, The sound of girls shrieking filled the surroundings. Both sides of the hall were filled with girls but a path appeared in the middle. Three princes that brought their own glow-emitting devices walked towards Ning Shu’s classroom. Like stars revolving around the moon, the surroundings were filled with the shrieks of excited girls., Ning Shu’s gaze focused on the person that was at the very front. He was tall with a cold expression on his face, but this coldness contained a sort of immaturity that made him seem like a rebel. He seemed noble and aloof, and at the same time, haughty and cool., Ning Shu could feel her heart pounding, her face was even flushed. Ning Shu indicated that this was simply the body’s reaction, it had nothing to do with her., An Rong who was originally throwing her weight around immediately became a sweet little girl again upon seeing the three princes. The domineering air disappeared without a trace as if she was an entirely different person., All the surrounding girls were blushing as well. It didn’t matter what type the girls liked, whether it was aloof, passionate, or elegant; all the possible characteristics were present among the three princes., A bitter and resentful thought emerged in Ning Shu’s heart. They’re all vixens, these damned vixens!, Black lines emerged on Ning Shu’s forehead. How much did the original host like Leng Ao? Even when offering her own soul in order to have a better life, she didn’t forget to save Leng Ao from Ling Xue’s charm., “Prince Leng, you’re here for Ling Xue, right? Ling Xue’s in the classroom, I’ll help you call her,” said An Rong excitedly. Then she rushed into the classroom to call Ling Xue., Forgot to mention that the original host was actually classmates with Ling Xue. What ill fate ah., Ling Xue already knew about the situation outside. When she thought about the fact that she, a cultivator, actually had to go outside to see these ordinary people, she felt irritated. However, she reminded herself that these little kids were capable of helping her deal with some small problems., They could allow her to live comfortably in the school. Sometimes influence was simply that convenient. Just a sentence from Prince Leng was enough. It was easier than cake for her to make things difficult for someone., Thus Ling Xue got over the feeling of annoyance. The princes that all the girls in the school liked actually liked her. Though Ling Xue was a cultivator, she was also a woman and she was even vainer than most women., Ling Xue smiled, then walked out of the classroom. Flipping her hair back with her hand, she gave a slight smile. Everyone looking at Ling Xue at that moment felt enchanted as if sweet-scented flowers were falling from the sky., When Ning Shu saw Ling Xue, she couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. As expected, she was a remarkably beautiful woman. Her features were exquisite and noble, yet also strangely friendly and made people want to get close to her., Even Ning Shu felt an urge to get closer to Ling Xue when she saw her, as if Ling Xue was the person she knew the best, the person she loved the most., Ning Shu was inwardly shocked. What was this? The main character halo was actually that powerful? Ning Shu carefully thought about it. It was probably due to spiritual energy., Ling Xue was a cultivator who absorbed the world’s spiritual energy. Spiritual energy was something that the body had to get close to in order to absorb. Human bodies instinctively crave spiritual energy, which led to this feeling of wanting to get close to Ling Xue., Ning Shu’s line of thought then got to the original host. Her zealous love for Leng Ao had actually forcefully blocked the effect of the main character halo and her body’s thirst for spiritual energy., Ling Xue took in these people’s captivated expressions – even the cool-tempered Leng Ao was stunned – and felt very pleased. The spiritual energy she used to transform this body wasn’t sacrificed in vain., Things were very difficult for women in the cultivating world she used to live in. There were not a lot of female cultivators that had been able to climb to the top using their own strength. Most of them relied on men and became human cauldrons. However, these men were currently so captivated by her charm that they couldn’t extricate themselves., >This article has a very good explanation of what is meant by using female cultivators as ‘cauldrons.’

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