, When it was Ning Shu’s turn, she sat down on the chair and said, “Help treat my face.”, The doctor lifted his brows as he looked at Ning Shu. He picked up a cotton swab and dipped it in rubbing alcohol as he asked, “What happened this time? Your head’s still swollen yet you’ve already gotten injured again?”, “I know that I’m quite popular but there’s still no need to abuse yourself like this. Aiy, your face is all scratched up.” The doctor jabbed the cotton swab at Ning Shu’s face. “How ruthless must you be to injure your own face this severely ah.”, When the rubbing alcohol made contact with the open wound, Ning Shu’s face contorted with pain. Yet next to her, the narcissistic doctor was still yapping nonstop., “Shut up, you’re so annoying. This was from people beating me up, it’s not self-inflicted,” shouted Ning Shu. It was seriously enough already., The doctor pushed up his glasses a little, a ray of light refracting off his eyes. He didn’t speak, he simply added more force to his movements., Ning Shu immediately changed her tune and said, “I was wrong. Go more gently.”, Ning Shu sighed, worn out by her experiences, as she looked at the face full of band-aids that was reflected in the mirror. There was probably a bandage on every single scratch. Ning Shu felt like she was about to be messed up by this doctor., Was there bad blood between the original host and the school doctor?, Ning Shu couldn’t very well go back to class with a face full of band-aids so she decided to head back to her apartment. However, right after she stepped out of the school gates, she saw someone that looked like Ling Xue squeeze sneakily into an alley., Ning Shu wanted to follow, but she recalled that Ling Xue was a cultivator. Her senses were very keen and so she would definitely be able to notice if someone was spying on her., However, Ning Shu’s curiosity kept scratching at her heart. In the end, she decided to follow after all., She didn’t dare to make a single sound. After a moment of thought, she took out two handkerchiefs and wrapped them around her feet. This way there would be less sound when the shoes made contact with the ground., There was no need to ask how Ning Shu knew about this. She had learned it all from watching crappy detective movies., Ning Shu snuck over and poked her head out to look into the alley. She saw that Ling Xue was currently talking with a man. No matter how Ning Shu strained her ears, she still couldn’t hear what they were saying clearly., Suddenly, she saw Ling Xue extend her hand and place it on that person’s head. The man immediately exposed an elated expression., Ling Xue’s back was facing Ning Shu so she couldn’t see her expression. All she could see was that Ling Xue’s hair and garments started rising as if there was wind sweeping over her., However, Ning Shu couldn’t feel any wind. This scene was abnormally strange.

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