth, it was possible for other cultivators to transmigrate to this world and take up residence as well., Ling Xue had already experienced the sweet taste of being the unrivaled peak existence in the world. She absolutely refused to allow another cultivator to appear in this world and snatch her limelight., However, she didn’t sense any spiritual energy in Lin Jiajia’s body and she didn’t act like a cultivator either. Ling Xue decided to try probing Lin Jiajia.

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