, The school doctor glanced at her, then pulled out a pair of shiny medical scissors. Without a trace of hesitation, he cut a wire in the bomb and the ticking numbers on the display froze as its color gradually dimmed., Ning Shu sighed in relief, her heart finally returning to her chest. Aiyah my ma yah, it was seriously too terrifying., She followed behind the school doctor again. A bit later, something suddenly occurred to her and she asked, “Um, Uncle ah, why did we have to defuse the bomb? Couldn’t we have run?”, The school doctor uncle jolted, then turned around and said, “I got influenced by your IQ. You’re a pig teammate.”, >A pig teammate is a friend who sucks in games and does stupid things that drag you down (in games)., Tch. It didn’t occur to you either, did it? Ning Shu thought disdainfully. In any case, wasn’t it the normal reaction to run when one encountered a bomb?, After walking a while in the passageway, they finally saw light ahead. In the end, as soon as they got out, they met with two gun barrels., Ling Xue and Mo Lengxuan were standing side by side. Mo Lengxuan had his pistol pointed towards the school doctor as he asked, “Who are you two?”, Ling Xue’s gaze turned icy when she saw Ning Shu. “Lin Jiajia, you’re truly becoming more and more audacious.”, Ling Xue had suffered extraordinary shame and humiliation at Ning Shu’s hands. She had actually been injured by this ant. She wanted to pull out Ning Shu’s soul and put her through all sorts of torture before beating her to the point that her soul breaks and scatters, never to reincarnate again., Ning Shu looked at Ling Xue and saw that though she had just gotten injured, her facial color had already returned to normal., Facing Ling Xue’s gaze, Ning Shu had a bad feeling and looked towards the school doctor uncle., She thought that the school doctor would be someone amazing but he had gotten captured just like that. She really didn’t understand what about him was so awesome that it made all the people in the shooting range revere him like a tiger., Ling Xue looked at the school doctor again. When she saw his indifferent expression, she felt extremely irritated. “Why exactly are you following me? Could it be that you still haven’t had enough of my concealed weapons?”, So the concealed weapon from that night was something Ling Xue had used. How strongly attached was the school doctor uncle to her?, The school doctor originally wanted to push up his glasses, but he discovered that he wasn’t wearing them, so he simply said, “I’ve said so before, I need you.”, Ning Shu: The **…, Uncle, look at the situation! You actually dared to say this in front of the male lead? We’re going to end up dying tragically. Ning Shu tugged at the school doctor’s sleeve. “Uncle, can’t you talk nicely?”, Ling Xue was clearly quite infuriated. “Are you crazy? Don’t follow me anymore or I’ll kill you.”, Mo Lengxuan’s gaze contained deep hostility as he looked at the school doctor. Narrowing his eyes, he aimed at the school doctor uncle’s head and asked Ling Xue unhappily, “Who is this person? What relationship do you two have?”, Ling Xue looked at the first man she had in this world and felt a bit moved. Her heart rippled with some sort of emotion as she said, “I don’t know where he came from, but he’s been following me.”, Mo Lengxuan’s facial color improved a little upon hearing this and his cold expression turned a little gentler. He said coldly, “You should just directly kill this type of guy. What’s the point in leaving him alive?” As he spoke, he made to press the trigger., Aiyoh! Ning Shu was practically about to fall to her knees. No way that she was really about to die here, right? Ning Shu sighed, then moved closer to the school doctor to whisper, “Uncle, let’s run now.”, “Please don’t influence me with your IQ.” The school doctor saw that Ning Shu was tugging at his sleeve and hurriedly brushed off her hand.

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