, Ling Xue was practically about to go crazy. There was no way to reason logically with a nutjob like this. All she could say was, “Let’s do this, everyone throw their guns away. You… you throw the bomb away too.”, “Then you guys throw the guns first,” said the school doctor slowly without any sense of urgency., It was said that ruthless people feared those who didn’t care about their lives. Mo Lengxuan had interacted with many people in the underground world, but he had never met someone like this. There was definitely something wrong with his brain., Mo Lengxuan glanced coldly at Ning Shu and said, “We throw at the same time.”, The current situation was seriously strange. As Ning Shu threw the gun, she quickly dropped to the ground. A bullet swept past, missing her by a hair’s breadth., Fuck! He actually went with a sneak attack! Ning Shu inwardly cursed. Mo Lengxuan had fired a shot at Ning Shu before throwing his gun away. If it weren’t for the fact that Ning Shu had quickly ducked, she would have already been hit., “You were dishonest.” The school doctor looked at Mo Lenguxan. The scalpel that was pressed against Ling Xue’s waist immediately pierced into her skin., Ling Xue groaned in pain as she felt something cold enter her body. This man was practically a psycho., “Shouldn’t you throw the bomb now?” Mo Lengxuan was currently in a very bad mood. Back when he had been having sex with Ling Xue, he had sensed that someone was there so he went into the secret passageway and threw a bomb in the passageway to blow it up. Doing that was very enjoyable, but this current situation was not enjoyable at all., The school doctor shrugged and threw the bomb towards Mo Lengxuan. Mo Lengxuan caught the bomb. When he saw the rapidly changing numbers on the bomb, even he – a person that could watch Mt. Tai collapse without a change in expression – turned a bit pale., He used all his strength to hurl the bomb far away. Then, with a loud rumble, a blazing heat wave hit them., Ning Shu had already fallen to the ground before this entire sequence of events occurred so she wasn’t injured. Rather, the inhumane school doctor had hid behind Ling Xue’s back, causing Ling Xue to be scorched by the heatwave so much that her hair frizzed up and her face became bright red., There was not a trace of her cool elegance left. Ning Shu covered her mouth as she laughed. She really had nothing to say in regards to how the school doctor acted. Did he really like Ling Xue?, Normal men would usually push the female lead down at this sort of time to protect them, yet he had actually hid behind the female lead-sama., Uncle, how could you act this scared? There was no way the female lead would take a liking to a wimp like you., Mo Lengxuan got up from the ground. When he saw Ling Xue’s bright red face and poofed up hair, he said to the school doctor, “Hurry up and let go of her.”, “Why should I let go of her?” The school doctor dragged Ling Xue as he started walking towards Ning Shu. If it was possible, Ning Shu really wanted to tell him not to bring the female lead over. The female lead-sama was a trouble magnet. Staying with the female lead would lead to encountering all sorts of difficulties., The school doctor kicked Ning Shu. “Pig teammate, what are you dazing out for? Not planning to leave?”, Ning Shu glanced at Ling Xue. She felt that there was no way Ling Xue would obediently leave with them. It shouldn’t be forgotten that Ling Xue was a cultivator. She definitely had some trick up her sleeve., Ling Xue wanted to utilize her powers, but she was completely out of spiritual energy. The bit of vital energy she managed to absorb from Mo Lengxuan was all used to treat her injury. Yet right after her injury healed, she was stabbed in the back by this person., She was practically about to explode from anger. These two villains were colluding. One injured her with a gun, then another stabbed her with a knife. It was seriously abominable. She swore to make them pay., Mo Lengxuan coldly watched as the school doctor acted in a way that courted disaster. “You’ve successfully irritated me. I’ll make you suffer to the point you’ll beg for death.”, “Aren’t I the one that’s capable of making people beg for death?” The school doctor felt quite surprised., Mo Lengxuan was seriously about to explode. The veins on his forehead twitched. This guy was ill, wasn’t he?, Ning Shu felt that life seriously sucked. Fuck! What was the point of exchanging words like this? Shouldn’t we be escaping for our lives right now?

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