, When Ning Shu saw the way Ling Xue looked – like a little wife that had been mistreated – she suddenly felt the urge to pull out her gun and just shoot her through the head. However, after considering it, she dropped the idea. She couldn’t allow this body to shoulder the crime of murder., “Scram.” Ning Shu pushed aside Ling Xue who was blocking her way. Ling Xue staggered and almost fell. She looked extremely weak, making Ning Shu seem, in contrast, extremely domineering., Fuck! She must have gotten so used to acting that it’s become a habit. Ning Shu really felt unused to seeing Ling Xue act like this., Female Lead-sama, what happened to your awesomeness? How could you suddenly change styles? What are people supposed to do?, The moment Ning Shu left the classroom, she scampered off towards the nurse office. She saw that the school doctor was currently wearing his glasses and patiently explaining the menstrual cycle to a female student as that female student listened with a bashful expression. Ning Shu seemed to see a white light shoot out of the school doctor’s eyes., Ning Shu sincerely felt cold sweat for that student. If these female students knew that this school doctor was actually a pervert who tended to pull out his gun and shoot people whenever he felt like it, they would probably never appear in front of the school doctor uncle again., The school doctor uncle glanced at Ning Shu and said, “What is it? It’s not even dark yet, you’re already here to sleep in my office?”, “No, Ling Xue has come to class,” said Ning Shu., The school doctor uncle gave an unconcerned ‘oh’ in reply. Looking at Ning Shu’s dumb expression, he said, “This is the school. It couldn’t be that you want me to do something to her in the school?”, Ning Shu really didn’t want to talk to this person right now at all. There was seriously no way to communicate., What she meant was, Ling Xue has come to class. Her days were going to get tough., Ning Shu left the nurse office and returned to the classroom. She saw that Ling Xue’s seat was surrounded by people, both male and female. The ones that stood out most were the three school princes., The moment Ning Shu entered the classroom, everyone’s gaze shot towards her., As she walk towards her seat, she saw that Ling Xue was currently lying on the desk, ignoring everyone’s attempts to console her. It caused Leng Ao’s heart to ache., When he saw that Ning Shu was acting as if nothing had happened, he extended his leg and kicked over the three-legged desk Ning Shu had just lifted up., Fuck! Why the hell do they always take things out on her desk!? Her desk only had three legs left, it was already really pitiful., Ning Shu lifted her head and looked at Leng Ao indifferently. Leng Ao felt a little apprehensive upon seeing her gaze. Immediately afterwards though, anger bubbled forth. He had actually been intimidated by a lower-class person’s gaze, and it was even that of a girl’s., “I’ve already told you multiple times not to bully Ling Xue, and that I would make you beg for death if you did.” Leng Ao’s facial color was a bit twisted as he forced his embarrassment into anger. It was clear that he felt ashamed of being intimidated by Ning Shu’s gaze just now., Encountering an idiot like you already made people want to beg to death. If it weren’t for the task, she really wouldn’t even want to look at him., “Hey! This daddy is talking to you. What kind of attitude is that?” Leng Ao felt that Ning Shu’s gaze seemed to contain puzzlement and disdain when she looked at him., This lower-class person actually dared to look at him with disdain! What right, what status did she have!? Did she really understand her situation? She was simply an orphan!

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