Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 10: Purpose of Leng Ao’s Existence

, Ning Shu was pretty tired of watching this whole scene. She didn’t feel that Leng Ao’s tsundere personality was cute at all, she just felt that he was too self-important. The way he looked down on people and acted as if he was giving alms to the poor made people’s hands itch., She felt that there was no point being concerned about this kind of person who couldn’t even differentiate good from bad., It was clearly a school campus world, yet the main female lead was too OP, so the aloof prince that all living things bowed to became a supporting male lead while the other two princes changed directly into side character Ns., Ning Shu suspected that Leng Ao’s entire existence was for the sole purpose of setting off the male lead’s mature charm., The moment Ning Shu made the decision to not care about Leng Ao, the body she was possessing started resisting her thoughts and even started to reject her soul., She was alarmed and hastily repeated in her heart: I’m here to save Prince Leng, save Prince Leng, save Prince Leng…, The body’s remnant emotions only calmed down after quite a while., Ning Shu looked towards the sky, speechless. In a stroke of bad luck she had been transferred to this world. Her tasks were practically impossible to complete, and now the remnant emotions in this body kept causing trouble., Ning Shu felt an urge to face the wind and shred tears. How could she increase her luck points? How could she increase moral integrity?, Leng Ao passed by in front of Ning Shu. He slanted a glance at her, then stopped. He towered over her as he looked down at her slightly twisted face., Ning Shu didn’t know what was going on and blinked as she looked at Leng Ao., Leng Ao looked at her eyes. They were very clear, clear to the point that his silhouette was reflected, to the point that one could get lost in the calmness of those eyes., Immediately afterward, Leng Ao realized that his thoughts were off. She was just a love-struck fool. She had always kept bothering him like a nutjob and always went on about how he was being deceived by Ling Xue. Was Ling Xue someone a nobody like her could slander?, “Don’t appear in front of me again. I won’t ever like you, you should just give up. If you say bad things about Ling Xue again, I’ll make you regret it.” Leng Ao’s tone was callous. Ning Shu had no doubt that he was serious., This was the part of the task that Ning Shu was most depressed about. The original host clearly had deep feelings towards Leng Ao and insisted on making him turn around and see that the shore was behind him. But Ning Shu’s opinion was: please, could you stop kicking up trouble?, Ning Shu looked at Leng Ao’s arrogant face, wait no, at his chin. The guy was seriously too tall. Ning Shu tilted her head back, enduring the sharp pain from her heart., Leng Ao saw that her face had abruptly lost color and turned pale. He felt no sympathy, on the contrary, he felt pleased at having helped Ling Xue vent some anger., After saying these cold-hearted things, Leng Ao left without paying even the slightest attention to the damage his words had dealt on girl., The mocking gazes of the people around, their sneers and laughter, stabbed Ning Shu like needles., What an egoistic person. He lived completely inside his own world. Ning Shu really didn’t understand why the original host liked a person like Leng Ao so much., Was it because of his looks or because of his family background? From Ning Shu’s point of view, Leng Ao was just a person that did whatever he pleased, relying on the fact that everyone liked him. What part of a person like this was cute?

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