, Ning Shu and Ling Xue stood in confrontation. After reloading the gun, Ning Shu pointed it at Ling Xue again. Ling Xue’s face was pale as she moved the spiritual energy in her body to block the bullets., The spiritual energy in this world was thin to the point it was hard to imagine. As of now, the spiritual energy she had accumulated for such a long time was already gone. Her dantian was clean and empty, even her meridians were starting to hurt., It was truly the case of the tiger falling to the plains and being bullied by a dog. In the past, she could have dealt with this sort of thing with a flick of the sleeve, how could she possibly have as much trouble as now? In addition, she couldn’t move at all. If she moved, she would have to form a new shield and she already didn’t have any more spiritual energy., “You truly are seeking death.” Ling Xue’s dark voice came out between gritted teeth, carrying an intense murderous aura., Ning Shu pressed her lips together. She knew that she had totally infuriated the female lead this time, but she didn’t regret it. It couldn’t be that she was supposed to stretch out her neck obediently when Ling Xue wanted to pull out her soul, right? That soul was her everything., Ning Shu held the gun steady with both hands. Squinting, she noticed that Ling Xue’s protective screen seemed to be becoming weaker, so she shot another two bullets at it., She suddenly felt like she was shooting at a target since Ling Xue was standing still for her to hit., “You shouldn’t go too far!” Ling Xue was about to explode. She had never been in such a wretched position since coming to this world, except when facing a certain man., The bullets fell one by one to the ground, then Ling Xue’s protective screen exploded and a bullet hit her collarbone. Ning Shu saw the chance and shot her again, but Ling Xue nimbly dodged., She glared at Ning Shu with hatred, wanting to kill her, but recalled that without spiritual energy she was just an ordinary person. She wasn’t dumb to the point she would try to block this world’s weapons with her flesh., Ning Shu didn’t care about battle etiquette at all. The female lead was currently like a defanged tiger, if she didn’t kill her now, it couldn’t be that she should wait until the female lead got better, right?, Ning Shu wasn’t that gentlemanly., She fired at Ling Xue again. Of course, with her skill at shooting within the five rings, she missed. From the looks of it, she had to practice more. This time the female lead was unprepared so she became a target. Next time the female lead saw her, she’d definitely kill her., Ling Xue glared at Ning Shu, then, pressing on her injury, opened the door and ran. Ning Shu hastily chased after her with the intention of aiming for the kill while the target was still ill., No one knew better than her how ruthless the female lead was., Ning Shu wrapped her gun up with clothes, then followed Ling Xue. Music still filled the party hall. Ling Xue had actually been stopped by Leng Ao. Ling Xue glanced back at Ning Shu who was about to catch up, then looked at Leng Ao who was still pulling at her and felt extremely irritated., Ning Shu naturally wouldn’t shoot in front of so many people. It would be troublesome to cause a disturbance and allow Ling Xue to escape in the chaos. She saw that Leng Ao had, in his unbelievably cool way, grabbed Ling Xue to talk to her. Ling Xue’s face was as pale as that of a ghost and she looked very irritated., Since she was wearing a black outfit, though she was gushing blood, Leng Ao didn’t notice at all., Ning Shu started feeling schadenfreude. Who asked you to freaking have love affairs? Ning Shu started walking towards the two., When Ling Xue saw that Ning Shu was close to catching up, she immediately pushed Leng Ao away and ran towards the door. Leng Ao who was pushed aside was stunned. Ning Shu kicked him out of the way and ran out chasing.

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