, What the hell, what the f-ing hell?, Ning Shu looked at Ling Xue. Ling Xue no longer had the cold aura of arrogance she used to. On the contrary, she now seemed like a shy little white flower that swayed from the slightest wind., When Ning Shu saw how protective An Rong was of Ling Xue, she sighed. After a couple days of being away, Ling Xue had increased her tricks., Ning Shu could sense the disgust and exclusion contained in her classmates’ gazes. It was clear that they had already concluded that she had bullied Ling Xue., She almost felt like puking blood. She didn’t do anything? How did she bully the female lead?, The female lead-sama’s combat ability was rising rapidly again. She had brains and martial arts, was she trying to take over the world? In the past, Ling Xue always acted aloof and didn’t pay attention to her at all. That was because she had absolute faith in her ability and believed that she could crush anyone easily., However, now Ling Xue was clearly targeting Ning Shu, and she was even using this type of method to deal with her., “You’re still saying that you didn’t bully her? You were chasing after Ling Xue during Prince Leng’s party to hit her, yet you still dare to say you didn’t bully her? She had to stay in bed for so many days in order to recover,” said An Rong with contempt. She looked at Ning Shu as if she was looking at trash., Ning Shu’s brows twitched. She had gotten used to seeing Ling Xue’s egotistic and proud manner, she really felt unaccustomed to seeing Ling Xue’s current delicate appearance., An Rong made to grab Ning Shu’s hair. Ning Shu dodged, then threw An Rong over her shoulder, causing An Rong to cry out in pain., Since Ling Xue wanted to pretend to be a little white flower, it wouldn’t be fair to the accusation she had to bear if she didn’t do anything to Ling Xue. Hence, Ning Shu turned towards Ling Xue who was acting like a little white flower and slapped her on both cheeks., Ling Xue was stunned. She covered her cheek as she stared blankly at Ning Shu. She clearly couldn’t believe that Ning Shu had actually dared to slap her. Following that, her gaze turned incomparably cold; it was a bone-penetrating cold., The people inside the classroom were also taken aback by the fact that Ning Shu had slapped Ling Xue. From their perspective, this orphan, this lower-class person had practically gone crazy. She actually dared to hit the goddess! The title of goddess wasn’t an empty title. It represented how protective the entire student population of Ace Academy was of Ling Xue., Ning Shu didn’t pay attention to her classmates’ looks at all. Those with bare feet didn’t fear those with shoes. She had already been kicked out of the Lin family and no longer had any ties to them at all. Meanwhile, she still hadn’t found her birth parents yet so she was completely burden-free., However, Ling Xue wasn’t the same. She had to be beautiful through and through. She had to be reserved and aloof, and keep the adorations of the three school princes., Even An Rong, who had just gotten up while pressing on her waist, was dumbfounded. She looked at Ning Shu as if Ning Shu had gone insane., An Rong was furious and embarrassed at having been thrown to the ground. However, when she saw that Ning Shu’s expression looked a bit crazed, she silently backed away a little., An Rong’s movement caused Ling Xue’s heart to sink. She looked around the classroom and saw that no one showed any intention of speaking up for her., The only reason Ling Xue returned to the school this quickly was because this Lin Jiajia had been hiding in the school the entire time. She stayed at school even after classes were over. Her subordinates had no way of entering Ace Academy to hunt her down., This school wasn’t as simple as it looked on the surface. Before her wings were fully grown, she had to behave inside the school., In order to heal her injury, she had absorbed many people’s vital energies and even slept with Mo Lengxuan several times., However, perhaps because she had absorbed vital energy from too many people, her spiritual energy had become motley. From time to time, it would even lash back at her. However, she had no other choice. Cultivation was the only thing she could use to protect herself., After being injured several times by modern weapons, Ling Xue didn’t dare to underestimate modern science and technology anymore. In the past, because she didn’t pay attention to these things, she got injured by gun-welding trash., Things only started going bad after she encountered Lin Jiajia. She had to make it so this woman couldn’t stay in this school any longer.

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