Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 27: Look at Me, Aren’t I Pitiful?

, Ning Shu hadn’t expected that Ling Xue’s senses would be this keen. She had barely been looking for a second before she was caught. It was so unnerving., “Nothing much. I couldn’t help but gape at your captivating back,” said Ning Shu without a trace of sincerity., Ling Xue pressed her lips together. Her eyes contained murderous intent as she looked at Ning Shu. Was this girl teasing her? Ling Xue felt that she had been too lenient towards this woman. This ordinary person, this ant, actually dared to tease her!, Facing Ling Xue’s murderous stare, Ning Shu expressed that if Ling Xue wanted to look, then let her look. It was seriously enough. Even praising her for being beautiful didn’t work. Ning Shu slanted a glare at her and said, “What are you looking at? Feels like you’re not as pretty as me.”, Ling Xue’s expression instantly turned ice-cold and she looked at Ning Shu like she was looking at a dead object. Ning Shu expressed that doing something like rubbing a tiger’s butt was addictively exciting., Ning Shu’s present actions were courting disaster. She had decided that since she was going to die anyways, she might as well make the female lead uncomfortable while she could. Dying sooner or dying later was dying all the same., Ling Xue swept an indifferent glance over her, then turned back to face the front., You think you’re so impressive just ‘cause you have a golden finger? Just because you have power doesn’t mean you have the right to casually bully others! Relying on the grace the heavens bestowed you to willfully toy with other people’s lives, does that seem noble?, Ling Xue looked down on ordinary people and viewed them as ants, yet she used her power to deal with these ordinary people. The fudge was with that? Did the ants provoke you in any way? What was with you?, Ning Shu prattled on like a broken record inside her heart. She felt that she had to borrow some outside power in order to defeat Ling Xue. No matter how skilled a person was at martial arts, he could still be knocked down with one bullet., Speaking of bullets, she recalled the cool school doctor. Ning Shu felt that she should go test her luck., After class, she ran towards the nurse office. Originally, she thought that the school doctor might not be there since he was so severely injured., However, when she saw all the female students in the room, she almost bowed down to him. He was seriously dedicated to his work ah., When the school doctor saw Ning Shu, he pushed up his glasses. After all the female students successfully got a bit of the doctor’s attention and left, Ning Shu said, “Um, is your injury alright?”, The school doctor sat on the sofa and crossed his legs gracefully as he looked at Ning Shu. He was the image of easy elegance. “Why were you looking for me?”, Ning Shu drew circles on the ground with her foot, looking very bashful., “What exactly is it?” The school doctor readjusted his gold-rimmed glasses. Without a trace of politeness, he said, “Seeing you like this makes me want to puke.”, >This specific type of glasses. Very popular in Korea., Ning Shu: @#¥&&*, “Uncle, can I discuss something with you? You have to help me, otherwise I’ll die.” Ning Shu crouched down to grab the school doctor’s thigh., >Hugging someone’s thigh is a figurative saying, describing the situation when someone boot-licks a more powerful person in order to get benefits. But Ning Shu’s doing it literally here., The school doctor pushed her hands away, then dusted off his trouser leg as if something dirty had gotten on it. He slanted a glance at Ning Shu and said in a cool manner, “Why does it feel like you’ve come to depend on me?”, “For better or for worse we’re comrades in revolution that have gone through trials and tribulations together. You probably don’t know how pitiful I am. I’ve been abandoned by my family and after being abandoned, I found out that I’m not my parents’ biological daughter at all. Now I’ve even offended the school goddess. The goddess can wipe me out just by moving a finger. Say, don’t you think I’m pitiful? The entire school is laughing at me. After getting beaten up, I even got course credits deducted.”, As she spoke, even she started feeling that the original host was truly pitiful., “En, it’s quite melodramatic, and also seems quite disastrous. And so?” The school doctor looked at Ning Shu. “Why were you looking for me?”, She had already said this much, wasn’t her intention to ask for help clear enough? Ning Shu pulled out a tissue and blew her nose, then said, “Can you lend me your gun?”

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