, Lu Boyan was also being tested., The one in his arms was beautifully delicate and frail. With her drawing closer, all he smelled and sensed was the fragrance of camellia exuding from her body. What killed him the most was that his hand had touched her skin without any obstruction. And the sense of touch was as good as always. A soft and warm body filled his arms. Her exquisite and beautiful curve was within his reach…, It just happened that her two brushes of fanny eyelashes were blinking over and over, her pair of peachy eyes, which should have been flirty, were as clear as the stream in deep mountains, which made people could not have the heart to hold any vicious thoughts towards her., Never had Lu Boyan struggled like this before. Moreover, never had he strived so strenuously that he was finally able to refrain himself from thinking about those messy things., While down below the apartment building, without anything to do, Shen Yuechuan was chatting with his team members about their little sister-in-law. It was the captain who had first seen Lu Boyan holding Su Jianan out and he was so astonished that he almost dropped his chin. Hurriedly, he signaled other ones to look over., All of a sudden, the several persons who had been talking and laughing a moment ago were quiet one by one., Who was Lu Boyan?, He belonged to the sect of abstinence! Never had he been close to a woman! There was no difference between man and woman in his eyes! Never had he known tenderness!, But he actually came down from upstairs with a woman in his arms? And also the holding motion… was filled with protectiveness!, What the **! Kindly sincerely accept their astonishment and dropping chins, please!, It never occurred to Su Jianan that there had been so many people downstairs and those people were even staring at her in a way like they had seen a wonder of the century. At the moment she felt embarrassed and she subconsciously buried her face deep inside Lu Boyan’s chest., “Who, who are they?”, She was losing almost all her face…, With flush spreading already all over half of her cheek, the one in his arms got a voice as timid as that of a tiny beast which got scared. Lu Boyan unconsciously softened his voice, “Bodyguards, just ignore them.”, It was till then that the “bodyguards” finally reacted. They lowered their heads and went upstairs to deal with “Brothers of Shao”, pretending that they had not seen anything. Shen Yuechuan opened the car door on the passenger side for Lu Boyan., Lu Boyan arranged a suitable position for Su Jianan on the passenger seat. After he closed the car door, then he heard Shen Yuechuan asking, “How should we deal with Shao Mingzhong and his brother?”, “Whatever, it is up to you. I don’t want to see them in A City again.” Circling back to the driver’s seat, Lu Boyan started his car and drove away., Soon the car was on the highway. Lu Boyan was driving expressionlessly. While Su Jianan shrunk in the passenger’s seat and peeped at him., The car was driving at a fast speed. The street lights swept by from time and time with the light temporarily shedding on Lu Boyan’s face., Every time when Su Jianan looked at him, she would be amazed by his good-looking features. His distinct profile resumed his previous sternness. It seemed that the somewhat mild man a moment ago was just an illusion of Su Jianan., Strangely, Su Jianan felt a little moody deep inside her heart. But she had to speak out what she needed to say., “Thanks, Lu Boyan”., “Su Jianan, have you lost your sense?” Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jianan with coldness, “Without me, you would not have been abducted by Shao Mingzhong. Why do you still say thanks to me?”, “But in the end, it was me who volunteered to go with Shao Mingzhong.”, Back to the time when she was held as a hostage by Shao Mingzhong in the banquet hall, Su Jianan moved her fingers for a few times, which might be a randomly petty action from other people’s perspective. But actually, she was making the signal and playing the code word which was exclusively known to people in the police team. The point was to let Lu Boyan choose to keep Han Ruoxi., At first, she was not sure whether Lu Boyan could get her point, but later Lu Boyan’s expression showed her that he had understood her intention. However–, “Lu Boyan, only the people in the police team like us can understand the signal and code word. Why could you get my point?”, “It should be me who ask you this question-you are just a specially-appointed medical examiner who does not need to participate in any operation. Why could you understand the signal and code words?”, If at normal times, it was impossible for Su Jianan to be directed to other topics so easily. While for today, neither did she know whether she had been affected by the toughness of Lu Boyan or not, she just answered truthfully, “I learned it from Jiang Shaokai when I was bored in the police bureau.” She had stupidly forgotten that it was herself who had asked Lu Boyan that question at first., Almost everyone in the police team understood the signals and code words. Why did she just choose Jiang Shaokai as her teacher?, Squinting his eyes a bit, Lu Boyan could not help stepping on the accelerator and kicked the car forward., Su Jianan hardly noticed the peculiar sentiment on Lu Boyan’s side and continued her self-talking, “The moment when I decided to go with Shao Mingzhong, it had been my own choice and the whole issue had nothing to do with you already. So thanks for coming to look for me.”, These words “nothing to do with you” deeply irritated and hurt Lu Boyan. He asked coldly, “Aren’t you afraid of death?”, Su Jianan responded with full confidence, “I have learned self-defense skills from Jiang Shaokai. It is obvious that Shao Mingzhong and his brother have no skills. Not to mention the strength of catching the chickens, they don’t even have the strength to catch the chicken feathers! Then why should I be afraid of them?” But if it was Han Ruoxi who had been abducted, she might not be able to deal with Brothers of Shao. Consequently, the rescue would have been more troublesome.”, “…”, Lu Boyan was silent. His attention was all drawn to Su Jianan’s front half-lines – How much exactly had Su Jianan learned from Jiang Shaokai?, Seeing Lu Boyan utter silence, Su Jianan rubbed her nose point and also fell into silence., It was too hard to predict some people’s emotion… She would rather close her eyes and have a sleep.

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