, Ning Shu then carefully walked in. As expected, a different paradise existed. The site was appropriately dazzling, bright and clean. This was more like a shooting range., The room was filled with partitioned-off stalls. All the people in the stalls were wearing earplugs and focused on shooting the target in front of them., The entire shooting range was filled with the sound of guns. Ning Shu took a moment to think about it, then felt quite defeated by this world. It was clearly the simplest school campus storyline, yet now it has become a gun battle story., Ning Shu stood there, not knowing what to do. There didn’t seem to be any employees here that handled reception., “Uncle, I want to practice shooting, w… where should I go?” Ning Shu asked a man that was wiping his sweat., The man glanced at Ning Shu. It was only a single glance, but it made Ning Shu feel as if she was standing in the middle of a pile of corpses. She felt a chill come over her as if she was facing a sea of blood., His baleful aura was too intense. This person has definitely killed a lot of people before., “Where did this little girl come from? Why is Old Li letting random people in? Get out,” said that person coldly. His brows creased and a threatening aura shot towards Ning Shu., Ning Shu felt as if she was facing a beast that was contemplating its next meal. She saw the ruthlessness in the person’s eyes. He was rubbing his gun as he narrowed his eyes at Ning Shu’s head. He seemed to be itching to put a bullet through her head., Mommy ah, this world was too dangerous! She wanted to go home! Ning Shu hastily fished out her card and said, “I was introduced to this place by someone.”, When that person saw the card in Ning Shu’s hand, his face immediately froze. Then he tried to force a smile, causing his face to contort in a tragic sight., “So you’re someone Psycho introduced? The second stall is Psycho’s spot, you can go there.” That person pointed at the stall as he said, “You can just practice in his spot.”, Psycho? Could he be talking about the school doctor uncle? Such a fierce person actually changed his attitude this much upon seeing this card., How savage was the school doctor uncle exactly? Just his name was enough to make such a fierce person treat her gingerly as if she was a tiger., Since the school doctor uncle’s name was this effective, of course she had to keep climbing the pole. Ning Shu said, “Uncle, I don’t know how to shoot, could you teach me?”, That person’s face spasmed, then he said, “Of course.”, Ning Shu thanked the school doctor uncle in her heart for allowing her to get a free instructor., “You know how to load the magazine, right?”, “I don’t.”, “You know how to pull the bolt, right?”, “I don’t.”, “You at least know how to pull the trigger, right?”, “I don’t.”, The man rubbed the gun at his waist and narrowed his eyes at Ning Shu’s head. Then he seemed be hit by apprehensions as immediately he gave a contorted smile., “I’ll have to trouble Uncle.”, Quite a lot of people had gathered around. When they heard what Ning Shu said, they all jeered at her for being a rookie, and for being even worse than a rookie., What she didn’t know, she didn’t know. She had never shot a gun before, so she didn’t feel that it was embarrassing. If she knew how to shoot, she wouldn’t come to this place., “Don’t make a fuss. This girl was introduced by Psycho,” said the man with a forced smile., Upon hearing the name ‘Psycho,’ everyone around immediately scattered like fleeing birds. In just a few seconds they were all gone., The way they acted was like they would die just hearing this name., Ning Shu: …, How savage was the school doctor really? However, Ning Shu didn’t feel like the school doctor was anyone that amazing. He even got injured by someone just a couple days ago, he seriously sucked., “Uncle, we can start. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely do my best to learn.”, Thus, Ning Shu started her shooting lessons. With an instructor who seemed to get the urge to put a bullet through her head every once in a while, Ning Shu learned rapidly., Human potential was truly limitless.

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