, Right now, Ning Shu’s entire body hurt. These damned girls really didn’t hold back. Ning Shu waited until her emotions calmed down a little before proceeding to receive this world’s storyline., Ace Academy was an aristocratic school. All the people that could attend this school were from wealthy families. It was a gold-plated location for the children of the rich and powerful. There was an absolute hierarchy which was determined each semester by money., However, one day, a little ugly duckling appeared in this place full of beautiful swans. Her appearance was like a stain on a beautiful painting of luxurious flowers, an existence that wrecked the painting. Hence, this ugly duckling experienced the malice of the world and was bullied terribly., Every school inevitably had a few of these existences: handsome and rich, seeming to possess all the good things in the world, a prince with a noble family background whose stomps could shake up the world’s economy. , Ace also had this kind of prince, it even had three. And these three had unseverable emotional ties to the ugly duckling., In reality, none of this had much to do with Ning Shu. She wasn’t the ugly duckling., This body’s name was Lin Jiajia, she was a sophomore in high school. Her family ran a company. The only reason she had been able to enter Ace, this type of aristocratic school, was completely due to a stroke of dog** luck. As for why so many people were beating her up…, It was because she had offended that ugly duckling. This ugly duckling was originally a female cultivator in a cultivation world. After her body was destroyed by someone, she transmigrated into the ugly duckling’s body. Due to the fact that she had cured an illustrious person’s illness with spiritual energy, she was able to come to Ace., The female cultivator didn’t care for this body but she had no way to leave it. Her strength had fallen by a great amount and she would disappear if she left this body. Thus, she used a bit of spiritual energy to change this body’s essence. The originally gray ugly duckling instantly became a glamorous goddess., Facing the bullying of the students, the ugly duckling- No, it wasn’t suitable to keep calling her ugly duckling anymore. Ling Xue felt that the bullying was very childish and easily resolved it all., Ling Xue had no intention of standing out in the school and continued to disguise herself with dirt, but this ended up attracting the attentions of the three princes., The female cultivator had lived for a long time and naturally wouldn’t take a fancy to those brats, but she felt no harm in using them to feel superior., This place wasn’t the cruel cultivation world. After Ling Xue relaxed, she was happy to let people pursue her.

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