, The school doctor towered over Ning Shu as he said, “Slightly interesting. You are quite interesting.”, Ning Shu was stunned to hear such a cool script line and stared at the school doctor in surprise. This guy couldn’t be the male lead-sama, right? She examined the school doctor and compared him to the storyline’s description of the male lead., The male lead was a ruthless and despotic person like the female lead. The two only took a liking to each other because they were so similar, that’s why they felt each other worthy to be their match., Ning Shu asked, “Uncle, who are you? What’s your name?”, The school doctor had seen the confusion flickered across her face. “Why do you need to know my name? Haven’t you been calling me uncle this entire time? Then you can just keep calling me uncle.”, Ning Shu had called him uncle purely as a malicious joke. He didn’t look old at all. Ning Shu was only calling him uncle relying on the fact that her body was young., Why did she want to know his name? Because she wanted to know whether he was the awesome male lead or not!, Ning Shu watched as the school doctor left in a cool manner wearing his large black windbreaker and felt slightly unwell. She thought about the storyline again. The storyline didn’t seem to have said that the male lead was a school doctor., The male lead only suited the bloody fighting and killing scene, he didn’t suit an occupation like a school doctor. If that was the case, who was that guy? There didn’t seem to have been any character like this in the story., Ning Shu sighed. She felt that the world had changed a lot. What exactly was with this irrelevant character? She had a feeling that this school doctor wasn’t a simple person. How could a person that ran around with a gun possibly be a simple person?, After cleaning up, Ning Shu headed to school. When she passed by the school’s announcement board, she found that there was a post about her punishment., Due to the fact that she got involved in a fight, a lot of her course credits were deducted. She would probably be expelled if any more credits were deducted. The post said that she was the only one who had course credits deducted. Nothing happened to the others, she was the only one punished., This was seriously a cruel world. She was an orphan without any power or influence, so she inevitably had to face bullying. Ning Shu hated this school, but due to the task, she had no choice but to stay here. This was a place where the strong dwelled. A little fish like her could only be swallowed up., People without family backgrounds shouldn’t dream of staying in this school. It wasn’t that she was taking the initiative to cause trouble either, yet so many people were teaming up to bully her. It was seriously unbelievable., She walked into the classroom. All the girls who fought with Ning Shu yesterday revealed pleased expressions. It must be known that Ace Academy’s course credits were very important, they were practically gilded. A person that got expelled by Ace Academy would become the laughingstock of the world., NIng Shu was extremely irritated. She hadn’t finished the task and these people kept jumping out to cause her trouble. She decided that next time she wouldn’t fight in the school anymore. Once she left the school, she’d pull a sack over their heads and beat them up until they surrendered., She sat down on her seat and picked up the three-legged table from the ground. She glanced at Ling Xue who was in front of her. When she recalled the strange scene she happened to see yesterday, she would feel a chill just looking at Ling Xue’s back., She didn’t know what Ling Xue did to that man, but it probably wasn’t anything good., Ling Xue turned around and looked towards Ning Shu suspiciously. She asked coldly, “Lin Jiajia, why do you keep looking at me?”

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