The Oracle Paths

Chapter 1 - The Cold Girl

The temperature was cold and snow was falling. In the remote mountainous area, there was barely anyone who would want to live. However, it was precisely in this place that a magnificent buildings' area erected. , Yet, a teenage girl around 17 to 18 years old was seen walking with thin clothes. Her steps looked slow yet also fast at the same time. Tying her hair to form a ponytail, one would not think of her any differently from an ordinary high school girl who could be found everywhere. , However, her indifferent and placid expression caused her beautiful expression to look like an ice princess. , The girl stopped before a gate. She looked at the two guards in front of her with her dark obsidian eyes. , "Miss Hua, you're here to meet Doctor Zhang?" The first guard asked with a smile. , Hua was not her real name. In fact, she didn't even know what her real name was as this was the nickname given to her after those people seen her result in the training. Coupled with her beautiful appearance, she did look like a young blooming flower. , Raising her head, Hua nodded calmly. , "Doctor Zhang is inside." The second guard had already opened the door and allowed Miss Hua to pass. He didn't dare to be negligent in front of her as he knew that even the slightest bit of mistake could cost his life. , Hua didn't even pay any attention to the two of them. When the gate was opened, she calmly stepped inside. Her attitude seemed as if she couldn't see that the location where she was heading was perfectly guarded and that no one would be able to get close. , The first guard looked at the second guard and arched his eyebrows. "Miss Hua has always been behaved well. Why do you look so afraid, ah?" , "Tsk, that's because you don't know her real past." The second guard shivered when he recalled Hua's look from the video before he came here. He clicked his tongue. "If you dare to offend her, you wouldn't be able to know how you die." , "What are you talking about? There are no weapons around here. The military have already removed all materials that can possibly be used to kill people." The first guard was stunned. , The second guard snorted but refused to say anything. No weapon? Heh, a real assassin could kill even without those puny things. Their body alone was already a weapon. , While the two guards were talking, Hua naturally didn't pay any attention as she had walked inside a large cylinder building. There were no guards nearby as if it was an abandoned place, but how come there was no one who watched and monitored her? that would be a complete joke. , The first floor was empty and Hua directly walked to the second floor. The moment she pushed the door, she could hear the sound of yelling from inside. , "What the hell! I can't believe that Long Qian Xing fall into coma just from that small incident! What the hell with that crappy place?!" , Hua looked to the front and saw a middle aged man yelling at television before him. He looked terribly annoyed and didn't seem to realize that she was there. It was only when he turned around after cursing some more time did he realize that she was there. , "Oh, you're here, Hua! Why didn't you tell me that you're coming?" , Glancing at the middle aged man, Hua didn't give any reaction. "You have been notified." , Her voice was calm and indifferent as if she was merely stating that the weather was nice. The middle aged man, Doctor Zhang sighed but he didn't refute. He could never guess how she always managed to know even though he never even leaked anything. , "Fine, I was just too engrossed in watching this…" Doctor Zhang pointed at the television. , Hua could see the television from the corner of her eyes but didn't pay any particular attention to it. It was reporting news about someone who was wounded due to some peculiar matter and Doctor Zhang was paying attention to him. , Sitting down, Doctor Zhang looked at Hua with peculiar expression. He had been curious about her reaction since she was not raised in normal environment but rather, one that was filled with danger ever since she was young. Yet… she ended up being such an indifferent girl. , "Why did you come today? Do you miss me?" , "Today is Sunday." , Doctor Zhang felt like feeling his forehead at her blunt answer. Her task was to come to report to him every Sunday but this made it so formal. This 17 years old girl… was really... , "Is there any new progress? What do you think of this place?" , Hua blinked her eyes. "There are 87 people who are watching my movement. 40 are watching through the security camera, the rest watch directly, 32 of them are snipers who are pointing their weapon towards various spots in my body. And then…" , "Stop! Stop!" , Doctor Zhang was always speechless. If he let her continue, she would turn this into a military report. But in the first place… how did she even know how many people are watching her through the security camera, ah? It was not like she was a robot! , She was a human being! , Oh wait… there are indeed 40 security cameras that were pointing this way at this time, so she might mean that. , "What I'm asking is about your feelings!" , Hua was exceptionally calm and merely looked at Doctor Zhang without any expression. "I don't feel anything." , "Still…?" Doctor Zhang was speechless. , Of course, Hua didn't answer him. , At this point, Doctor Zhang was so helpless that he wished to flip table. From all the patients he was serving at, this case was undoubtedly the trickiest one because they were not tasked to obtain information from her nor anything. , The order was to figure out the method to diffuse the mindset that was already planted in her by the organization. , One of them was to ask her to live peacefully here so that she would not return back to the chaotic battlefield mindset again. , But… , How in the world they were supposed to make her lower her guard if those soldiers kept on being on guard against her?

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