, Ning Shu was brought to a room behind the ballroom. Leng Ao opened the door and pulled her into the room. Ling Xue was inside, sitting gracefully on the sofa. When they came in, she swept a glance over Ning Shu., There were two other people in the room. It was the other two princes in the three people set. Ning Shu barely had any impression of the two princes. Right now, seeing them sitting together, one on Ling Xue’s left, the other on her right, it made Ling Xue look like a queen., Ning Shu was thrown onto the ground. She hastily got up and patted the dust off her body. Actually, there wasn’t any dust at all. Her motive was to touch the gun concealed in her clothes. When she felt the gun, she became much calmer., Ling Xue smiled towards Leng Ao and said, “Please go outside, I want to talk to her.”, The two princes next to Ling Xue got up. Ning Shu glanced at them and saw that their expressions were dazed as if they had enjoyed some pleasant experience., This expression was very familiar. Ning Shu recalled what Ling Xue did to that man in the alley. Could it be that she did something to them as well?, Leng Ao shot Ning Shu a warning look and said, “You’d better not hurt Ling Xue, otherwise I’ll make you die a horrible death. Don’t doubt my abilities.”, Ning Shu really wanted to puke a mouthful of blood on this idiot’s face. What could she do to Ling Xue? The question right now should be what Ling Xue was going to do to her., The three princes left the room and carefully closed the door behind them, leaving Ning Shu alone with Ling Xue in the room., Ling Xue stood up and walked to Ning Shu. Sizing her up, she said coldly, “Quit acting. I know you’re not the original Lin Jiajia.”, Ning Shu’s pupils dilated, but she rolled her eyes and said, “Are you crazy? If I’m not Lin Jiajia, then you think you’re Lin Jiajia? Weirdo.”, Ning Shu was determined to never admit that she wasn’t Lin Jiajia., “You act tough. Let’s take out your soul and see if you really are Lin Jiajia.” As Ling Xue spoke, she reached out towards Ning Shu’s skyspirit channel., >Skyspirit channel is an acupuncture point that appears in xianxia novels that’s involved in cultivation., Ning Shu was stunned. Fuck! How could the female lead have abilities that were in such defiance of the natural order? No matter what she couldn’t let her soul be pulled out., Ning Shu immediately dodged the hand. Rolling back on the ground, she pulled out the gun from her waist and pointed it at Ling Xue., Upon seeing that the little clown had actually pulled out a gun, Ling Xue was a bit stunned. However, she soon recovered and said coldly, “As expected, you aren’t the original Lin Jiajia. I’d like to see exactly what kind of strange thing is inside this skin sack of yours.”, Ning Shu held the gun, trying to appear confident as she said, “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You couldn’t be saying that you’re not Ling Xue, right? Are you mentally ill or something?”, The more one spoke, the more mistakes could slip out of one’s mouth. If villains talked too much, they would give the main character a chance to make a comeback. So, Ning Shu immediately pulled the trigger while praying that she would be able to hit. She should be able to hit at such close range, right? With her skill at hitting within the five rings, she should be able to hit, right-right-right?, Afterwards, a shocking scene occurred. A transparent film actually appeared in front of Ling Xue and blocked the bullet. The fudge, this was catching a bullet with your bare hands. Female lead, why are you so awesome?, Ning Shu was practically about to kneel. The bullet fell to the floor, making a clink. Ling Xue’s facial color was currently very dark., She had really pulled the tiger’s tail this time. Upon seeing Ling Xue’s expression, Ning Shu didn’t hold back and shot Ling Xue another two times. However, she still didn’t feel assured so she decided to empty all the bullets left in the gun., The result was that the protective screen Ling Xue made using spiritual energy blocked all the bullets. Ning Shu felt really depressed. Ripping apart the seams in her clothes, she took out some bullets and put them in the pistol., Cold sweat was already covering Ling Xue’s forehead. When she saw what Ning Shu was doing, she practically vomited blood. She never expected to meet with unexpected failure here. This ant actually dared to attack her! She was going to pull out her soul and torment it with hell fire!, #comment: The author made a typo in this chapter that got me so excited for a moment before I realized it couldn’t be right. At the part about the film, she wrote transparent diaphragm and got me all excited about it being like Sasuke’s susanoo. Then I was like, wait, the first word is an homophone for a very similar looking-word that means separating. It’s not ‘diaphragm’ but ‘partitioning film’… orz. Why do I know it’s a typo? Cause there’s no diaphragm shields in typical cultivation novels, the author makes a hell lotta typos, and she finally typed the right term the third time she used it., (ノT_T)ノ ^┻━┻

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