, When the handsome school doctor woke up, his gaze was vacant and confused. He didn’t remember where he was. When things came back to him, he immediately sat up on the sofa. His movements tugged at his injury and he gasped in pain., “You’re awake~~~” A faint voice transmitted over. The school doctor turned around and discovered that there was a woman standing behind him. She was currently holding a bowl and shoving noodles into her mouth., “Who are you?” The school doctor reflexively reached for the gun at his waist. He felt all around and couldn’t find it. He even ended up tugging at his wound again and was in so much pain he felt like he was about to die., Ning Shu swallowed the noodles in her mouth and blinked as she looked at him. The corners of her mouth twitched. Was he here to perform a comedy?, “You took something of mine, didn’t you?” The school doctor looked at Ning Shu with a dark expression. Then his stomach started rumbling., “Oh, I remember you now. You’re the girl who helped me get the weapon out yesterday. Hahahahaha…” The school doctor started laughing candidly. “Make me a bowl of noodles too.”, Ning Shu made a sound of agreement, then curled her lips disdainfully as she went to cook noodles for him. His vitality sure was strong, to be able to wake up the next day after losing that much blood., Ning Shu placed the noodles in front of him, then spoke with a negotiable tone. “Um, Uncle…”, “Do I look that old? In the school, all the girls call me Big Brother.” The school doctor lifted a bit of the noodles and sampled it., “The way I address you isn’t important. You’re severely injured, you should go to the hospital.” Ning Shu didn’t dare to let such a dangerous person stay in her house., The school doctor smacked his lips and said, “The taste isn’t that good. Hey, what did you say? I didn’t really hear.”, Ning Shu: So shameless., “Just focus on eating.” Ning Shu rolled her eyes., “That’s right, you took my thing, didn’t you?” asked the school doctor. “Give it back to me. A little girl like you shouldn’t be playing with a dangerous thing like that.”, Upon seeing the school doctor’s refined and elegant manner, Ning Shu felt the urge to spit at him. She hastily replied, “What thing? I didn’t take anything of yours. Oh, you must be talking about the concealed weapon. I’ve put it away, I’ll get it for you right now.”, Ning Shu took a box out from below the side table and handed the concealed weapon to the school doctor. This weapon was completely black, ring-shaped, and had sharp corners all along its outer edge. It emitted a faint light., The school doctor glanced at Ning Shu, then took the concealed weapon and examined it. After putting it away, he extended his hand and looked at Ning Shu again., Ning Shu looked at his hand. His palm was faintly yellow with thick calluses. These calluses only formed from doing certain things over a long period of time. These pairs of hands didn’t fit with his attractive appearance at all., Ning Shu extended her hand and shook his. “Hello, hello.”, The school doctor flung her hand off and said, “What I want is the gun. Where did you put my gun, hm?”, Ning Shu looked at him with alarm and asked, “You’re going to kill to silence if I give it to you, aren’t you?”, “Big Bro ah, take into consideration that I did save your life ah. Us children of the Jianghu repays kindness and takes revenge straightforwardly. There exists no hatred or grudges between us, so let’s just forget this encounter and leave it behind in the Jianghu.”, “What the hell are you yapping about? I can dispose of you even without the gun. Using the gun on you is practically a waste of bullets. Hurry up and give me the thing,” said the doctor, annoyed. He knitted his brows, giving off a very alienating aura., His attitude flipped as fast as the pages of a book. Ning Shu looked at his frosty expression and went to get the pistol. As she handed it to the school doctor, she made sure to argue, “I just thought it was too dangerous to leave the gun on you. What if it accidentally went off? That’s the only reason why I put it away.”, The school doctor took the gun and inserted it in his boot, ignoring Ning Shu’s words. He stood up and said, “Thank you for yesterday. I’m leaving now.”, Ning Shu watched as he walked towards the door. He didn’t look injured at all. If it weren’t for the fact that she had personally retrieved the weapon from his body yesterday, she wouldn’t have believed that he was injured., She opened the door and said to the school doctor with a smile, “Uncle, take care.” Please don’t ever come back.

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