, Cul…tivator!? Ning Shu’s jaw dropped. Wasn’t this supposed to be the simplest world? But there was even a cultivator present. Ning Shu naturally knew what a cultivator was. In the eyes of normal people, cultivators were practically gods., Such an OP character actually appeared in a school campus world., Ning Shu no longer harbored much hope towards this task. She was just an ordinary person while the opponent was a cheat-like existence that played betting on stones, established underground societies, and stirred the world with her every move. In the school she was pursued like a goddess, outside of the school she was the queen of the night., , Felt like Ling Xue was going to break this world playing with it., The difference in abilities was too great. Ning Shu suspected that cold system of trolling her. This was a simple task?, Then she looked at the original host’s wish: Kick the aloof and arrogant Ling Xue down into the mud, make it so the person she liked, Leng Ao, no longer gets toyed around with by Ling Xue, and punish all the people that helped Ling Xue bully her., Ning Shu: …, Ning Shu truly felt that the task she received was off, it was very very off. Although she was a task-taker, she didn’t have any special abilities. In face of true power, everything was fleeting clouds. Strength could destroy everything., Ning Shu tried calling out in her heart to see if she could contact the system. The original host’s desires were seriously too hard, she couldn’t help with this counterattack., Ning Shu knew her own abilities. She would probably be decimated before even reaching Ling Xue., She treasured her little life ah., Ning Shu was just trying it out. Unexpectedly, she really made contact with the system., There was the sound of electricity before the system’s mechanical voice appeared. “Why are you in this world?”, Ning Shu puked blood. How would she know why she was in this world?, “This is a mid-level world. What did you come to this world for? You won’t be able to complete a mid-level world’s task. Oh, it seems like there was a mistake in the transfer process. Yes. There’s a bit of a problem with my program, for the time being I can’t transfer you back. Since you’ve taken possession of the entrustor’s identity, you still have to continue the task.”, The sound of a flowing electric current came again, then the system disappeared. Ning Shu stood dumbfounded. So, her task difficulty had increased by n levels?, Ning Shu suddenly recalled her luck level. Was her luck too low? Was that why this kind of situation occurred? At this rate she’ll be trolled to death ah., However, Ning Shu was no longer afraid. Being backed into a corner caused her resolve to strengthen. She had already died once, so what else was there to be afraid of? Ning Shu felt that, on the contrary, she had benefited in the fact that she had been able to possess a healthy body like this., Ning Shu didn’t know about other things, but enduring patiently was something she was expert in., As for the earlier incident of violence, it was due to the fact that the original host ran to Leng Ao and said in front of Prince Leng that Ling Xue was involved with someone in a gang, that Ling Xue had a relationship with the boss of a crime syndicate., She believed herself to be waking Leng Ao up and preventing him from being tricked, but in any case, she bad-mouthed Ling Xue a lot., In reality, everything the original host, Lin Jiajia said was true. Ling Xue was involved with someone in a gang. She had speaking power within the underground society and her true love was the boss of a syndicate., Mature, spicy, and ruthless, not to mention skillful and godly good-looking was the type Ling Xue liked., As for those princes that were pursuing her in school, Ling Xue only saw them as childish little brats and simply played with them a little when she got bored., Yet it just happened that those three princes liked being teased this way., When Ling Xue found out that the original host went and bad-mouthed her in front of Leng Ao, she sent someone to teach the original host a lesson. Ling Xue didn’t even feel like personally moving to deal with this type of insignificant character, which was what led to the bathroom incident earlier., , The people that hit her earlier were people that the original host, Lin Jiajia, wanted revenge on as well., . The road to completing the heavy task sure was long., Ning Shu still had no idea how to go about it. Opening the door, she left the bathroom. It was currently class time so there was no one wandering around the campus., Ning Shu headed towards the nurse’s office based on what she remembered. The wounds on this body had to be treated. Nothing was more important than a healthy body. Not to mention, there was nothing else she could do right now either., The school doctor was a man about twenty years old. He wore glasses that added a refined charm to his handsome face and the large white coat managed to hang on his body in a way that gave off a hint of sexiness., In short, he was a very attractive man. Just this room full of injured female students – if it wasn’t a stomach ache, then it was a sprain ankle; some were even asking the doctor to rub their stomachs because they had cramps – was proof enough for how much the female students liked this man., Ning Shu’s lips twitched as she got in line. She looked at the female student in front of her and saw that hearts were pretty much leaping out of her eyes, she didn’t seem to be not feeling well at all. She was probably the only one in this entire room that was actually injured, could they let her go first?

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