Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 43: Reappearance of Something Familiar

, The school doctor first took the time to express his disdain for Ning Shu’s intelligence, before slowly pulling out a bomb from somewhere., This bomb was really familiar ah. This… wasn’t this the bomb in the passageway? When did the school doctor uncle grab it? Also, it had been defused before but now it was running again., The time on the display ticked on. What made Ning Shu almost fall apart was the fact that there was only one minute left., Ning Shu stared dumbstruck at the school doctor uncle. He was really a freaking psycho ah! No wonder everyone called him Psycho., Mo Lengxuan looked at the bomb the school doctor was tossing from hand to hand. Wasn’t this the bomb he had thrown in the passageway?, The school doctor’s lips hooked in a smile as he held the bomb casually like an apple. He walked towards the two of them, then actually reached out to stroke Ling Xue’s face., He still had the presence of mind to be lecherous at this sort of time? What the hell? Ning Shu retreated a few steps, then shouted towards the school doctor uncle, “Uncle, let’s run first.”, The school doctor uncle paid no attention to Ning Shu and continued to concentrate on stroking Ling Xue’s face. His expression was very focused, almost as if he was worshipping her., To Ling Xue, that hand felt like a poisonous snake that was slithering over her. It caused goosebumps to rise all over her skin., Mo Lengxuan had never encountered a person this unafraid of death. This guy was actually touching his woman in front of him, and it was even a woman he rather appreciated., Mo Lengxuan pointed his gun at the school doctor uncle’s head. In response, this nutjob actually grabbed Ling Xue tightly and said in an unconcerned manner, “I have no regrets if I can die with her.”, Ning Shu: …, My dear mom ah. Ning Shu was practically about to kneel to this lecherous uncle. This guy was crazy, wasn’t he? Upon hearing the sound of the bomb ticking, Ning Shu was so scared that she felt a heart attack coming on. “Uncle ah, don’t stroke anymore. What do we do now?”, Ling Xue’s current mood was even worse than Ning Shu’s since she was currently being hugged by an ant of a man. She didn’t know where this damned man came from. He had been harassing her ever since she came to this world. If it weren’t for that fact that she had her abilities, she would have already been caught by this man ages ago., Fuck! What was going on now? Ling Xue felt a cold knife pressed against her back. The icy feeling made one very uncomfortable. This ant actually dared to press a knife against her!, It was unforgivable!, The sound of the bomb ticking continued. Ling Xue asked coldly, “What exactly do you want?”, The school doctor uncle replied, “Actually, I’m not planning much of anything. I’ve said that I needed you. Will you come with me?”, Ning Shu was about to cry. Couldn’t Uncle see the current situation? She grasped her gun but didn’t know who to point it at. If it was possible, she really wanted to just shoot the uncle who couldn’t make sense of the situation straight through the head., Mo Lengxuan pointed the gun coldly at the school doctor. The school doctor continued hugging Ling Xue. Ning Shu shouted, “Don’t you guys see the bomb? The bomb, the bomb’s about to explode!”, Were these feeling conflicts enough for people to forget about the life and death situation?, The school doctor uncle nonchalantly glanced towards the bomb in his hand and seemed taken aback. “Aiyah, it really is about to explode.”, Mo Lengxuan: …, Ling Xue: …, Ning Shu: …

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