, Ning Shu pressed on her chest as she said, “Didn’t you say you needed her? Why did you injure her?”, Aren’t you f-ing in love with her?, “That’s why I aimed for her shoulder. She won’t die,” said the school doctor as if it was something self-evident., Ning Shu: Are you sure you’re not a pervert…, It was seriously messed up ah. She couldn’t tell what this person was thinking at all. She felt that her worldview had completely changed from meeting this uncle., What kind of mutual love and murder was this?, Although they had successfully escaped this time, the loss was too great. Not only did she lose her pistol, she even offended the male and female leads. They were heads of underground syndicates and had a lot of subordinates. Ning Shu knew that things were going to be tough in the future., “Uncle, you have to protect me ah. I’m now in life-threatening danger. Those people will definitely hunt me down for revenge,” said Ning Shu in a pitiful manner., “Why should I help you? You’re so useless. Just staying with you affects my intelligence,” said the school doctor coldly., Ning Shu pulled a miserable face as she said, “Uncle, you can’t be like this. For better or for worse, we’re comrades, aren’t we?”, “I don’t know you.”, Ning Shu: …, Heartless, cold, deliberately provocative., However, no matter what Ning Shu didn’t dare take alleys while walking home anymore. She stayed in the school every day. The moment class ended, she would run to the school doctor’s place., What shocked Ning Shu was the fact that Ling Xue had returned to class just a few days after the incident. Although her facial color was still a bit off, she didn’t look injured at all. Ning Shu was dumbfounded., Did Ling Xue take an elixir or something to be able to come to class so soon after an injury? How did she do it?, When Ling Xue saw Ning Shu, she grinned. Her gaze was incomparably calm, making Ning Shu feel trepidation., Ling Xue sat down in front of Ning Shu. Ning Shu held up her three-legged desk as she squinted at Ling Xue’s back., They had shown each other their true selves, so neither of them was going to let the other off. This fact actually made the fear in Ning Shu’s heart dissipate., She rubbed the gun at her waist. This wasn’t an ordinary gun but the life-preserving object the school doctor uncle had given her., After class, Ling Xue lay down on top of her desk, seeming to be napping. An Rong walked over and asked in concern, “Ling Xue, what’s wrong? Are you ok?”, Ling Xue looked up and shook her head. “I’m fine.”, An Rong immediately shouted at Ning Shu, “Did you bully Ling Xue?”, Ning Shu: What the hell…, An Rong lifted her chin as she said, “Are you itching for a spanking? To actually dare to bully Ling Xue.”, Ling Xue stood up and pulled An Rong. “I’m fine, she didn’t bully me.”, “Seriously, this personality of yours. It’s because you don’t say anything even when you’re being bullied that you get bullied,” said An Rong in chiding manner. When she saw how delicate Ling Xue seemed, she felt that there was no way Ling Xue had superpowers., Lately, rumors about Ling Xue having strange powers have been spreading around the school. Originally, An Rong mostly believed them, but when she saw how delicate Ling Xue currently looked, she immediately labeled them as groundless rumors., “I’m telling you, bullying Ling Xue means you’re bullying me, An Rong. I’ll make you pay, got it!?” An Rong said, looking down on Ning Shu.

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