, Ning Shu had waited until midnight before the school doctor finally arrived. Moreover, he had come in directly by climbing over the balcony. After he got in, he slowly walked towards the room., Ning Shu couldn’t let even a trace of her dissatisfaction show through and went to get tea and pour water for the monsieur on the couch., The school doctor was wearing a black windbreaker again. She didn’t know if it was the same one as before. However, every time she saw his windbreaker, she would feel like she had a lot of comments to spit, but didn’t know where to start commenting., >Interesting thing is that the comment section in most Chinese platforms is a section for ‘roasting/ridiculing.’ The term comes from another term that translates roughly to ‘expelling stinkiness,’ but since the original term was in a dialect, a different pair of homophones is now commonly used and the meaning is commonly ‘to retort without giving the person/subject face,’ aka ‘to retort without holding back.’, The school doctor glanced at Ning Shu and lifted the plain boiled water. However, he set it down again after glancing at it. Then, he took out something that was contained in a leather cover and threw it to Ning Shu. Ning Shu hastily caught it. She glanced at the school doctor, then opened it. It was actually a pistol., This pistol felt light and easy to use, unlike the previous one which felt very heavy., “This is a lady’s pistol. There are two safety bolts, it’s suitable for you to use,” said the school doctor indifferently., Ning Shu sniffled and looked at the school doctor with tears in her eyes. “Uncle, you really are a good person. I practically have no way to repay…”, “I don’t want you to repay with your body, you’re ugly.” The school doctor shot a disdainful glance at her, then handed her a magnetic card. “This is the location of a shooting range. You can go there to learn.”, Ning Shu took the card. She was starting to feel uneasy. Why did he suddenly become this thoughtful? Ning Shu asked, “Uncle, then what do you need me to do?”, The school doctor grinned. “Of course I need you to do something. You’ll know when the time comes. Our relationship is simply one of mutual benefits.”, Ning Shu: Please speak the human language, I don’t understand., The school doctor got up, then left. He didn’t leave from the balcony but through the door. As Ning Shu watched the black windbreaker flutter in the wind, she felt like spitting comments again., She grasped the gun and felt a surge of strength and courage fill her body. It all came from this exquisite little thing., Ning Shu made all sorts of handsome poses before putting the card away. No matter what the school doctor’s goal was, at least she was a little more protected with this thing in her possession., Ning Shu didn’t feel like bothering with school the next day since she couldn’t understand the lessons even if she went. It wasn’t that Ning Shu’s IQ wasn’t high enough but that the material was too high-end. She felt like going to class was a waste of time., So she went to the shooting range with the card in order to learn how to shoot. She found the so-called shooting range by following the address given on the card., She thought that the shooting range would be some dazzling place, or at the very least, a classy place. However, this little retail store in front of her… It sold all sorts of things including pornographic magazines and all kinds of restricted products., Was this really the shooting range? The moment Ning Shu walked in, an old man came up to greet her. She didn’t know if it was because there were too many unhealthy things around but the old man’s smile seemed very vulgar., “U… uncle. I wanted to ask if this was a shooting range,” stammered Ning Shu., The old man’s expression turned serious for a moment before he started smiling again. “Young lady, this is just a grocery store, not some shooting range. You’re in the wrong place.”, But it was clearly this address? Ning Shu suddenly recalled that most connections required tokens or secret codes, so she took out the card the school doctor gave her and said, “Uncle, look at this.”, That old man took it and glanced at it. Then he dug out a machine from the messy floor and swiped the card on it., He glanced at Ning Shu, then said, “Come with me.”, Ning Shu put the card away and followed the old man into the grocery store. The old man opened a thick door and said, “Go in.”

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