, In the end, Ning Shu still warned An Rong to repay her for earlier. “You should be careful of Ling Xue. She can kill without even leaving a trace.” Ning Shu glanced around, then whispered next to An Rong’s ear, “I heard that Ling Xue is the boss of a gang, she has quite a lot of subordinates.”, “If you’re going to talk, just talk. What are you leaning so close for, lower-class person!” An Rong then sneered, “Ling Xue is the boss of an underground syndicate? Does she look like it?”, Who said that all people in syndicates were large and stout and couldn’t be graceful and beautiful? Ning Shu was too lazy to say anymore. She had already warned her. Whether she wanted to listen or not was up to her., Recalling the original host’s wishes and the way An Rong kept calling her lower-class person, she made the decision to, on a moonless windy night, throw a sack over An Rong’s head and beat the crap out of her., The way this girl talked was too infuriating!, As Ning Shu ate, she soon saw a shiny pair of black shoes stop in front of her. When she looked up, she saw the idiot prince with his byo shining halo., Leng Ao looked at Ning Shu. When he noticed the fruit juice dribbling out the corner of her mouth, a trace of disgust flashed through his eyes. He just couldn’t understand why Ling Xue cared about this person so much. Just glancing at this person hurted the eyes, looking at her more seemed to dirty the eyes., “Come with me, I need to talk to you about something.” Leng Ao looked down on Ning Shu from above, then left without waiting for Ning Shu’s reply. He seemed to be confident that she would follow., Ning Shu rather wanted to choose to not follow out of spite. However, when she thought of the fact that he had come to look for her despite how much he disliked her, she knew that something was definitely up., Ning Shu harbored no delusions that he had suddenly come to have a favorable opinion of her. Quit joking, the guy was the female lead’s faithful servant!, If she killed the female lead, then this idiot prince wouldn’t be deceived by Ling Xue anymore. The method was simple and crude, but effective., Ning Shu looked around but didn’t see Ling Xue in the ballroom. She had a bad premonition. Catching up to Leng Ao, she asked, “Where are you bringing me?”, Leng Ao said with a disdainful tone, “Just follow. What are you asking so much for?”, Ning Shu felt increasingly uneasy and turned to run. However, Leng Ao immediately grabbed her collar., Leng Ao was about to be irritated to death. He was already unhappy seeing this lower-class person, and now this lower-class person actually dared to resist!?, Pulling her by her collar, he said, “Lower-class person, don’t make me use force.”, What made Leng Ao even more displeased was the fact that this girl actually dared to resist him. Girls never resisted him. They did whatever he told him to and a single glance from him was enough to cause them to be elated., “Don’t test my bottom line, and don’t try to gain my attention by acting uninterested. I’m not interested in you,” said Leng Ao between gritted teeth. From the looks of it, he was at the end of his patience., Leng Ao beckoned the security guard who was standing at the corner. A guard in black immediately came over and took hold of Ning Shu. Ning Shu wanted to touch the gun at her waist but the security guard had seized hold of her arm., She was brought to Leng Ao like she was leaning on someone for support.

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